Trump at 28%, Carson 18%, Cruz 10%: Monmouth University Poll

Jeb Bush, at 5%, is 10ppts lower than he was in July, and he is the only of the top six candidates whose favorability rating “has taken a significant turn for the worse,” according to Monmouth University Poll of Republican and Republican-leaning voters nationwide.

Poll ranking: Donald Trump 28%, Ben Carson 18%, Ted Cruz 10%, Carly Fiorina 6%, Marco Rubio 6%, Jeb Bush 5%

Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul are at 4%, Chris Christie 3%, all other candidates less than 1%

Poll shows 57% are dissatisfied with Republican leaders in Congress; more say Freedom Caucus has too little power, 39%, as opposed to too much power, 25%

NOTE: Poll of 348 voters who identify themselves as Republican or Republican-leaning was taken Oct. 15-18 with error margin of +/-5.3ppts

John Hughes

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