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Hi William,Since Far Left Watch launched 13 months ago we have monitored far-left extremists and published numerous reports detailing their violent and often illegal activities. Our reports have resulted in Antifa members being arrested, prominent Antifa websites being removed from fundraising platforms, and the suspension of an Antifa professor; but we're just getting started!

With your help, we can launch our next big project. We are in the process of developing a detailed Extremist Map to:

  • track far-left extremist groups within the United States
  • audit and measure their growth in real-time
  • and publish an annual census.

Once we reach $500/month on our Patreon we will be able to fully fund this project. Please help make this important project a reality and become a Patron.

More details here:

Our Patrons have currently pledged $241/month so we are almost half way to meeting this goal. If you appreciate the work we do please join our Patreon. A monthly pledge of $10, $5, or even $1 will go a long way towards funding and sustaining this critical project.

If you do not have a Patreon account you can support us with a one time donation here!

Thanks again for your support!

Far Left Watch Staff