Published: 3 hours ago
John Rocker
World Net Daily

It seems my old Atlanta Braves teammate Chipper Jones has made the mistake of violating the most important rule in contemporary American life.

Don’t publicly voice an opinion that isn’t currently endorsed by the New York Times editorial board.

Woe be unto anyone who deviates from the script.

On Twitter, in less than 140 characters, one of the best baseball players over the past 30 years tweeted the following:

“Y’all think if they took all them gators they trap in Fla and La and put them in the Rio Grande, it wud stop the illegals from crossing? Jk”

Notice the “Jk” at the end of the tweet, signifying Jones was “just kidding” about his idea to stop illegal aliens from crossing into the United States by populating alligators in the Rio Grande.

Nick Schwartz, the USA Today writer who quickly picked up on the story, used this title to demonize Jones – “Chipper Jones tweets terrible joke about illegal immigration: Chipper has the border situation solved.”

Considering that many elected congressional officials, both Democrat and Republican, have plotted to solve the border situation by acting as if one doesn’t even exist between the United States and Mexico (granting a bipartisan amnesty in the process), Jones’ tongue-in-check joke about doing something, anything, to defend the sovereignty of the American people doesn’t seem that terrible.

After the left-leaning sports site Deadspin posted the Tweet, Jones utilized 140 characters to muster this apology:

“I realize that my tweet yest was offensive and distasteful. An attempt at humor was a terrible mistake. Please accept my heartfelt apology!”

Wanting to actually defend the American border (ensuring American sovereignty) is, of course, not a solution to the illegal immigration problem today. The only sensible, New York Times-sanctioned response to illegal immigration – besides stopping calling it illegal immigration as a journalistic policy – is amnesty and a smearing of anyone who considers a solution to the problem … even if they are supposedly joking.

Two pieces of advice to the lefty lunatic fringe: Grow a pair, you spineless imbeciles, and immediately following: find a sense of humor.

True, putting alligators from the swamps of Florida and Louisiana in the Rio Grande might not be the best solution to the problem of stopping illegal immigration. But shouldn’t a solution to the problem of stopping illegal immigration be a top priority in Washington, or is the top priority the continued tracking of everything the American people do on the Internet via the National Security Agency?

Were those elected to represent the American people in Washington still serious about defending the idea of America as a sovereign nation, couldn’t the same NSA PRISM program be used to track illegal immigrants? After all, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Couldn’t the IRS be alerted to every money wire transfer sent by illegal aliens back to their native countries through similar data-mining procedures the NSA is using to ensure those people “doing the jobs Americans won’t do” are paying their fair share in taxes?

Being the recipient of an audit by the IRS (and knowing that agency is prepared to look in your couch for extra income to tax), it seems this might be a better use of our technological capabilities when it comes to creating an all-invasive surveillance/Big Brother society.

If Winston Smith’s “1984″ is here on America soil, shouldn’t the American government use these resources to effectively track those individuals here illegally or, better yet, those employers who have hired illegal aliens?

You can only imagine how many companies are sending emails to general contractors, landscaping firms, office cleaning companies, etc., telling their managers/employees of the best places to find an almost endless supply of cheap, off-the-books labor.

Knowing the NSA has the ability to mine data from people’s phone calls and emails, doesn’t using this technology to track down those who illegally employ undocumented immigrants (at a time when unemployment rates are at levels not seen since the Great Depression) sound like a good idea?

Obviously, it’s better – and more humane – than Chipper Jones’ idea of putting alligators in the waters of the Rio Grande.

The invasion by both the U.S. government into your private life and by illegal immigrants is part of an undeclared war on the American people.

It’s not potential terrorists the NSA is after; it’s collecting data on the American people and tracking you that the Obama administration (continuing the policies of George W. Bush) has in mind, all the while furthering/creating an American society of basic turnkey tyranny.

Similarly, the unimpeded invasion of illegal immigrants across our undefended, unprotected, and increasing irrelevant border with Mexico is apparently what the U.S. government has in mind as well.

Chipper Jones told a joke about how to stop illegal immigrants. But how the Gang of Eight and the U.S. government has acquiesced to this invasion isn’t funny.

Were those currently elected to defend the U.S. Constitution in Washington interested in stopping the invasion, we’d only have to utilize the technology currently being used by the NSA to find out what companies were employing illegal aliens.

And punish them.

We could track wire payments by illegals and, after sending the Mexican government a bill requesting restitution for all monies earned illegally by their people in our nation (with interest), could even begin the process of deportation.

A solution to our illegal-alien problem that doesn’t include transferring alligators from their natural habitat in the Everglades and the swamps of Louisiana to the Rio Grande; rather, let’s use that aggressive NSA technology to benefit the lives of the Americans by employing it in a manner that actually protects the interests of the nation.

Mainly, to ensure an American nation actually exists.