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Thread: Trump welcomes Supreme Court ruling

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    Trump welcomes Supreme Court ruling

    June 23, 2016, 02:34 pm
    Trump welcomes Supreme Court ruling

    Donald Trump on Thursday welcomed a deadlocked Supreme Court decision effectively killing some of President Obama's executive actions on immigration.

    Trump wrote in a tweet that the country was "safe ... for now" after the ruling, before issuing a warning about what his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, could do should she become president.

    Trump added in a statement that Clinton's proposals on immigration would make the country "less safe." He said the high court "blocked one of the most unconstitutional actions ever undertaken by a president."

    Clinton earlier Thursday bashed the Supreme Court's 4-4 stalemate that effectively blocks Obama's attempt to shield undocumented immigrants with children who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents from being deported while expanding another program dealing with young people in the country illegally.

    Clinton vowed to defend Obama's immigration programs should she win the White House, while both she and Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, pointed to the stakes in November surrounding the immigration ruling, highlighting their differences on the issue.

    "The election, and the Supreme Court appointments that come with it will decide whether or not we have a border and, hence, a country," Trump said in a statement.

    Clinton, meanwhile, said Obama "acted well within his constitutional and legal authority in issuing the ... executive actions. These are our friends and family members; neighbors and classmates; DREAMers and parents of Americans and lawful permanent residents."

    Clinton and Trump have sparred over how the U.S. should deal with people in the country illegally. She has repeatedly attacked his proposal to deport 11 million immigrants en masse, and she reiterated that criticism Thursday, saying those affected by Obama's actions should be protected "from the specter of deportation."

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    Donald Trump: SCOTUS ‘Kept us Safe from Exec Amnesty–for Now’

    23 Jun 2016
    Washington, DC

    Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump reacted to the decision on Thursday by the Supreme Court to block President Obama’s executive amnesty.

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    SC has kept us safe from exec amnesty--for now. But Hillary has pledged to expand it, taking jobs from Hispanic & African-American workers.
    11:07 AM - 23 Jun 2016

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    Hillary Clinton’s open borders are tearing American families apart. I am going to make our country Safe Again for all Americans. #Imwithyou
    11:18 AM - 23 Jun 2016

    “Today’s 4-4 Supreme Court ruling has blocked one of the most unconstitutional actions ever undertaken by a President. The executive amnesty from President Obama wiped away the immigration rules written by Congress, giving work permits and entitlement benefits to people illegally in the country. This split decision also makes clear what is at stake in November. The election, and the Supreme Court appointments that come with it will decide whether or not we have a border and, hence, a country. Clinton has pledged to expand Obama’s executive amnesty, hurting poor African-American and Hispanic workers by giving away their jobs and federal resources to illegal immigrant labor – while making us all less safe. It is time to protect our country and Make America Safe Again and Great Again for everyone,” Trump stated in a press release.

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    On immigration, I’m consulting with our immigration officers
    & our wage-earners. Hillary Clinton is consulting with Wall Street.
    11:48 AM - 23 Jun 2016

    Trump discussed on Wednesday how he believes Clinton’s immigration plan harms minority workers in America during his speech from SoHo in New York City where he ripped into the former Secretary of State.

    Due to the vacancy of Justice Scalia’s seat following his death in February, the court remained split with a 4-4 decision dooming Obama’s immigration plan. The split decision places an emphasis on whether the Supreme Court vacancy will be fulfilled after the general election by either the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton or the Republican Donald Trump.
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