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28 Nov 2017

Tuesday President Donald Trump reacted to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) deciding to pull out of a meeting with the president and Republican leadership.

Discussing a potential government shutdown, Trump said, “If that happens, I would absolutely blame the Democrats if it happens it’s going to be over illegals pouring into the country, crime pouring into the country, no border wall, which everybody wants. I got elected partially because of a border wall. You look at the military. We want strong funding for the military. They don’t. So many things. As an example, they want high taxes, we want cut taxes. We’re going to cut taxes. We’re going to reform. We’re going to simplify. They want high taxes. We want low taxes. So there are a lot of big differences. So we’ll see what happens as to shutdown. We’ll see.”

He added, “Right now things have changed over the last two hours because two hours ago a missile was launched. I think that will have a huge effect on Schumer and Pelosi. I think. We’ll see. We’re going to learn very soon. They should be calling immediately and say we want to see you, but probably they won’t. Nothing to them is important other than raising taxes. That’s the only thing they like doing is raising taxes.”