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    'Restore strength of our military and put an end to political correctness in the Pentagon'

    Published: 2 hours ago

    A leading military readiness expert is urging President Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis to revoke former President Obama’s directives on transgenders serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

    The Center for Military Readiness, or CMR, has released a new report titled “The President, Defense Department and Military Services Should Revoke Problematic Transgender Policy Directives and Instructions.” It analyzes 15 different Obama directives and training documents that promote retention and transgender recruiting.

    “The Trump administration has a mandate to restore the strength of our military and to put an end to political correctness in the Pentagon,” the 27-page report states. “This will not be possible if problematic policies, issued and implemented during the Obama administration, are retained.”

    CMR said Obama’s policies order the U.S. military to “assume the risks of retaining and recruiting a cohort of persons who are suffering from gender dysphoria – a difficult condition involving confusion about gender identity. Gender dysphoria and its treatments are among several psychological conditions that negatively affect personal deployability and mission readiness.”

    Why is all this happening? In his widely acclaimed new book, “The Snapping of the American Mind,” award-winning journalist David Kupelian stunningly documents – in a chapter titled “Gender Madness” – precisely what the transgender phenomenon is really all about. Prepare to be shocked.

    In an opinion piece on the issue published in the Military Times, CMR President Elaine Donnelly wrote:

    It must be difficult to live life with profound confusion about gender identity. This psychological condition, called gender dysphoria, requires compassion and competent medical treatment. The military health system, however, is designed to serve purposes of national defense.

    Properly understood, military medicine is a force multiplier. It should not be considered a venue for controversial hormone treatments and surgeries. Some studies, including a long-term report from distinguished medical scholars at Johns Hopkins University, have found that such transgender treatments do not reduce rates of psychological problems and suicide.

    DoD instructions that politicize military medicine force commanders, doctors and nurses to approve, participate in, or perform body-altering procedures that many consider to be contrary to medical ethics or personal convictions. The only way to avoid disobeying orders is to leave the service.

    CMR provided the following list of problematic Obama-era transgender mandates:

    Open-ended costs for lifetime hormone treatments and sometimes irreversible surgeries. (Transgender advocates demand special status for recruits seeking lifetime medical benefits despite deployability problems. They also demand coverage for veterans in an already overloaded system, and for family dependents, including minor children);
    Infringements on personal privacy in conditions of forced intimacy;

    Demoralizing pressures on military commanders, doctors, and nurses to approve, participate in, or perform procedures that violate medical ethics or sincerely-held personal or religious convictions;

    Negative impacts on morale and cohesion when transgender treatment side effects negatively affect combat deployability and readiness;

    Establishment of a network of remote “Service Central Coordination Cells” (SCCCs) allowing LGBT consultants to politicize the military health system;

    Erosion of trust in military leaders who endorse medical delusions; and

    Diversion of scarce time and resources in pursuit of politically correct social agendas that are not consistent with sound priorities in the military.

    The Army and Air Force requested a two-year delay on implementation of the transgender policies, according the the Associated Press.

    But that request was rejected, and now military chiefs are asking for a six-month delay before allowing transgenders to enlist in the Armed Forces.

    Transgenders have been permitted to serve openly in the military for a year. Then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter ended the ban in June 2016. Carter gave the military branches a deadline of July 1 to develop policies allowing transgender individuals to enlist in the services if they meet physical and medical standards and have remained stable in their genders for 18 months.

    Currently, there are 250 members of the military who are transitioning to their preferred genders, the Associated Press reported.

    The CMR says Obama “holdovers” – such as Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert O. Work and Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Anthony Kurta – are actively pushing the former president’s policies on transgenders and LGBT activities in the military. CMR says Work is specifically advocating for the shorter six-month delay. Kurta, meanwhile, called for and participated in an “LGBT Pride” event at the Pentagon June 12, even though President Trump chose not to issue a “LGBT Pride Month” proclamation.

    The new six-month delay request will go to Mattis for approval. CMR and Donnelly are urging Mattis to revoke Obama’s policies.

    “We don’t need a ‘mad dog’ or a sleeping dog – we need a vigilant and fearless watchdog who will strengthen our military by restoring sound priorities that are long overdue,” Donnelly wrote in her Military Times opinion piece.

    She called on President Trump and Mattis to grant the original two-year delay request and allow the service branches to publicly voice concerns about the policy.

    “This is even more important since Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently told a Senate committee that there have been some issues identified with recruiting transgender individuals that ‘some of the service chiefs believe need to be resolved before we move forward,’” Donnelly said. “Secretary Mattis and members of Congress should invite medical experts (not LGBT activists) to present testimony addressing the transgender issue in terms of military readiness, not political correctness taken to extremes. There is no good time to implement a bad policy.”

    Trump urged to revoke Obama's transgender mandates for Armed ...
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    Currently, there are 250 members of the military who are transitioning to their preferred genders, the Associated Press reported.
    Yeah, and who is paying for this crap! The military is not the place for LGBT social experimentation and/or gender transformation at taxpayer expense. If you're a man that wants to be a women or vice versa, do it on your own nickel. Glad I retired before Clinton's don't ask, don't tell, policy morphed into all of this mess under Obama and former Defense Secretary Gates.

    Maybe Trump and Mattis can right a ship that starting listing (leaning) horribly under Obama and Gates.
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    Discharge them! I do not want to pay for this!

    And do NOT deviate from our uniforms. No head scarf, no special clothing. Everyone wears the SAME uniform.


    All who enlist MUST be a US citizen at the time of signing up...not in some "limbo" status!
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