UK’s Nigel Farage warned by police after filming illegal migrants landing in Dover (VIDEO)

By Voice of Europe 6 May 2020

British police officers paid a visit to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on Monday to issue a warning that Farage should follow “essential travel” rules after he reported on a migrant boat arriving in Dover.
Farage, who has long campaigned against illegal immigration to Britain, filmed the British Border Force bringing a group of migrants to shore in the port at Dover. According to him, the group included a very young baby.
“They had received a complaint that I had been to Dover to report on the illegal migrant scandal taking place,” Farage wrote on Twitter after two police officers came to his door.
“What a total waste of time and money,” he added.
Farage’s video of illegal migrants landing in Britain had over 400,000 views after he posted it to Twitter.

Nigel Farage

I witnessed first hand our Border Force acting as a taxi service for illegal migrants in Dover this morning. This scandal continues and people have got every right to be angry about it.

11:26 - 4 May 2020
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“The Border Force is supposed to protect our borders, not be a taxi service for illegal immigrants and yet that’s what the Home Office is telling them what to do,“ Farage wrote on Twitter.
There are exceptions allowed to the restriction of movement for certain key workers including journalists and broadcasters who are providing public service broadcasting. Farage said he was reporting on the landings in a journalistic role.

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