Survey reveals dissatisfaction among Californians for Biden and Congress ahead of 2024 elections

03/05/2024 // Laura Harris // 1.9K Views

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A recent nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California poll has uncovered deep-seated dissatisfaction among residents as the state approaches a critical primary election next week and a consequential presidential race in less than nine months.
The survey, conducted via phone and online interviews from Feb. 6 to 13 among 1,600 adults, indicates that 75 percent of Californians believe the nation is on the wrong track.
Republicans emerged as the most pessimistic group, with 90 percent expressing dissatisfaction, compared to 85 percent of independents and 63 percent of Democrats. The survey also identifies a generational gap, with younger demographics more inclined toward pessimism. (Related: Survey: 75% of people in Joe Biden’s America believe the country’s economy is GETTING WORSE.)
This dissatisfaction resulted in low approval ratings for both President Joe Biden and Congress.
Biden's approval ratings have hit a record low, with only 42 percent supporting his performance and 56 percent disapproving. Notably, two-thirds of Democrats continue to stand by the president, but support dwindles among independents – 37 percent – and Republicans – 14 percent. Racially, African Americans provide the most significant support at 62 percent, while Latinos express the least at 37 percent. Confidence in Biden's decision-making abilities is lacking, with only 12 percent expressing a great deal of confidence, while 35 percent are not confident.
The survey also highlights an all-time low in congressional approval ratings, standing at 19 percent. This sentiment cuts across party lines, demographics and regions, with independents proving the most skeptical with only 11 percent approving of Congress, compared to 20 percent of Democrats and 16 percent of Republicans.
Researchers attribute the dismal approval ratings to the perceived lack of productivity in Congress, stating that "relatively few laws have been passed, putting this Congress on course to be the least productive in decades."
Moreover, the survey reveals widespread dissatisfaction with democratic functions in the U.S., with 60 percent expressing discontent. This sentiment transcends party affiliations, age groups, income levels, genders and geographical regions within the state, indicating a pervasive sense of unease among Californians regarding the state of the nation's democratic processes.
Looking ahead, 63 percent of respondents anticipate financial problems in the U.S. over the next year, although Democrats are split at 48 percent on this issue. Additionally, 48 percent express concern about impending economic challenges. Meanwhile, 72 percent of respondents believe that Congress will fail to reach common ground in working effectively with the president to accomplish goals over the next year.
Immigration remains top concern in recent polls

Like other recent polls, border issues have emerged as a primary concern among Californians.
The survey found that 40 percent of Californians view immigration as a crisis. Among those respondents, two-thirds believe the issues are related to how migrants are treated and the speed at which they are admitted. On the other hand, approximately one-third felt the nation should focus on blocking illegal immigration.
Meanwhile, Democrats and Latinos are predominantly focused on the lives and well-being of immigrants, seeing it as a humanitarian concern.
Most Democrats and independents feel efficiency is the problem, while 65 percent of Republicans say a porous border. Additionally, Republicans view the border problem primarily through the lens of national security, with 97 percent saying the problem is a crisis or very serious problem. Meanwhile, 40 percent of independents and about one in three Democrats said they felt the same.
A Gallup poll conducted from Feb. 1 to 20 shows similar results, revealing that 28 percent of Americans identify immigration as the most pressing problem in the United States.
The poll also shows the substantial impact of political affiliations on perceptions of immigration, with 57 percent of Republicans, 22 percent of Independents and 10 percent of Democrats naming it as the top problem.
Geographical disparities further underscore the complex nature of immigration as an issue. Residents on the East Coast and in the American South are more likely to view immigration as the most significant problem, with percentages of 36 and 31, respectively. In contrast, those in the Midwest and the West expressed lower levels of concern, at 25 and 22 percent, respectively. Notably, Southern residents have consistently named immigration as a top concern.
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