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    U.S. Citizens Really Fed Up !!

    Bring Back "Wetback"
    By Doug Wrenn
    Sep 11, 2005, 22:04

    As I sit here to write that which you are about to read, four years ago today, at this time, all of the atrocities of this day had already occurred. Not only had the two planes crashed into the two World Trade Center towers, they had both collapsed as of about a couple hours ago. Another plane had already crashed into the Pentagon, and another plane full of some of our best fellow citizens turned a terrorist hijacking plot into a diverted and gallant suicide mission, to sacrifice themselves to spare the lives of others, as their plane was forced down into a field in rural Pennsylvania. At its crux, all of this happened because 19 (almost 20) mild mannered, ordinary looking middle eastern men entered our country, assimilated among us in the community, and by some reports, were even likeable. When the time came, these 19 immigrants, seeking a better life in the United States exited their Trojan Horse and ruthlessly slaughtered approximately 3,000 innocent, defenseless people, whose only committed crime was going to work that morning, or traveling on a plane. Now, four years later, I look around me. What has changed? We bristle at the word "profile," shake down old ladies with walkers in airports, and try to understand and tolerate people who want nothing else but our death.
    Meanwhile, while all this farce is going on, our southern border with a neighboring country that by its actions has clearly proven to no longer be a friend is so porous, it might as well be wide open, and have a big welcome mat on our side of the river. Rest assured, that besides us, our enemy knows full well of our Achilles heal at the Rio Grande. Some have said that the unspeakable has already happened, nuclear weapons have already entered our country through this breech, armed and ready, and only awaiting the call to their covert handlers for detonation. We learned nothing. Apparently, those 3,000 deaths of our fellow Americans meant nothing. Why? Because we are a bunch of gutless pansies, afraid of being called a dirty name, and we will die because of it. Add to that problem, a loopy, closet liberal President, with a globalist, un-American agenda. I can't sit back and watch as the memory of the death of 3,000 of my fellow citizens, two of whom were relatives of friends, gets trampled and discarded with little more regard than a used cigarette butt. The pomp and circus we put on is all show, window dressing, worthless, meaningless. What is even worse is that the same government, so overloaded with unconstitutional and bureaucratic liberal warm and fuzzy programs, ignores its primary responsibility to protect us, and after its gross negligence and apathy that masquerades as a response, actually has the audacity to cavalierly tell us that we will be attacked again, and that it is a matter of "when," not "if." That's nice. Here, please, have some more of my taxes. To quote the famous movie line, so often now parodied in radio sound bites, "I AM MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!"

    In a Vice Presidential debate, now historically famous, former Senator and Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen, castigated former Senator and Vice President Dan Quayle when he made a reference to President John F. Kennedy. Bentsen retorted, "Senator, I knew John F. Kennedy, and you are no John F. Kennedy!" In the same kind of way, for all of his tough talk, George W. Bush is no Dwight David Eisenhower. As per a recent program and publication by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), the Border Patrol, captured almost 900,000 illegal immigrants in 1953, approximately three times as many captured only four years before. Following up on that alarming increase, the then Immigration and Naturalization Service, or INS (now renamed Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or "ICE"), during the Eisenhower administration, and under the leadership of retired Army General Joseph Swing, implemented what it then called, "Operation Wetback." In 1954, "Operation Wetback" located, captured, and deported one million illegal immigrants. Mind you, this was during the time of the Cold War, and a porous border then was as dangerous as it is today. The difference then, is the lack of political correctness. First of all, "Operation Wetback"? Today, we question day to day if the NFL Washington Redskins will be able to keep its name. Sadly, however, in spite of (what I will now call "OW")'s success, politically correct accusations of discrimination and police-state tactics brought the demise of this otherwise effective program. The common denominator here is "war," be it "The Cold War," or "The War On Terrorism." War is war. Is this, or is this not war? If so, then let's treat it like one and secure our borders. Talk to any first year medical student, and they will tell you that the body's first line of defense in terms of immunity is the skin. It protects us from harmful exterior elements. My fellow patriots, a border to a country is no different than what skin is to the body.

    Anyone naive enough to believe that Mexican President Vicente Fox is a humanitarian should also believe that each December, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro dyes his beard white and plays Santa Claus for children at Christmas. In the 1980 Muriel Boatlift, it was not necessarily the best and the brightest that Castro sent here. Sticking his thumb in then President Carter's eye, Castro emptied the prisons and the mental hospitals, and gave a free (one way) pass to some of the Cuba's instigators. In short, he relieved his country of burden. While Vicente Fox is now outwardly giving aid, comfort and even encouragement to Mexican illegals crossing our border, those crossing are also not the pillars of the community, and the population of many of our southwestern jails and prisons now prove it. The only real difference is that while Castro was sticking his thumb then in Jimmy Carter's eye, Fox and Bush are now winking with one eye while also giving a nod and shaking hands. This issue of illegal immigration from Mexico is more than simply impoverished people seeking a better life. Many of these invaders are drug smugglers, and have become allies with urban street gangs and international terrorists. They have also robbed, raped, and even murdered. Someone should ask the humanitarian, Fox, why his army troops are only on the Mexican border with Guatemala, and not the US. Sounds to me like the same hypocrisy I heard from my parents when I was a kid, "Do as I say, not what I do."

    President Bush has signed an agreement with the Council on Foreign Affairs, (CFR) which intentionally weakens the borders of Mexico, the US, and Canada in 2010, and creates a kind of allegedly homogeneous North American Union. Yes, folks, this is OUR President! The model appears akin to that of the European Union, which we now know is really a regional collection of formerly sovereign countries who cannot get along, and no longer acknowledge God, His commandments, or believe that the rights of man were given by God. In recent news stories, I have seen foolish, shameless, people on display, deliberately acting like animals in a British zoo, and some kind of other depraved and debasing event in Spain, second only to the running of the bulls for a surplus of testosterone and deficit of maturity, in which young men pummel each other with tomatoes. The issue of sovereignty aside, are these people really who we want to emulate? (Item of note-as recently reported by Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, it was CFR that gave birth to the Central American (so called) Free Trade Agreement , or CAFTA. It was also in one of these CFR related meetings that our own President Bush referred to the Minute Men as "vigilantes." Starting to get the picture now?)

    Besides all the hoopla about Afghanistan and Iraq, President Bush has committed outward treason to his country. That's right...I said "TREASON"! I agree with Pat Buchanan that George W. Bush should be impeached for his malfeasance, but realistically, that won't happen, and if it did, he would be out of office by time anything took traction. Now secure in his second term as a lame duck president, what does Bush have to fear? He is doing what he wants, and to hell with the rest of us, the country be damned. If Bush did not have his globalist agenda, (even more radical than that of his liberal father), our immigration problem could be over, or significantly curtailed today. But such flagrant patriotism does not exist on this President's bill of fare, yet I know as I bang away at this keyboard, this very minute, he is somewhere in the country on this solemn day of remembrance, publicly addressing MY fellow Americans with empty platitudes, and outright lies. Estimates range as high as 20 million illegal immigrants, many, if not most of them from Mexico, as well as from many countries deemed to be enemies of the US, roam our soil freely. Our government, that faltering institution to whom we pay so increasingly much more to continually, by the increased sweat on our brow and lint in our pockets where our pay previously existed, has no clue and no concern as to who or where these people are. Why?

    See paragraph # 1. We are gutless pansies! Bush's treasonous, globalist agenda aside, OW could never work today. That is not to say that things can't change, but our actions have proven that we do not have the guts for it. We are afraid of being called "racists." Do a web search for "Operation Wetback," or "General Joseph Swing," and you will find a plethora of leftist blogs, sites and articles screaming racism, discrimination, etc. We wish not to "profile." A war is like a crime. If a robbery is pulled off by a tall thin black guy, do cops look for short fat white guys? Of course not. That would be absurd. So then when we know that middle eastern males, approximate age 18-40 have now for years committed acts of terrorism upon us, long before 9/11, why are we still shaking down little blue haired old ladies with walkers in airports? The bastardized liberal version of "profiling," an actual and legitimate law enforcement tool, which does not necessarily solely, if at all, rely on race, is applied to a specific crime, or in this case, war. It is not randomly done, or done without parameters, if done correctly. So what if someone calls us a racist?

    I have worked in law enforcement and corrections and can tell you that when frisking a suspect, you check his crotch area (Using the blade of the hand, if done properly.) Do you have any idea how many criminals have hidden weapons and contraband in areas where they know cops are afraid to search? And yes, in those cases, the bad guy inevitably makes a disparaging remark about your sexuality. Such is his first line of defense in that situation. As the instructors say, so what? Is what he says about your sexuality true? And whether it is or is not true, as long as you are doing what you are supposed to do, and doing it professionally, what do you care what this low life, street felon says or thinks about you?

    Likewise, if you are professionally and properly carrying out a wartime or law enforcement duty that protects the public, who really cares if someone calls you a racist, when you know that you are not a racist? What is really in a name? That moniker, like so many others routinely and recklessly thrown around by the left, is now so overly used, and abused that I am amazed that people even bother to still pay attention to it. I recall having another instructor who always (tongue in cheek) warned us to carry a small whisk broom, with which to profusely sweep off the offended person and profusely apologize on those few occasions when we do screw up. Those rare occurrences will happen and are unavoidable. So what if we stop and question people matching a description? Yes, some may be Americans, or legal immigrants, but unlike most street cretins I have dealt with, such people will have identification on them (as required by law for immigrants), and those abiding by the law should not object to such minor and rare inconvenience when it is for their own safety. For those thin skinned who like to play the race, card, let them wail. As in slander and libel, the truth is a primary defense, like the Bible tells us, "The truth will set you free." Reasonable suspicion, if not probable cause, legally exists. Also, many of these illegals can be pressured and/or bargained with to roll over on more serious offenders, much like cops do with drug dealers, to keep working their way up the food chain. There are mosques in our country, known to be terrorist cell operation centers that are off limits to the Justice Department, courtesy of the very anti-American and radical liberal American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), under the manipulated First Amendment right to freedom of religion, despite the deadly sedition going on inside. Well, I suppose that makes sense. Using that logic, legislation allowing people to falsely yell "Fire" in a dark and crowded movie theatre should be here in practically no time, to also defend freedom of speech. Even liberty has reasonable limits, and especially in dangerous times of war. As immigration officials were shocked to find that they captured one million illegals in 1954, the tip of the iceberg, I am sure, I would be willing to bet that if OW was brought back today, they would soon find that the 20 million estimate is also only drop in the bucket, and no one in power really even knows for sure.

    Disclaimer time: No, I am not against "immigration." And unlike the rest of the politically correct cowards of today, I couldn't care less what you call me. Anyone even remotely cognizant, if not knowledgeable about our history knows that immigration is what has made, and continues to make our country as great as it is, while at the same time, being a beacon of rescue, refuge, and a better life for those less fortunate, and oppressed throughout the world. The problem with many do-gooders of today is that they fail to see or accept any difference between "legal," and "illegal" immigration. Talk to many of those same people and you will find they also resent the military and law enforcement, just so you have a little better image of their broader ideology, values, and agenda. Yes, this is the "If it feels good, do it!" crowd, and in my eyes, they have little, if any credibility. If I was a naturalized US citizen, who complied with our laws and took the time and energy to get into this country the correct way, my rage would be 100 fold to see all these illegals, with no respect for their own dignity or morality, let alone our country's laws and sovereignty come here with impunity. THAT is the difference. And by the way, immigrants who are "undocumented" in this country are to what "an involuntary transfer of property" is to theft. Can the fluffy, misguiding euphemisms, they're illegal, not undocumented. They are criminals, and should be dealt with accordingly. All the good intentions in the world mean naught if they violate sound, civilized law, otherwise, anarchy reigns. As Jesus Christ told the mocking Roman centurion, "Give to God what is God's, and give to Caesar what is Caesar's." Now having clarified my position, my next suggestion would be a moratorium on all immigration, just until all, or most of the illegals are rounded up, and deported. Then, revise our immigration system, and secure our borders, to limit illegal entry and to keep a closer tab on those who we do let in. Then, lift the moratorium on legal immigration. Charity is noble, but it still begins at home.

    For whatever the reason may be, fighting a war, be it a cold war, or a war on terrorism, with an open border makes about as much sense as a boxing match in which one of the fighters has one arm tied behind his back. Times were different 50 years ago. We had more guts. OW lived a short, albeit, successful life, but ultimately died due to cowardly political correctness from the faction that does love America, but was coerced by the one that only pretends to love America. Now, 50 years later, are we better off? Far from it. From General Swing, the pendulum has swung! (Sorry. I just couldn't resist!) Assuming the numbers are even close, our illegal immigrant population has increased 20 fold, it has allegedly fostered a gateway for weapons of mass destruction that are hidden in several areas of our country, with their whereabouts as much unknown as the demons who brought them in, and while OW was even attempted, be it right or wrong, we all know quiver in the corner, trying to be "tolerant" of the infiltration of real, potential evil and catastrophic harm to avoid hurting someone's delicate feelings. This is insanity! Much like the criminal being searched, some of those people cry "racism" because they have thin skin, and found that tactic works. More insidiously though, are those who knowingly use that tactic as a distraction for their agenda, because we have proven that when such rhetoric is invoked, we back off every time. The problem is, it is impossible to distinguish those with just a chip on their shoulder, from those truly hiding a dangerous weapon in a place where we are too timid, if not afraid, to look.

    My level of compassion may not be the same as that of some others. Mine is more in the form of what is often called "tough love." I offer no apologies for that. I believe that in tough love, there is necessary and wholesome balance. My fellow Americans, yes, please, on this day, remember, pray, and cry, but that is just not enough. Forgive my bluntness, but get off your posteriors and act! (For those of you who have not.) Some of you lost part of your families, and that is tragic, but without your action, you may lose the rest of your families. We cannot undo the past, but it is within our grasp, or our floundering, to change our future, for better or for worse. So which is it, sit and cry, or get up and do something? Protest, Vote, call, write, yell, complain, read, learn, and for God's sake, WAKE UP! As Frederick Douglass said, "Agitate, agitate, agitate, agitate...!" What do you think the other side is already doing on this issue? Get actively involved. Support immigration reform groups, vote for political candidates who share that ideal, and oust the many double talking, self- centered, blow hard, career oriented, incumbent hacks who only give us lip service, if not blatant betrayal. Put down the mindless sports page, turn off that sordid reality TV show. Whatever the result from any sporting event, or from any undignified buffoon publicly making an spectacle of himself, how does that in any way effect anything in YOUR life? Educate yourselves, do your homework, protect yourselves, and protect each other. Hurricane Katrina has taught a harsh lesson to the people of New Orleans, that we must also learn from: it is primarily up to us, not the government to protect ourselves. The status quo, like our demise, does not have to be engraved in stone, but rest assured, while keeping one, we surely only energize the other.

    If you believe in God, as I do, then you believe that he is loving and merciful. Some of the many gifts He has given us are morality, common sense, and free choice. He helps those who help themselves. He has laid the necessary tools at our feet. All we now need to do, is pick them up and go to work. But will we? When will the next 9/11 come? And at what cost? And how many more will follow? How many dead Americans are "enough"? On this day, and on all uncertain days to follow, may God bless our country, our people, our lost loved ones, and may He guide all of our decisions and actions that shape the nature of our fate, and the fate of the (hopefully) generations yet to come.

    Doug Wrenn
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Doug; that must have been cathartic!

    "If I was a naturalized US citizen, who complied with our laws and took the time and energy to get into this country the correct way, my rage would be 100 fold to see all these illegals, with no respect for their own dignity or morality, let alone our country's laws and sovereignty come here with impunity. THAT is the difference."

    Yeah sometimes I feel like an idiot having gone through the process. As a resident alien you can look at the ongoing mess and think, "when the lemon is squeezed out, I'll just go back home."

    I came from a country that would take me back anytime, as I am born blood of the tribe(Allemanni). We get this right soon or there will be an exodus of intelligent people. No matter what I will always view "Old America" as a paragon that has contributed the vitality that has projected humanity forward. We stood on the shoulders of Giants and saw furthur.

    We now prop mental midgits on our shoulders, and they half blind, or worse simply content themselves with the view and the free ride.

    We are abdicating our role in the world to, it appears, anyone willing to take our place. The world already regrets what we have become. cheers glenn

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    Hurricane Katrina has taught a harsh lesson to the people of New Orleans, that we must also learn from: it is primarily up to us, not the government to protect ourselves. The status quo, like our demise, does not have to be engraved in stone, but rest assured, while keeping one, we surely only energize the other.
    Excellent article! Going to forward to everyone in my address book.

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    Excellent article!!! Doug Wrenn knows how to put into words what a lot of us feel.

    We now prop mental midgets on our shoulders, and they half blind, or worse simply content themselves with the view and the free ride.

    We are abdicating our role in the world to, it appears, anyone willing to take our place. The world already regrets what we have become.
    You also have a way with words naturalglenn.

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