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    There is hope--even in liberal Portland, Oregon

    When I saw the article in the Oregonian about how seriously undocumented immigrants were embedded into the economy I thought it might be an uphill battle to argue for reform. The same issue had an editorial, by a minority writer, sarcastically challenging other NW residents to get out and pick the fruit harvest, if we didn't want aliens to do it. (Never mind that mechanical harvesting of most crops has been in the works for years, but stymied by lack of incentive or actual resistance from farmworker groups).

    Readers simply blasted the ilegal alien lobby, Portland mayor Potter's response to ICE raids, and the whining that has been going on throughout liberal circles. My unofficial count was 3 to 1 in favor of much stricter controls on immigration. Knowing that this area is known for, if not setting at least closely following the latest, often goofy liberal trends especially from San Francisco, I was astounded!

    Way to go, Oregonians! Look at the reader comments: ... l#comments
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    today in oregonlive there is another sell out article basically saying
    that all the work here is being done by mexicans and that mexicans are really a burden economially= jeff manning wrote it- I would like to see some fall out righting open borders corporate crap like the oregonian does
    by the way, this is there way of apologizing to their target group of hispanics

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    Its funny the press always seems to have a much different opinion on illegal immigration and its effect then that of most Americans. Maybe thats why they have so little credibility and have lost so much readership these last few years. Where I'm at...whenever ICE makes a notable number of illegal alien arrests the press starts running nonstop sob stories trying to whip up a reaction. The funny thing is that on all the article comment sections and on the local webblogs, comments seem to run about 10-1 pro-enforcement anti illegal alien with many thanking ICE for being proactive. The few negative comments are usually from illegals themselves or their anchor familiy members. I also notice that with some of the local newspapers they often delete the positive comments daily as I guess that hurts the sob stories propaganda value.
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    Here's the direct link to the Jeff Manning article ... xml&coll=7

    They say the subcontractors verify legal status on their workers, Bulls^*t!

    If anyone doubts that this is an invasion, all they have to do is visit SW Portland, Beaverton and Tigard, Oregon. Places that just a year ago were average all American suburbs are now resembling LA.

    Why? because as other states have cracked down on illegal aliens, the State of Oregon gives them every imaginable entitlement (health care, welfare, food stamps) and the real key, drivers licenses. Even California is tougher on illegals than Oregon.

    Oregon is the only state on the West Coast that boasts that anyone regardless of legal status can get a drivers license with no hassle at all. Unless, you are an American citizen. If so, you need every document known to mankind and still will get the 3rd degree.

    If they don't change this soon, Oregonians will have to use a Passport to fly within the US as Oregon ID will be considered useless by TSA.

    If you are calling the Senate, don't neglect to call Ron Wyden's office. Oregon's Democrat Senator that is in love with Amnesty got an earful this weekend from constituents at Town Hall meetings. He almost sounds like he might change his tune.

    His DC Number is 202-224-5244 just use 97223, 97224, 97070 or 97219 as a zip code if they ask.
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