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    From World Net Daily CLICK THIS LINK: the DailyCaller

    Many people are talking about the dangers of the Trans Pacific Partnership. This treaty like NAFTA will lead to illegal aliens now coming from Asia.

    This is another trade agreement that is not only going to destroy American jobs and the internet which we need considering illegal immigration is favored by are once defenders such as Lou Dobbs and Fox News. We here do not have another platform basically but the internet to stop illegal immigration. ALIPAC this treaty contains SOPA AND PIPA.

    Now ALIPAC'S e-mails to stop illegal immigration in the House would have never gotten through if we had SOPA because it allows the Government to delete E-MAILS for ANY REASON.


    ALIPAC NAFTA LED TO MANY OF THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS COMING TO AMERICA AND LED TO ARE BROKEN BORDERS. President Obama, The Chamber of Commerce which favors Business establishment RINO Republicans and is for illegal immigration FAVORS THE TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP OR TPP.

    On January 8th the House Ways and Means Committee plans to introduce Trade Promotion Authority or Fast Track TPP on the House floor that will allow President Obama to have full control of TPP, Create NEW COURTS that make the Constitution NULL AND VOID and this treaty ends MADE IN THE USA on food products. Click here:
    No one even in Congress has even seen the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP.

    ALIPAC needs to take this treaty VERY SERIOUSLY. Remember under Trade Promotion Authority or Fast Track the Senate ONLY NEEDS 51 votes instead of the 67 votes and Congress can never make any changes to the TPP no matter what President Obama favors. This Treaty will also have a hard time being redone if Trade Promotion Authority or Fast Track is voted on and approved in the House and Senate. Fast Track or Trade Promotion Authority will be introduced on January 8 2014 by the Ways and Means Committee.

    I urge ALIPAC members to please call there Congressman and Senators at 2022243121 and tell them NO to Trade Promotion Authority or Fast Track and tell them NO to the Trans Pacific Partnership.

    This treaty is too much power for this President who violates are US Constitution everyday.

    Please as well sign these 3 petitions to stop Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans Pacific Partnership:

    There are other reasons to be against the Trans Pacific Partnership:

    There is plenty to fear if President Obama and the establishment Republicans get the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty and Fast Track. I urge you for the sake of US Sovereignty which President Obama is trying to destroy

    Please contact your Senators and Congresspeople and say NO to the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trade Promotion Authority.

    I did my best to warn ALIPAC members about this dangerous Treaty. THANKS.
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