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    U.S. southern border has been open to criminals and terrorists for a long time, DHS n

    U.S. southern border has been open to criminals and terrorists for a long time, DHS now admits

    05/26/2024 // Ethan Huff // 520 Views

    Tags: Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden regime, big government, border, border security, criminals, deep state, DHS, Illegal aliens, illegals, invasion, invasion usa, migrants, national security, Open border, Open Borders, southern border, terrorists, treason

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is failing to do its job, the result being a massive and constant influx of criminals and terrorists who are illegally crossing America's southern border.DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas admitted publicly this week that its southern border policy allowed many people who do not belong here to enter the United States, all because background checks on the individuals were delayed until their asylum hearings.

    The Biden regime's open borders policies have allowed in just three short years for around 10 million illegals, many of them known criminals, to freely enter the country. The consequences of this are only just beginning to manifest.
    While a newly passed regulation aims to better expedite deportations in order to help fix this obvious security risk, chances are the damage has already been done to a large extent.

    Mayorkas, who was recently impeached from his position, oversaw an agency that failed to conduct proper background checks on millions of "undocumented," aka illegal, immigrants with criminal records or ties to terrorism.

    "First of all, it should be acknowledged that the entire foundation for allowing millions of undocumented immigrants to enter the country is fanciful," reported Great Game India. "People can cross our roughly 2,000-mile southern border almost anywhere they choose."

    "Usually, they are not obliged to enter via a designated entry point. At your convenience – or, more precisely, the drug cartel's discretion – cross the desert, the mountains, or the river. No issue, we'll send border patrol to you, where they'll gladly process you and grant you admission straight away."

    (Related: House Republicans are expressing fear and worry about what they say is a "sharp uptick" in Chinese migrants who are illegally entering the U.S. via the porous southern border.)

    Reclassifying illegals as "refugees seeking asylum" is destroying America

    Another change that was made under Biden is the handling of illegal aliens as "refugees seeking asylum." By misclassifying these invaders that way, many more of them are being allowed to enter, hence why many are calling this Biden's "border experiment."

    Title VIII, Section 1158(b) of U.S. immigration law stipulates that in order to establish that an applicant is a real refugee, he or she must establish "that race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion was or will be at least one central reason for persecuting the applicant." It turns out that the vast majority of "migrants" do not legally qualify.

    "Their poverty has never qualified them for refuge, but that is why they are traveling," Great Game India explains. "Where are the stories of millions of Central and South Americans facing racial persecution if they were fleeing persecution? Where are the stories of millions of people facing discrimination due to their faith?"

    It oftentimes takes years before these "migrants" are summoned to asylum court. By then, many of them have already disappeared into the system, never to be seen or heard from again, at least as far as the system is concerned.

    DHS says that federal law bars individuals who pose a national security or public safety risk from being granted asylum, but this is happening on a daily basis without repercussion. At some point, the system is going to break from the heavy weight of all this rampant illicit activity.

    As of now, the new policy about expediting deportations is not yet being enforced. The public can comment on it until June 12, but after that the rule will not even go into effect until later in the summer.

    Until the southern border is closed and federal immigration laws enforced, expect to see hordes of new foreigners flooding your neighborhood, taking your jobs and using up scarce resources that you pay for with your tax dollars.

    Learn more at

    Sources for this article include:

    U.S. southern border has been open to criminals and terrorists for a long time, DHS now admits –
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