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Thread: Study finds MASS MIGRATION is a bigger problem than climate change 05/15/2024

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    Study finds MASS MIGRATION is a bigger problem than climate change 05/15/2024

    Study finds MASS MIGRATION is a bigger problem than climate change

    05/15/2024 // Ava Grace // 40 Views

    Tags: Alliance of Democracies Foundation, anarchy, border security, crime, Democracy Perception Index 2024, Donald Trump, Illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, Immigration, invasion usa, Joe Biden, Latana, migrant crime, migrants, national security, Open Borders, violence

    Mass migration is a bigger problem than climate change, according to a global study whose results were recently released.The Copenhagen-based Alliance of Democracies Foundation and marketing insights firm Latana elaborated on this finding in the Democracy Perception Index (DPI) 2024 study. It involved 62,953 respondents from 53 countries – representing 75 percent of the world's population. The study was conducted between Feb. 20 and April 15.
    It found that in European nations, many believe tackling mass migration is far more important than tackling "climate change." Only 14 percent of respondents to the DPI 2024 study have placed climate among the top three priorities for government.
    "Since 2022, more and more Europeans say that their government should prioritize 'reducing immigration,' and fewer say that their government should 'fight climate change,' the report observes. "Now in 2024, for the first time, reducing immigration is a greater priority for most Europeans than fighting climate change."
    Germans are most concerned by mass migration, with 44 percent desiring a cut in immigration levels. The Netherlands followed in second place, France landed in third and the United Kingdom fourth. Norway landed in sixth, much lower than the continent-wide average.
    France was the only one concerned about climate change – with the level of concern surpassing the 25-percent mark. The U.K., the Netherlands, Germany and Norway all have less than 25 percent concern on the matter.
    But Germany's leftist coalition government appears to be badly out of step with the public, according to the National Pulse. Berlin recently passed legislation to make it even easier for foreigners to acquire German citizenship. However, it conceded months later that there had been a huge rise in foreigners committing crimes and that foreigners now account for an astonishing 41 percent of all criminal suspects.
    Similar scenario in the U.S.

    According to a February Gallup poll, "a similar phenomenon has been observed in the U.S., where immigration overtook 'government' as the most important problem facing the country." Immigration also ranked ahead of "inflation" and "the economy in general," the same poll found.
    This development is bad news for incumbent President Joe Biden, who polls especially badly on immigration compared to former President Donald Trump. The real estate mogul has been utilizing his rival's open-border policy to appeal to voters.
    "We have a new category of crime – it's called migrant crime – and it's going to be worse than any other form of crime," Trump said during his latest town hall. (Related: MOBS of Chinese illegal immigrants SWARM California border.)
    In January, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 171 illegal aliens over the course of a two-week operation. These illegal immigrants were later convicted or charged with crimes including first-degree murder and child rape. According to the Pulse, this only proves that Trump is right to suggest that mass migration is increasing crime in the United States.
    Head over to for more stories like this.
    Watch Roman Balmakov of the Epoch Times talk about six U.S. states that have prohibited illegals from entering on his Epoch TV program "Facts Matter."

    This video is from the GalacticStorm channel on
    More related stories:

    New York City provides prepaid debit cards to illegal immigrants.
    Illegal immigrants leaving U.S. hospitals with BILLIONS in unpaid medical bills.
    Chicago’s suburbs are now banning buses from dropping off illegal immigrants.
    Christian trucking company fined $700k for refusing to hire illegal immigrants.
    America sees 550% increase in illegal immigrants coming in from Canada.
    Sources include: [PDF]

    Study finds MASS MIGRATION is a bigger problem than climate change –
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    President Trump needs to sign an Executive Order that all illegal aliens must go to their Embassy or Consulate to request plane tickets back home!

    They have 90 days to leave, or they will be arrested, deported, and they can never come back.

    US taxpayers are not their free travel agent!

    Cut off every dime of foreign aid.

    Cut off every dime of federal and state funds.

    Shut down the NGOs, churches, and immigration offices! Stop funding all immigration.



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