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    tired of hearing about “Illegal Immigration”

    I’m really tired of hearing about “Illegal Immigration” or maybe I’m simply tired of “Illegal Immigrants” that are costing U.S. citizen’s money, jobs, and security. These “Illegals” are also destroying our nations economy and are placing our country at risk of terrorist attack, sickness through the spread of disease, and also the spread of infestations that could one day destroy our agriculture. In my opinion, the greatest threat to the U.S. is our failure to aggressively address immigration. When I say “our”, I mean both the politicians AND the citizens!

    It was always my belief that the U.S. should allow immigration. We are a free country, we are purported to be the land of opportunity, and immigration is the foundation of our existence. But I also felt that immigration meant that a person would go through the hardships of immigrating, sometimes taking two or more years before being allowed to enter the U.S., then would learn English, work, PAY TAXES, contribute to our economy, and basically ASSIMILATE into our society while retaining and sharing their own unique culture if desired. Those that have immigrated to the U.S., in this traditional fashion, have been great contributors to all facets of our society!

    Today however, this has all changed!

    Our economic security is fading away through those that arrive here ILLEGALLY or those that choose to not ASSIMILATE! Go to the local check cashing store or supermarket that offers money grams on any payday, and you will experience a long line of, often non-English speaking people sending most of their paycheck out of the country. When this happens, this money is not re-circulated into our economy, not spent in our stores, not used to pay rent or mortgages here, not used to pay for services here. Most of this money goes away for good. Is this really the GREAT thing for our economic growth that many politicians say it is?

    What about jobs? There have always been more than enough people to do the jobs in this country! The politicians say we need Illegal Immigrants to do jobs that we don’t have people for or that citizens won’t do. This is bologna!!! What the politicians are in fear of is that by not supporting “Illegal Immigration and Non-Assimilation”, they will make enemies among their supporters – The Wealthy, which are the ones that most benefit by hiring Illeglals and Non-Assimilators, as they pay lower wages and are less burdened “Financially” by the payout of benefits! Take a look at any construction site in the southwest – You will see hugh numbers of Non-English speaking individuals being paid minimum or close to minimum wage to do work that used to be reserved for skilled tradesman who went through long apprenticeships and earned a good wage for their efforts. Being a carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc… used to be a great way to support a family and enjoy life. No longer! Honestly – I don’t really feel safe in our buildings any longer. I look around a construction site or a new building seeing poor craftsmanship that often is a degradation to the structural integrity of that building.

    In California, it is really tough for a white male to find a decent paying job since the ethnic populations tend to hire there own, pushing out those that have skills and education in lieu of hiring those that are of the same ethnic origin and usually have much less education and experience – not to mention will work for much less money! I don’t live in a shack with four other families, in some gang-infested neighborhood where the police are scared to go. So I cannot afford to work for beans! I’m accustomed to a nice home and neighborhood – And I feel that in the United States, speaking a foreign language, ex; Spanish, should not be a requirement for a job. Even though I’ve been turned down for many positions because I don’t speak fluent Spanish.

    The other thing we see a lot of in California is daily commuting from Mexico to work! This has the same negative impact on our economy as sending the money out of the country, only in this case it’s walking out of our country.

    Our colleges are overcrowded as it is; why are we allowing so many foreign students into our collages and universities when classes are overfilled, and classes are tough to get as it is? Sure these students pay higher tuition and do contribute to the economic growth of the US during their stay, however in the long term it takes citizens longer to get through school and all that has been learned by the foreign student is taken away to help their country prosper and “Compete with the US”!

    Attitudes of the Non-Assimilating Immigrants and Illegals are also a point of frustration for me! I’m tired of this poor mistreated bologna! In California, the Mexican is the majority, everyone else is the minority. Yet the Mexicans complain that they are not allowed the opportunity that everyone else has. They complain about immigration reform, low wages, poor housing, lack of education opportunities, etc… When in fact all they need to do is choose work that pays fairly, (which will force businesses to change their ways), learn English, and take community college classes that will improve their skills on the job market. Are they just too lazy to do this? Maybe the plan is to assimilate the U.S. into Mexico! During the recent protests by Mexicans, the INS should have rounded up all the participants and checked their status. My personal feeling is if you don’t like it LEAVE!

    Personally my experience with the Mexicans is that they are rude to the extent of being abusive to the rest of the population. From the work environment perspective, they will allow their own to get away with total incompetence in the work environment, yet condemn, even fire, those that are not Mexican for the slightest misjudgments. They are clearly operating with bias attitudes!!! As retail employees they are often lacking communication skills, and the English levels that would allow them to work with customers adequately. This causes them to be rude to customers, and are far too often unable to provide even the simplest in customer service and care. I was even told by a store manager once, when complaining about a customer service issue “the cashier doesn’t speak English very well, this is California, maybe you should consider learning Spanish.” That’s interesting – the World Almanac shows English as the language in the U.S. – I guess it’s wrong, or maybe I was just looking at an antiquated edition!

    I live in a town home whose association pays gardeners to maintain the grounds. As I’m writing this I hear the gardeners at the back beginning to trim my hibiscus bushes. For three years I’ve been fighting with them to not trim them because they only trim them when they are in bloom, they over trim them, and are systematically killing them. So I looked over the balcony from my office and asked, “please don’t cut the hibiscus,” the older Mexican looked up at me nodded okay and they walked away. I later went to take a shower, afterwards looked outside to see all the plants had been trimmed to bare sticks and of course all the beautiful blossoms gone. Angered, I sought out the older Mexican to ask him why – All he would say is that he doesn’t understand English! Do they do this in spite? Do they just pretend ignorance? What is it? I call it rude and spiteful. I also look at this seeing a perfect example of NO SKILL! A REAL gardener, with knowledge and skill, would not massacre these plants he would trim them properly and nurture their continued productive growth!

    What about our National Security? President Bush has waged a war on terrorism! We are spending billions of dollars around the world on this war with troops in other countries, and through foreign intelligence gathering. I understand that foreign intelligence gathering is an essential aspect of homeland security, but can we really counter an eminent terrorist attack in the US by spending billions in Iraq? Wouldn’t this money be better spent by securing our borders at home? With 11 to 12 million undocumented aliens in our country and more coming each day, I find it hard to feel safe anymore. If they can get in, any terrorist can also get in. How many of those 11 or 12 million undocumented aliens could have ties to terrorist groups? How many are already here just planning and waiting? We MUST secure our borders and secure our coastlines to protect ourselves, and by doing this we will also begin to tackle the problem of drugs crossing our borders. We MUST begin the astronomical task of locating, detaining, and deporting those with no documentation and forged documentation. We must take a serious look at those born here of illegal parents. I have to question the validity of their citizenship. Do we so readily forget the days of the cold war and the so-called “Sleepers”; many were born of Russian immigrants for the purpose of becoming Soviet agents later in life and didn’t even know their purpose. This could and has happened again in the form of terrorist sleepers. We MUST establish requirements for obtaining immigrant status that takes into account assimilation; a person who wishes to stay here must learn English, and must want to be here for more than just gaining immediate gratification, education, and financial prosperity to snatch up and leave back to their REAL home.

    So what will the future bring! I think that without aggressive action to stop illegal immigration, clearing out of undocumented immigrants, imposition of laws that require proper documentation and assimilation, securing our borders and coastlines the U.S. (As we have known it!) will cease to exist. We have, in recent years, become more communistic in our government. Rights of citizens are slowly and systematically being stripped away in the name of homeland security and the war on terrorism, yet our greatest weakness is being addressed by our politicians AND the CITIZENS in the most timid of ways. Everyone seems to be afraid that the Mexicans in this country will get upset, when in fact I see a rebellion slowly taking shape that could cause a war within our borders. This is an issue of great complexity, yet one that could be dealt with now and decisively if citizens will take the stand and convey, in masses, their opinions, fears, and ideas.

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    Illegal Immigrants

    What else can be said - I agree with you totally. I grew up in California and never had a problem with the mexicans as they were descendants of the original inhabitants. The illegals that have come over now are rude, arrogant and abusive. They do not have the right to be here, let's get rid of them.

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    welcome Perquiaga! I'm glad you expressed yourself, hope it got rid of some of the pent up frustration.

    welcome to you also Gale!
    "Remember the Alamo!"

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    Nice rant!

    I think most of us agree with you 100%

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Welcome!!! Sounds like your in the right place!

    It is frustrating to watch your country to pot right before your eyes.

    There's tons of articles and information and great people here. We just have to keep pounding away.
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