My question is why dont we break down each of the organizations into manageable bite-sized chunks? We know these jerks are from LaRaza and the like. Most Americans seem to be apathetic because the scope and size of the enemy is so large. I see a lot of folks simply frustrated, because they are marginalized. If anyone has followed Glenn Beck, his show has focused on Apollo, and the reorganization of social justice (Community Organizers, Illegals etc), green (read forced socialism) and other organizations like the SEIU and how others are bringing the fight to us. The question is "how does one eat an elephant?" The bite at a time. In looking at the scope of the work that needs to be done we would simply need to cut up the differing areas within the umbrella of Apollo, then specific states, and then the organizations under their control. Sadly, even our own politicians need to be scrutinized a roughly; even ore so now. I envision it this way. There would be an informational arm which studies the whole of Apollo, Acorn, LaRaza etc, and then the groups underneath, how they are structured, who staffs them etc. the second layer would deal with specifics in each area. For example, the main group Apollo is focused upon by a set group of people, dealing with research, and application of measures to identify what the Apollo group will do, and where it is headed. A secondary group will focus upon the "marching orders" as it were for Acorn, its group structure and what Acorn is doing, their next moves etc. A third layer to focus directly on specific groups within social, green and union groupings under each of the three monikers, (ie The Sierra Club in the green, the SEIU under unions and the ACLU under social, as well as all others connected with the parent/umbrella group) It is my opinion that there should be three arms within the layered system. An informational arm, a call to action arm, and a judicial arm. The informational arm would provide the groups next move, items which are extremely critical to defeat, and general agendas to focus upon. The call to action arm would focus the thrust to follow ie talking points, detriment to America, and unconstitutionality etc. The judicial arm would simply be to file lawsuit after lawsuit to force these people to get off of the offense and scurry to a defensive posture, just like they have done to the right, unimpeded for so many years. While I understand that the scope of the operation appears to be unwieldy and unattainable, please understand that there wouldnt really be a need for a great number of people to accomplish this task. A group of 10 people studying Acorn, and what it is a community organizer does could then relay that information rather readily, to another group of ten or fewer who would focus the nature of the attack, and so on down the line.
Â*Â*Â*Â* Thank you so very much for your continued attack on these people, and if there is any way I might be able to assist, I stand ready to pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor to defend THE greatest nation the world has EVER known. Will, if you would like to discuss this more, please free to email me.