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    There is talk that Romney may join the list of presidential candidates. I sincerely hope NOT! I never forgot his lousy debating skills with obuma. We do NOT want Romney running for presidency. Like the Bush's we've had enough of Romney.I totally support Trump and I like his stand on illegal immigration. Finally WE have someone who cares about America's Unemployed citizens. We Need to Make Sure that Americans Come FIRST. There should be a cap on how many immigrants we allow in our country. We just can't afford to be "my brother's keeper". Its time to tell other countries to take care of their own people; and if necessary tell them to 'spread the wealth -ask the rich to contribute to the poor'.
    TRUMP FOR 2016!!
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    Absolutely, Vicke! I couldn't agree more. The "establishment" is desperate, they're begging any puppet they can find to enter the race to try to take down Trump.

    In another 4 weeks, Trump will be untouchable. He may already be. I just hope I get him to support the FairTax while there's still ..... leverage. I think he will, he's too smart not to go for it.

    Then he'll have the Trump Trifecta:

    1. Right on Immigration
    2. Right on Trade
    3. Right on Taxes

    Fairtax Act of 2015: HR 25 in the US House of Representatives and S 155 in the US Senate.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    I've said it before, I will continue to say it. If the voters do not dismantle and overhaul Congress in '16, they will have change little if anything. Voters in America refuse to toss aside their Cogrresspeople with seniority, they are the one's capable of bringing home the bacon. That is a major reason that honesty in politics is so difficult to attain, as long as the bacon arrives who cares about a bit of corrupt[tion?
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