Two Taliban Rockets Hit U.S Embassy In Kabul

25 December 2013

(FINNBAY) – Kabul, 25 December 2013. Two rockets fired by the Taliban struck the U.S. Embassy compound in capital Kabul early Wednesday.

Taliban rockets. © FINNBAY-MN

The U.S Embassy has confirmed following a statement that two rockets struck the US Embassy in capital Kabul but no casualties reported. “At approximately 6:40 local time in Kabul, approximately two rounds of indirect fire impacted the US Embassy compound,” the embassy said in a statement.

U.S Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan

There were no reports of casualties at the embassy. But Gen. Zaher Zaher, the police chief of Kabul said to FINNBAY over the phone call that another two rockets hit other parts of the city and that three police officers were wounded when one of the rockets, which had not exploded on impact, detonated as they were trying to defuse it.

The other rocket, which did explode on impact, did not cause any casualties or inflict significant damage, Zahir said.

In the meantime, at least four Afghan police officers were wounded while they were defusing a pair of rockets in Maranjan hill on Wednesday morning.

“The second blast was as the result of a mine placed near the rocket, and when security forces were trying to foil the rocket the mine exploded,” he added. “One suspect was arrested in connection.”

Taliban militants, in Afghanistan claimed responsibility behind the rockets attack and said four rockets were launched on U.S Embassy in Kabul.