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    Top Trilateral Commissioners Back McCain

    Top Trilateral Commissioners Back McCain ... 007041255/

    Since 1976, the members of the Trilateral Commission have carefully backed presidential candidates in both political parties, to insure their continued Hegemony over the Executive Branch of the U.S. government.

    In the upcoming 2008, few are watching to see who the Trilateral-backed candidates will be. Still, it's very noteworthy to observe early Trilateral support for candidate John McCain (R-AZ) by Commisisoners Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, Lawrence Eagleburger and Alexander Haig.

    Also of note is that all four of these are are also former Secretaries of State:

    * Kissinger - under Nixon and Ford
    * Schultz and Haig - under Ronald Reagan
    * Eagleburger - under George H.W. Bush

    Collectively, Kissinger, Schultz, Haig and Eagleburger represent the white-hot core of the global elite.

    The fact that McCain has been lagging in public polls recently is not a stumbling block to receiving Trilateral support: Globalists simply want operatives who will implement their policies and protect their hegemony. Given enough money and support from the Trilateral-dominated press, it is easier to change the public's opinion about their "chosen" than it is to change another candidates opinions on globalism.

    Even if McCain gets abandoned in the future, receiving such endorsements is a pointed confirmation of his position toward corporate globalization.

    The August Review will continue to monitor Trilateral Commission involvement in the 2008 presidential race.

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    I'm not surprised. That's probably why he was front and center during the debate. Thanks for the great article!

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