23 Oct 2016

WEST HOLLYWOOD — Christina Ramos told Breitbart News at a Donald Trump rally in West Hollywood on Friday that she sees him as the man who can save the United States from its impending self-destruction.

“Donald Trump is [King] Cyrus in the Bible,” Ramos said. “Understand who Cyrus is in the Bible then maybe your minds will change and want to vote for Trump and not Hillary Clinton.”

Asked by Breitbart News to describe who Clinton is in the Bible, Ramos said. “Who is Hillary Clinton. Well, let’s talk about that. Jezebel. She has the spirit of Jezebel on her. And it’s not for the betterment of our nation. In fact, it’s going to corrupt our nation.”

Ramos added her belief that Bill Clinton is like King Ahab, who took the evil Jezebel as his wife. “She was in cahoots with Babel,” Ramos said. “She worshipped false gods too.”

King Cyrus, also known as “Cyrus the Great,” created the Cyrus Cylinder around 559 B.C. which was declared the first Charter of Human Rights known the humankind. In 1971, the Shah of Iran’s twin sister, the late Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, presented the United Nations with a replica of the Cyrus Cylinder, which is kept at the U.N.’s New York headquarters and is promoted as “an ancient declaration of human rights.”

King Cyrus, who was Zoroastrian, also freed the Jewish people from their forced exile to ancient Babylon after he conquered Babylonia. He allowed them to return to their Promised Land, going so far as facilitating the reconstruction of their Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem after it had been destroyed by the Babylonians.

The second Jewish Temple was destroyed by the Romans several hundred years later.

In her interview with Breitbart News, Ramos added her belief that the president does not necessarily need to have political experience, “because this country is actually a corporation. So what does [Trump] own? Corporations.” She added that while she absolutely did not like Trump’s comments about women from 11 years ago, it will not deter her from voting for him.

A man named Roger Hilmer was also “stumping for Trump” at Friday’s rally over a microphone and loudspeaker as passers by honked in their cars. Someone drove by and said “**** you” to the protesters. Another male West Hollywood resident shouted “Im about to puke! I’m about to puke! I wish I had a paintball gun right now,” when he witnessed the protest at the busy intersection.

West Hollywood’s former mayor, Lindsey Horvath, banned Trump from the predominantly LGBT city earlier this year.

Jason Miller, a man who had a Monster Energy drink can thrown at his back during the last West Hollywood Trump rally, was also present. He told Breitbart News that in spite of it all, he feels “positive about the election.” Miller said “Obviously, no one has any realistic expectations about California. But it’s about getting out there, being visible, and lending your voice to the silent majority that’s out there.”

Tony Andrade, 76, who is of Hispanic descent, told Breitbart News he traveled from Sacramento to attend Friday’s rally. “Hillary will be a disaster if she is elected president of the United States, because [of] her inside connections with the evil people in this society,” he said.

The third and final presidential debate between Clinton and Trump also struck a nerve with some of Friday’s rally attendees.

Kaila Truth of the Kaila Truth Show railed against Hillary Clinton’s stance on abortion. “I was in a position where I lost a child at five and a half months. I had to have that child naturally, like a regular child birth… that child had a life because it died inside of me,” she said.

“What about all these women, Hillary, that can’t have babies? What about all of these women that want to adopt children? Give them an opportunity to have a child. Because there’s a lot of women and men out here that can’t conceive. Do not kill that child. Give that child a life. Let that child have a home. Do not kill them. They’re alive.”