email update on petitions hand carried by V to Washington... story below
V needs Americans to stand with him on the steps of our so called government offices in Washington DC.
HERE IS THE CHANCE EVERYONE HAS BEEN ASKING FOR... (wish I knew how to post pics in here you will just have to see the site )
It is unlikely the Government will give a response another date of January 14 is also set. I plan to be there!

SORRY THIS is late I just got the email update MY BAD

NEED Volunteers NOW November 14
If you are in the area they need volunteers this is nationwide
They are looking for state and region coordinators THIS IS GREAT
William you need to get the border issue in this list of greivances

Sign the Petition for Redress of Grievances Concerning the:
Federal Income Tax
Federal Reserve
USA Patriot Act
War Powers Clauses

“V” Meets The Secret Service

Accepted As The Vox Populi

On Monday, November 6, 2006, “V” visited security check points at the White House, the main Treasury, IRS and Justice Department Buildings and the Capitol. “V’s” purpose was to deliver the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances relating to the Government’s violations of the war powers, tax, privacy and money clauses of the Constitution, and to inform key Government officials that at least 100 more “Vs” would be at their doorstep on November 14th expecting a response to the Petitions.

At the White House about a dozen Secret Service agents appeared on foot, bicycles and car to meet “V.” While virtuously assuring the security of the state, they were curious about the image of “V” and asked many questions. Most, when asked if they had seen the movie “V for Vendetta”, smiled their approval.

When an agent asked if “V” would remove his mask for identification purposes, “V” explained that would defeat the very purpose of the mask, which was to give expression to the fact that the nation was becoming a police state, that too many people were becoming afraid to be identified as dissenters or protestors, and that this was not in the long term interest of a free people. The agents accepted the veracity of “V’s” message and refrained from veering “V” from his vanguard visit as the vox populi.

Many law enforcement agents dutifully responded to the first impression security concerns caused by “V’s” dramatic and startling presence at the seat of governmental power. All but one who confronted “V” were generally pleasant, professional and ultimately respectful of the voraciously valued Rights of peaceful protest, dissent and Petition that “V” was claiming and exercising.

Unfortunately, there was one agent who, either out of vanity, vice, or emotional instability, believed his vows of service and badge would vindicate his use of violence where clearly none was justified.

One Secret Service agent near the White House, even after he and all the other agents had recognized that the toy daggers in “V”’s belt were plastic and part of the costume, and despite the clearly peaceful and non-threatening behavior of “V,” the officer forcefully seized the plastic daggers from “V’s” belt.

After a bit of mental gymnastics between the agent and “V”, amid the growing public spectacle and peer pressure from his fellow officers (who voiced their agreement with “V’s” logic and assertion of his Rights), “V” eventually prevailed over the vexed officer and succeeded in securing the return of the toy daggers.

The crowd by the White House gates also included activist Cindy Sheehan and her supporters who were demonstrating nearby and had gathered to observe the incident between “V” and the Secret Service. They let out a cheer as the SS agent stood down and returned the plastic knives.

At “V’s” request, a Secret Service agent called up to the White House to ask if someone would come to the gate to accept service of the papers. After 20 minutes or so, word came to the gate house that the papers should be mailed to the President. This was done the next day.

Watch the streaming video documenting V’s visit to the Capital
and his valiant efforts to Petition the officials of the Government.

Try the high resolution link first: 250k cable
If you only have a dial-up connection use this link: 56k dial-up

After departing from the White House, “V” walked around the White House compound to the security checkpoint at the Treasury Department. Treasury accepted service of the papers from “V” without incident. Other than the agent at the security check point who instructed “V” to use his phone to call the mail room, the only other person to speak with “V” was Mr. Lynch from the mail room.

The IRS building is apparently still closed due to the flooding experienced last summer. The agents at the security check point informed “V” that the papers would have to be delivered to IRS at 500 North Capitol Street. Rather than do that, the papers were mailed to the IRS Commissioner the next day.

At the Department of Justice several armed agents with “Homeland Security” patches on their arms, as well as DOJ security personnel met “V”. They too were very curious. There ensued another prolonged face-to-mask exchange of news, information, affirmations and assurances. Eventually, the officers determined that “V” and the camera person were not violating the DC code dealing with the wearing of masks on the streets of the city, or their refusal to produce identification, and that they were not a security threat. The protective security forces and agents from the DOJ arranged for a Mr. Burroughs to accept service of the Petitions for Redress for the agency.

Note: The most disturbing part of “V’s” interaction with the law enforcement authorities at DOJ occurred when the Homeland Security agent in charge asked “V” what was the purpose behind “V’s” presence at DOJ. “V” began to explain the First Amendment freedoms and the Right to Petition. Almost immediately the agent said, in effect, “You’re pulling my leg. You are trying to pull a fast one. I’m not falling for the garbage. I don’t want to hear it.” At that point the agent phoned the DC police and learned that “V” was not violating any municipal laws. After asking “V” where he was going next, he told “V” he was free to go.

At the Cannon House Office Building, the agents of the Capitol Police who were manning the security check point told “V” they were instructed not to let him into the building. They said the papers would have to be delivered to a “Pitney Bowes” facility at 119 D Street. The papers were mailed the next day.

At the Hart Senate Office Building, the agents of the Capitol Police said someone from Majority Leader Frist’s office would have to come to the security check point to accept service of the papers. “V” was given the phone number of Senator Frist’s office. The young man who answered the phone said he was the only person there and could not possibly leave the office. The papers were mailed the next day.

As “V” and the videographer walked from one location to the next, he met and conversed with many people. About half of the people smiled; some said they had seen the movie. About half clearly did not know what to make of “V” and avoided eye contact.

Some people were interested in conversing with “V,” including a group of 6-10 college age young people who were waiting in a line to tour the Capitol. During the conversation, “V” said he wanted to quiz them on their knowledge of the Rights covered by the First Amendment. “V” asked if they could name the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. Two or three immediately said “Speech.” After a moment or two one said, “Worship God.” “V” restated that freedom for the young man. Then another said “Guns.” “V” corrected him.

That was as far as the young people could go in answering the question. “V” then engaged the young people in a discussion of all five of the freedoms and the four outstanding Petitions for Redress. The young people stayed with the conversation, expressing an interest in learning more, until they had to move along in the line.

All in all, Monday’s “dry run” was beneficial. All local and federal law enforcement agencies in DC have now been introduced to “V.” They now know that on November 14th there will be more than 100 “Vs” rallying at Lafayette Park and the Reflecting Pool and marching from one rally to the other along the streets of DC, stopping at various federal buildings to await a response to certain Petitions for Redress.

All local and federal law enforcement agencies in DC now know the purpose of these events is to show peaceful support for the First Amendment Right to Petition Government for Redress of Grievances and to give expression to the fact that too many Americans are beginning to fear the Government and that that is unhealthy to the longevity of a free people and our Republic.

All participants are asked to arrive at Lafayette Park between 11 and 11:30 am on the 14th. The event starts at NOON. The group will wait up to 1 hour for a representative of President Bush to appear and to tell the group when they might expect to receive a response to the Petitions for Redress of Grievances.

If no such representative appears, the participants will move to the front entrance of the Treasury Department where they will wait up to ½ hour for a representative of Secretary Paulson to appear. If no such representative appears, the group will move to the Justice Department where they will wait up to ½ hour for a representative of Attorney General Gonzales to appear. If no such representative appears, the group will move to the Reflecting Pool by the Capitol where they will wait up to 1 hour for a representative of Speaker Hastert or Majority Leader Frist to appear..

We have reserved 8 rooms for 16 people at an Extended Stay Inn for the night of November 13, 2006. The Inn is located at 205 North Breckinridge Place, Alexandria, VA 22312. The cost is $50 per person per night, double occupancy, i.e., $100 per room per night. The WTP team will be staying at the Inn.

Please send an email to if you want to reserve one of the rooms.

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Pictures and video on this page scroll down

Pictures and video on this page scroll down

Wanted: 99 Volunteers
November 14th In DC

It is now past Sunday evening. We trust many of you were able to watch the movie “V for Vendetta,” and that you agree with us that the movie presents a powerful concept for a large scale public demonstration that we might be able to make use of.
We intend to do so. A plan is in the works. This week we need to travel to DC to make certain arrangements. Later this week, upon our return, we will post an article with the details of the plan.

Here is what we are able to say today.
We have a volunteer who is willing to deliver a document to the leaders of the federal Executive and Legislative branches in Washington DC on or about November 6th, while masked and otherwise appearing like the figure pictured below. The purpose of the mask will be to give expression to the fact that America is rapidly turning into a police state, with too many of its politicians turning a blind eye to the Constitution and too many of its People now afraid of the government. Every move of this volunteer will be filmed by at least one camera crew and webcast over the Internet. There will be suitable publicity in advance of the day of the event.

The document will contain certain Petitions for Redress of Grievances.The Petitions will request answers to certain questions.

In addition, the document will include a notice that at least 100 Americans will assemble across the street from the White House at noon on or about November 14th to await a response from the government to their Petitions for Redress. For the same reasons, those 100 Americans will also be masked and otherwise appearing like the person pictured above. Likewise, with suitable advance publicity, every move of these 100 Americans will be filmed by at least one professional camera crew and web cast over the Internet.

In addition, the document will include a notice that should the leaders of the Government decide not to respond to the Petitions for Redress on November 14th, many more masked Americans will assemble and march on or about January 14th, to demand a response to their Petitions for Redress. Likewise, with suitable advance publicity, every move of this larger group of Americans will be filmed by at least one professional camera crew and web cast (live) over the Internet.

Please click here
to answer the questions and if you can commit to be in DC on November 14th and participate in this important Right-to-Petition event. Please answer the questions if you believe there is little risk of a change in your answer between now and the 14th of November.

By the end of this week we will let you know if there are at least 100 Americans willing and able to obtain the mask and clothing and be in DC on or about November 14th, making their own arrangements for travel, lodging and meals.

Please note that neither the Court of Appeals nor the United States Supreme Court is to be a target of our demonstration. The demonstrators will not be going anywhere near the Courthouses. We do not want the Justices of these Courts to think we are attempting to pressure them into deciding our Right to Petition lawsuit one way or another.

If you have not already done so, we strongly urge you to watch the preview links below to experience the film's central themes regarding the nature of Liberty and organized resistance to tyranny and fascism. We fully encourage everyone to rent (or purchase) the movie, which was recently released commercially on DVD.

This page has link to view trailer of movie for those who are not familiar with this VERY IMPORTANT MOVIE