Let's go 'Eric Cantor' on them all!

Exclusive: Ted Nugent turns ousted congressman's name into a 'revolutionary verb'

Published: 7 hours ago
Ted Nugent

Virgina truly is for lovers! Obviously, lovers of truth, honesty, logic, common sense, accountability, the U.S. Constitution and The American Way. I do believe that we have just experienced another very powerful shot heard ’round the world from the good people of Virginia standing up and proclaiming decisively, we’ve had enough and we’re not going to take it anymore.
God bless you, Virginia. God bless you all! You ROCK.
I say we the people have had way more than enough compromise, backpedaling, Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky smoke-and-mirrors politics for one generation, and I say it’s about time we go Eric Cantor on the whole gang of deceivers and liars infesting our government right now. There’s only so much decent people can take.
If compromise truly is the art of politics, then they have all become artful dodgers, dodging and obfuscating their sworn oath to the U.S. Constitution and the people they are paid by and duty-bound to serve.
Yeah, liberal Democrats and assorted weirdos, the tea party, like me, are nothing but a bunch of radical right-wingers daring to demand accountability from our elected “employees.” Yeah, that’s outrageous – and we can’t have any of that, now can we? An experiment in self-government is so radical – who do we think we are?
The average day in American politics has become nothing but a fraudulent orgy of high crimes and misdemeanors, liars and thieves running amok, laughing in the face of any Americans who have the audacity to demand they live within their means, account for their putrid runaway spending destructo derby and the maddening crime of such blatantly engineered class warfare.
I happen to know that there are a bunch of self-evident truth, logic, common-sense 101 Americans out here that would make far superior leaders than the gang of bottom-feeders entrenched in our government these days.
Godspeed and thank you, David Brat. We believe there are more of you out here. By all means, let us get it on!
I just returned from a global rock ‘n’ roll jaunt and am rather impressed, somewhat surprised and pleasantly inspired by how many foreigners approached me with glowing smiles, outstretched hands, goodwill and decency, proclaiming their emotional support for my hell-raising “we the people” American spirit of defiance and activism. They’ve been paying attention.
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Good, sincere people from England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy and elsewhere were universal in their expression of shock that Americans have dropped their guard and “let this happen … allowed Obama to dismantle the last hope for individual freedom and quality of life … threw away the American Dream. …” etc.
They have the luxury from afar to see what is going on in the big picture, and we have become the laughing stock of the world under this president and his anti-American administration.
They know it, I know it, you know and people of conscience and smarts everywhere know it.
Now Virginia has lighted the way. Eric Cantor is now the revolutionary verb, and it is time to go Eric Cantor on the whole bunch of them. No more compromise. No more BS freebees. No more getting anything you don’t earn. No more spending like maniacs flying over the cuckoo’s nest. No more criminal invaders and no more bloodsuckers. No more VA abuse, no more bribes for votes. No more pens and phone governing, no more executive weaseling against the will of the people. No more lies. No more tricks.
Dave Brat, you, sir, ROCK! And we the producers of America rock with you. I have a brand new CD of killer lovesongs titled “SHUTUP&JAM!” Here’s the deal, I’ll shut up and jam when the music erupts, but by all means America, do not shut up until we get America back. Then we can jam like we mean it.

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