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    UN: Just 0.4% of refugees are ‘emergency level’ requiring removal

    UN: Just 0.4% of refugees are ‘emergency level’ requiring removal

    by Paul Bedard

    | March 20, 2018 03:05 PM

    Advocates for tighter immigration and refugee laws on Tuesday recommended that only those facing immediate danger be granted refugee status in the United States, potentially a vast reduction in those that are picked by the United Nations to settle here.

    At a conference to discuss the liberal refugee system, Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, called for a change to just helping those in immediate need to evacuate their country.

    “The point of refugee resettlement should be a last resort for people who literally cannot stay where they are for a second longer,” he said.

    Krikorian said that only those “emergency” cases should be the ones coming to the United States. “Those are the people who should be resettled.

    In its latest report on its program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees revealed a stunning statistic on those emergencies.

    Just 281 of the over 118,000 refugees, or 0.40 percent, the United Nations has dispatched to safe nations around the world, most to the United States, actually faced threats requiring their immediate removal.

    The U.N. said of them, “This emergency level applies to cases in which the immediacy of security and/or medical condition necessitates removal from the threatening conditions within a few days, if not within hours.”

    The U.S. took in 62 percent of refugees from several nations where the United Nations has operations, according to a well-researched report.It was written by Nayla Rush, a senior researcher for the Center for Immigration Studies. "The refugee system is indeed broken," she concluded.

    The U.N. said most refugees fall in the “Normal” category and don’t face any emergency threat.

    “The majority of cases fall within this category. This level applies to all cases where there are no immediate medical, social, or security concerns which would merit expedited processing. UNHCR expects decisions and departure within 12 months of submission,” said the agency’s handbook quoted by Rush.

    Refugee admissions hit a peak under former President Obama. President Trump has set a cap of 45,000.

    CIS suggests that instead of shipping refugees to Europe, Australia and the United States, they should be placed in a new home closer to where they come from.
    Sending refugees thousands of miles from home, said Krikorian is “an absurd idea.” He added, “The whole point of refugee resettlement should not be virtue signaling on the part of the United States, which unfortunately too much of it is, but rather last resort protection for people who have no other options.”
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    Let the UN put them in safe zone on their soil. Theses countries have PLENTY of land.

    Put them to work building new villages and keep their families together...not dump them all over across the World!

    They dump them in our countries and are a financial burden. They bring diseases, overbreeding and their hate. There is not enough housing or jobs and the costs are much greater than keeping them where they are and put them to work building new villages!

    They go to other countries, have nothing to do all day, then they roam in packs and commit crimes and rape and their sick way of life destroys our peace and prosperity!

    No more refugees, no asylum, no TPS and NO illegal aliens! Stay home and fix your own damn countries. Start with stopping killing each other and raping each other. Get off your rear end and clean up your surroundings and work together for peace and prosperity. If they do not build it themselves they will not respect it.

    No one wants these one. So come up with a better solution to these problems...not dump them on others.

    Start a Global Population Control program...they want out of poverty...keep your pants zipped and stop giving them OUR money.


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    The farmers of South Africa should be given emergency sanctuary access to the United States since their whole families are being slaughtered by the communist ANC who has decreed they must give up their land and move into ghettos built on landfills where the rapes, torture, and murders by communists will continue.
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