Trump "Protests" Manufactured by Leftist Elites and Manned by Professional Protesters

The radical resistance against Trump — funded and manned by the Left throughout his campaign — has shifted into high gear in the wake of his electoral victory. The “protests” against candidate Trump have turned into riots against president elect Trump. In cities all across America, large crowds — many violent — have taken to the streets since the election results came in. In city after city, they are all carrying the same signs and shouting the same slogans. Who is behind these “spontaneous” protests?

Within a day of Donald Trump’s election, protests and riots began in cities as far apart as New York and Los Angeles and almost everywhere in between. In some of the protests, participants can be seen carrying larger-than-life Donald Trump heads on large sticks. In all of the protests, professionally-made signs bearing the same images and slogans can be seen. Since the “spontaneous” uprising began less than a day after the election results were known, it seems odd that the protesters already had signs and Trump heads all ready to go. Given that even a rush print job of that magnitude would be both hard to fill and quite expensive, the questions which need to be asked are:

• Where did those signs and heads come from?
• Who paid for them?
• Who rallied the “troops” on such short notice?
• Does anyone really believe that all of this is spontaneous?

The answers — based on sheer logic alone — would easily be that the protests and riots are likely not spontaneous and that they are being funded and manned by the same deep-pocketed leftists who spawned the earlier protests against Trump during his candidacy and who also created other subversive movements and organizations, such as Black Lives Matter (BLM). But sheer logic aside, there is evidence that leftist elites are behind the protests and riots across the nation.

For instance, beginning in late October 2016, ads for paid protesters began appearing on Craigslist in Pittsburgh, Boston, Columbus, Denver, Philadelphia, and other cities. The ads, which were all carbon copies of each other, read:

STOP TRUMP - up to $1500/week
Hiring Immediately! Call Today Start Tomorrow!
$15 - $18 hourly rate + bonus + overtime! up to 77 hours per week!
Drivers Earn Gas Reimbursement!
Morning and Evening Shifts
No previous experience required
Full time and part time positions
Weekend positions available
No fundraising!
No commission!

Each ad carried a phone number to call, which was answered by either a Google Voice messaging system or a voicemail belonging to the Community Outreach Group (COG), a for-profit organization formed by Planned Parenthood as “a vendor of large-scale advocacy,” according to a report by Fox News. While the ads were placed before the election, they are still active, which may indicate that the group is still funding protests.

Other leftist organizations have placed similar ads, according to Fox News. placed a Craigslist ad that said, in part, “We only want protesters under the age of 30.... We prefer minorities.” In other words, the optics are better if the streets are filled with black and brown young people carrying ready-made signs and chanting prepared slogans. Washington Community Action Network posted an ad on Craigslist offering $15 an hour. Some protesters later told Fox News that they were recruited by the ad. Again, the ad reads, in part, “Students, women, and minorities are urged to apply.” It appears that since a sufficient degree of outrage — that which would lead those young minorities to take to the streets on their own — could not be drummed up; it had to be manufactured. And hired out.

Furthermore, Zero Hedge reported on November 13 about how the protesters were able to mobilize so efficiently. In Chicago, buses — stretching five city blocks — were reportedly hired to bring in protesters who presumably were paid for their “participation.” It appears that the economic hardships created by leftist policies have also created an environment where those unemployed or underemployed millennials who are also historically, economically, and politically ignorant are willing to sign on as the thugs of protest for the continued propagation of those same leftist policies. Interestingly, other millennials — even those who may share in the economic hardships of their peers — who are not ignorant of the historic, economic, and political context, have not participated in taking to the streets to protest a fair election simply because they do not like the outcome.

While political protest may have its place, this is not that. In the wake of Obama's election (and again after his reelection), TEA Party groups rented fields, fairgrounds, buildings, and other venues. They brought in speakers and musicians. They spoke against the policies and politics of the Left. They rented billboards and took out radio, television, and newspaper ads. They organized to try to do something about what they saw as the problem. They did not block traffic. They did not disrupt businesses and neighborhoods. They didn’t burn or smash anything. The "protesters" who have taken to the streets in the wake of Trump's election have done none of these positive, effective things and all of these negative, subversive things. Rather than build anything, they seek to tear down everything.

One other major difference in the political activism of the Right (as personified by the TEA Parties) and the political activism of the Left (as personified by the recent protests) is that those on the Right who protested also voted. They participated in the electoral process as they sought to bring about change. In the recent anti-Trump riots in Portland, the local NBC affiliate reported that “at least seventy-nine demonstrators either didn’t turn in a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in the state.” That means that most of the 112 rioters arrested did not even bother vote in the election they are protesting. That is a special type of ignorance. The report says:

Following Tuesday's presidential election of Donald Trump, thousands of people took to the streets in downtown Portland for five straight nights. The activity included at least one night that the police declared to be a riot, with more than $1 million in property damage. The bulk of the arrests happened on Friday and Saturday evenings as protesters faced off against police.
KGW compiled a list of the 112 people arrested by the Portland Police Bureau during recent protests. Those names and ages, provided by police, were then compared to state voter logs by Multnomah County Elections officials.

Records show 39 of the protesters arrested were registered in the state but didn’t return a ballot for the November 8 election. Thirty-five of the demonstrators taken into custody weren’t registered to vote in Oregon.

Taking the arrestees as a sampling, it appears that 70 percent of the “protesters” have no one but themselves to blame for being dissatisfied with the election results, since they did not participate in the basic function of citizenship by voting in the election. Of course, if they were among those who were being paid for their “participation,” their lack of an “I Voted” sticker makes much more sense. It was simply not a job requirement. If that is the case — and it is likely, given the facts — then their motivation was at least partially monetary.

The money — coming from Planned Parenthood, George, Washington Community Action Network, and other leftist organizations — has helped create a false image that these protests are the spontaneous actions of angry, scared, young voters who are pushing back against a system that they see as targeting them. In reality, it is the very leftist organizations behind these “protests” that are targeting the participants. Once arrested, they will have criminal records. The organizations behind the lawlessness will simply “move on” to the next event.

One such “next event” is Inauguration Day. And the Left is arming those angry, scared, young, professional protesters for conflict. With more than two months to fund and organize, the Left is planning something big. Just one page on Facebook that is dedicated to the “Not My President” cause has more than 29,000 “interested” and more than 8,700 who say they are going. The website of the Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition — which is behind the Facebook page — lists more than 14,300 RSVPs. The page says, “Real social change comes from the bottom, the mobilized grassroots, and not from the centers of institutional power, the professional politicians or the capitalist elites.” But that is not what is happening here. The estimated hundreds of thousands who will march on Washington to “shut down” the inauguration will not be “mobilized grassroots” activists; they will be manipulated cannon fodder in the service of the leftist elites.

And the “change” they hope to bring about will be nothing more than the same policies which have left them high and dry in the past.