Texas suing border NGO over criminal conduct involving illegal immigration; “Annunciation House” intentionally hid illegals from law enforcement

05/10/2024 // Ethan Huff // 3.4K Views

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Citing systemic criminal conduct in the state of Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing Annunciation House, a non-governmental organization (NGO) purportedly helping illegal migrants near the southern border.Paxton announced the filing of an application for a Temporary Injunction against Annunciation House, which he says is facilitating illegal border crossings and concealing illegally present aliens from law enforcement. All of this is illegal.
The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) reviewed and obtained sworn testimony proving, Paxton says, that Annunciation House's operations were intentionally designed to facilitate illegal activity at the southern border that is flooding the nation with people who do not belong here.
Earlier in the year, OAG issued a request for documents from Annunciation House seeking to learn about its operations. Instead of responding with the requested information, Annunciation House sued OAG.
Since then, it has come to light that Annunciation House's own sworn testimony shows that it is foundationally a criminal operation that shelters illegal aliens who evade Border Patrol at border crossings throughout the Lone Star State.
"It even goes into Mexico to retrieve aliens who border patrol denied," Paxton's office confirmed in a statement.
"Then, by its own admission, it conceals those people in its shelters from law enforcement. It will let any alien in, yet it paradoxically refuses to comply with any law enforcement demands. Its own website even boasts that it houses people who crossed the border with 'help from a coyote.'"
(Related: Paxton has been so busy seemingly trying to rectify the Biden regime's open borders disaster that the so-called president threatened war with Texas.)
America under attack

Annunciation House's argument against the initial request for operational documentation from OAG was that it has a religious right to refuse compliance with Paxton's investigation. However, when asked under oath how the religion would be burdened by producing the requested documents, Annunciation House's executive director admitted that it would not.
Paxton's office then went on a hunt to determine what types of religious practices even occur at Annunciation House. All of its senior staff members reportedly gave what OAG described as "nonsensical answers," including one answer in which a staffer simply responded with "the seven commandments."
"Any NGO facilitating the unlawful entry of illegal aliens into Texas is undermining the rule of law and potentially jeopardizing the safety and wellbeing of our citizens," Paxton himself commented about the case.
"All NGOs who are complicit in Joe Biden's illegal immigration catastrophe and think they are above the law should consider themselves on notice."
In the comments on one of our earlier stories about Paxton's efforts to secure the borders, at least in Texas, one person asked how in the world Biden is trying to justify waging war on a state "for daring to protect its citizens and territory from illegals invading the nation."
"War because they dared to disrupt the Marxist left plan to turn Texas blue for decades to come?" this person continued, speculating as to what the Biden regime is probably trying to disrupt. "Texas should secede from the union. They are now being threatened by the federal government."
"They are not being defended. Biden has failed in his sworn responsibility to do so, and more than any other state they are hemorrhaging money and human resources caring for invaders because of the Biden administration."
Another wrote that Texas is "drowning" as a direct result of the Biden regime "orchestrating an invasion of the southern border of the U.S."
Clearly our country is under attack from without and from within. The latest news about America's illegal immigration problem can be found at InvasionUSA.news.

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