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    There are 23 Foreign Worker Visa Programs!!!

    I have mentioned several times on this and other boards like it that it may be prudent to demand legislation that would require full disclosure when companies or corporations employ workers who are in the country on Foreign Worker Visas. I bring it up again now for two reasons:

    First, because it has come to my attention (Lou Dobbs discussed this last week on his program) that there are 23 Foreign Worker Visa Programs active in this country right now. 23!!!! And corporate America is asking for more! We have a 6% unemployment rate (this figure only includes those who are still eligible to file for unemployment), the economy in the tank, and these greedy pigs are still asking for even more cheap foreign labor. And due to the actions of some of our elected officials (Sen. Menendez comes to mind) I’m afraid they will continue to push even more of this bad legislation through. TWENTY-THREE!!

    Second, there is currently a push to allow legal immigrants who are not citizens (read foreign workers) the right to vote. Does this scare any of you as much as it scares me?

    A lot of people think that this request is unattainable or even unrealistic, so it isn’t worth the venture. I disagree. I think that if our elected officials get enough of this kind of request, at the very least they will have to acknowledge that the foreign worker visa programs are an important issue for us, and will perhaps act on our behalf with regard to them in the future. If we should succeed in getting this type of legislation, we will have the tools we need to put them out of business, thereby negating the need for cheap foreign labor.

    The Foreign Worker Visa Programs are nothing less than the selling of America’s soul to the lowest bidder, and they must be stopped.

    Below is the body of the letter I sent to my congressman. Please feel free to use it as is, or make changes if you like. Pass it along to anyone else you think may be interested in sending it out.

    As I see it, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Dear Congressman/Congresswoman,

    As we Americans work to educate and train our sons and daughters to enter the workforce and function as productive members of this American society, we are alarmed at the rate the U.S. government is allowing corporate and foreign interests to take away potential jobs for them, destroying not only our children's hopes and dreams for the future, but the sovereignty of this nation as well.

    It is my firm belief that the American people do not want to do business with anyone who will not employ Americans. Therefore, I would like you to consider introducing legislation that would require businesses and corporations to provide full disclosure of the percentage of their workforce that is employed under any and all visa programs at all times and places where they provide goods or service to the public.

    This is not just about the welfare of the United States of America; rather it is about the economic well-being of the entire world. It is an abomination that, in this climate of "world economy," this nation, which has always been a beacon of hope and opportunity for the poor and destitute of this world, has chosen to sink to third world standards instead of working to bring the rest of the world up to the standard of living that we have enjoyed here in the U.S., and which all human beings deserve to enjoy.

    Americans are no longer willing to accept the notion that there aren't enough workers, skilled or otherwise, to do the jobs that need to be done in this country, and we must take a stand for ourselves and our future.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Contact Department of Labor

    Elaine Choa, Secretary: Regulations were recently changed. Corporations do not have to look for an American and Americans can be fired and the job given to a foreign visa holder. Also, contact her husband Sen. Mitch McConnell. There are several web sites that deal exclusively with this issue and there are many petitions that you can sign.
    Good letter. I have been shouting about this issue for several years. I do not stop with FL Congress critters but call every committee person remotely involved with employment issues.

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    It just goes to show that the policies of Papa Bush, Clinton and W are being realized. All three have done their best for globalization, and what better method than reduce this country to a "developing country".
    Just am reading Pat Choate's book, Dangerous Business: The Risks of Globalization for America. I am scared for the future, and in none of the major presidential candidates do I hear anything to counter this.
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    We DON'T need ANY MORE foreign worker programs with ALL the UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS!

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