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Thread: Ted Cruz Reaches Out To GOP Establishment For Help In Hopes Of Defeating Trump

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    Nothing like blaming the victim, huh?
    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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    mr & mrs cruz are a sickening evil! The worst kind of lying hypocrite is one that calls on religion. He is an oily snake in the grass and not eligible to be POTUS as he is a latino Canadian (perfect for NAU conversion though).

    Heidi is unstable. Raphael's swallowed nose drop looks more like a caked white powder than something that normally is in a nose.

    'Danger to herself': What cop thought of Ted Cruz's wife when he found her sitting on an expressway with her head in her hands 10 years ago

    • Police reported they found Heidi Cruz, 43, by the roadside in 2005
    • The police officer said he 'believed she was a danger to herself'
    • Adviser to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said she suffered from 'a brief bout of depression' ten years ago
    • Mrs Cruz left her high-powered job with Goldman Sachs to campaign for her husband

    By Isabel Hunter For Mailonline
    Published: 04:57 EST, 19 January 2016 | Updated: 10:03 EST, 19 January 2016

    A police report has revealed that cops once found the wife of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz with her head in hands beside a Texas expressway and was 'a danger to herself'.

    According to the 2005 reportwhich highlighted in June, Heidi Cruz, 43, had walked from her home after dinner on August 22.She then sat down beside N. Mopac and Enfield in Austin, at around 10pm.

    While Mrs Cruz has not spoken out publicly about the incident, an adviser to her senator husband said she had experienced 'a brief bout of depression' ten years ago in response to questions about the police report.

    A concerned passerby had made the call after spotting a woman in a pink shirt was just 'sitting in the area with her head in her hands.'
    Scroll down for video

    Family: Heidi Cruz married Republican presidential nominee in 2001 after they both campaigned for Bush

    Support: Mrs Cruz left her high-powered job at Goldman Sachs to join her husband on the campaign trail

    The police report, which was published heavily redacted, states that 'Cruz related to me that she had been particularly [BLANK], for the past three weeks, and was currently [BLANK].

    It continues to say that she was not on any type of medication and had not been drinking, except for 'a couple of sips' of a margarita with dinner an hour earlier.

    After talking to Mrs Cruz police officer Joel Davidson, wrote in his report: 'I believed she was a danger to herself.'

    Campaign: It is thought her move from Washington to DC caused her depression as she struggled to adapt

    In comments made to BuzzFeed, Heidi Cruz's husband, Sen. Ted Cruz, released a statement about a period of their lives that the couple has not previously discussed in public.

    'About a decade ago, when Mrs. Cruz returned from D.C. to Texas and faced a significant professional transition, she experienced a brief bout of depression,' said Jason Miller, an adviser to the senator in the statement.

    'Like millions of Americans, she came through that struggle with prayer, Christian counseling, and the love and support of her husband and family.'

    Mrs Cruz, who is highly successful lawyer in her own right and served under Condoleeza Rice in the National Security Council, is said to not want to speak about her recovery as she doesn't want to show off her own happy ending, a source told BuzzFeed.

    The power couple married in 2001 after meeting while campaigning for George W. Bush in Texas.

    They have two daughters together and Mrs Cruz has left her high powered job at Goldman Sachs to join her husband on the campaign trail in his bid to become the Republican nominee for this year's presidential elections.

    Danger: A policeman found her with her head in her hands and thought she was a 'danger to herself' when he found her by the side of the road in summer 2005.
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