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Thread: Under Obama, US Became World's Number 1 for Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia - UAC

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    Youtube Video

    #GreatAwakening #Chicago #DrainTheSwamp

    Child Trafficking Agent Called In on Smollett Case

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    Amazing Polly
    Published on Mar 29, 2019

    CORRECTION: I was not thinking straight - Kimbal Musk is a man - a chef - NOT Elon Musk's wife! Yikes! Sorry for the error. Why would a Special Agent - one of the US's foremost experts on Child Trafficking - be called in to look at the fake hate crime on Jussie Smollett? There were no minors involved? Stay tuned to the last part of the video where I go over a theory of what might be going on in Chicago.
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    : What the Feds, [DS], Obama, Oprah, Rahm Emanuel and the Fake News Media Are Hiding

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    Lionel Nation
    Published on Mar 30, 2019

    "A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small 'inside' group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of [bellum] a few people make huge fortunes." — Smedley Butler #LionelNation
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    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    NXIVM Hacked World Leaders!

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    Published on Apr 1, 2019

    Clare Bronfman secretly (and illegally) had access to Edgar Bronfman Sr's computer for years. This may have exposed the very dirty dealings he had when working to secure Holocaust Reparations from the Swiss Banks. This story is more interesting & revealing than you might know! Join me as I share some of my research.
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    it is ALL interconnected to include the people and players .... nothing going on now is an accident; everything going on now is a cover-up. This is how they blackmail politicians

    Fox News

    The father of 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand once worked as a lobbyist for a secretive sex cult, according to court documents.

    Court papers show Gillibrand’s father worked for Nxivm sex cult: report
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    Jim Garrow

    11 April at 08:36 ·

    A 2017 radio show transcript that you might have missed. It is worth a read. Some inconvenient truths are unlocked.
    - Dr. Jim Garrow -

    Dr. Jim Garrow & Paul Preston on Flynn, Obama Shadow Government and International Paedophile Rings

    azra (54)
    in pizzagate • 2 years ago

    Interview with former CIA agent Dr. Jim Garrow on Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio | February 15, 2017
    Description posted at American Exceptionalism News Network:
    BREAKING EXPLOSIVE STORY!!!! Former CIA agent DR. JIM GARROW exposes the discussion Michael Flynn was having with a Russian diplomat that led to Flynn's resignation as President Trump's National Security Advisor. The conversation, which was being illegally recorded by the CIA in violation of the U.S. Constitution, was about the worldwide pedophilia ring. The ring reaches into Russia with the same cast of pedophiles that are found in the United States. Both Flynn and the Russian were attempting to get an understanding of who these pedophiles are in the U.S. government and inside the Russian government. These people travel from country to country and use Brussels [Amsterdam] as a major staging area for pedophilia purposes.
    Please listen to this very interesting and engaging interview with "inside information" which in my opinion is well worth considering as a very viable and distinct possibility. If this is the truth of the matter, it is in complete opposition to the story being spun by the controlled mainstream media. The light of truth is and will expose all those who have been operating in the shadows for far too long, perpetrating heinous acts upon innocent souls, committing crimes against humanity and this beautiful Earth. Please pass this interview forward far and wide for consideration.

    It had been suggested that a summary of this interview would be helpful however, when I began to listen to the discussion I decided that any distillation of the information and separation from the context within which it was put forth would be a disservice to all. Please note that this edited transcription of the interview with Dr. Jim Garrow by Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio from February 15, 2017 is not a 100% direct translation of what was said as certain connective expressions of speech are not included in order to aid ease of reading. The content of the dialogue has not been altered and I present it here in as true to the original dialogue form as is possible by a human listening, who is not a bot. As such this is intended to be a complementary companion resource to the original recorded interview rather than a stand alone piece.

    Transcript prepared by Azra:
    - Pre-recorded Introduction -
    Paul: Hello and welcome to Agenda 21Radio. This is the radio show that is stopping totalitarianism, one exceptional American at a time. 

Right now we have an exceptional American, an exceptional Canadian actually and just because of all the information, the fray that is going on right now with Donald Trump and Michael Flynn, the resignation and the Ruskies, the Russians and by the way, the illegal seizure or violation of American civil rights of Michael Flynn in talking to a Russian by our Intelligence Agencies and then of course the further illegality that an intelligence agency would actually leak it to the press. Anyway, welcome to Agenda 21 Radio Jim and I know this is something that strikes at your heart. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump and certain intelligence agencies.
    Jim: No kidding I mean this is a smack at the side of the head for all Americans, especially those working in the intelligence field because not only are they blissfully unaware it would appear… Did you know that there were 72 terrorist convictions against people originating from the 7 countries of the Trump moratorium? Did you know that, 72?

Paul: Yeah, I knew that but apparently Judge Robertson didn’t know that or pleaded ignorance. Ignorance of the law of course.
    Jim: Of course you know that’s the game they play. They play emotion, they make an emotional appeal to the public based on zero fact. What is it the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal? Aren’t they the magicians who make things disappear? Reality is never upheld?
    Paul: That’s right. The 9th Circus it’s sometimes referred to as.
    Jim: Yeah the 9th Circuit that’s the bunch I knew them… I have other terms for them but I can’t use them on air.
    Paul: So do I.
    Jim: We’re in a position now where truth doesn’t matter. Truth is something only people like Donald Trump try to put forward and of course he’s slammed for it as if he’s some sort of moron walking upright. It’s craziness right now.
    Paul: The whole premise is that the CIA, they think it’s the CIA wiretapping - obviously they’re the ones that go out and do international governments and so on. They were spying on a Russian representative and Michael Flynn, an American citizen at the time, he was not part of the government as it was the time during the transition - was talking to this Russian official and they wiretapped it. It actually sounds more like electronic surveillance pull in and they got this information and it was a conversation. We don’t know what’s in the conversation yet between the two but the point is you had an American citizen who was being illegally surveilled by the CIA apparently and now that information which was in the hands of that agency was given over to news outlets. Jim, this is the kind of stuff, as you know well, that they utilize when the police in other, I guess you would say, rogue countries start surveilling their own politicians to bring them down, to topple the government.
    Jim: Yes well that’s exactly right. That’s the method they use and the Nazis used it well. And keep in mind they burned the Reichstag. What was that all about? That was about stopping people being able to gather together. I’m not sure if people know this but Germany at the time was a great coffee country. They would gather in these little pubs and little coffee shops to chat. Well the other place they gathered was in the private offices in the Reichstag. They wanted to put a stop to it. That’s one of the reasons they burned the Reichstag, believe it or not. So the Nazis were successful in shutting down one arm of freedom that allowed politicians to get together to chat without being surveilled and that of course happened in the Reichstag. So the answer was, let’s burn the place down.
    Paul: Send a message.
    Jim: Yes, and create another environment within which the government could move solidly against freedom and take away the freedoms of the citizen. We’re looking at the same sort of thing happening here where terror convictions have been taking place but the news media what do they report? 

Politico said, “Donald Trump is wrong that the media is not reporting on terrorism anymore.” That’s what they said.
    PBS, they said, “Trump’s list of underreported terror doesn’t back-up the claim.” What?!
    And then MSNBC - “Trump manufactures a media coverup of terrorist attacks.” Manufactures? Excuse me, 72 convictions is not a manufactured falsehood. It’s truth.
    Seattle Times, of course we love Seattle - “Trump’s list of underreported terror doesn’t back up the claim.” 

And yet all of it is like baffle gab. They’re trying to baffle people into believing that what they have just said is actually truthful when in fact the list of reality shows them to be absolutely liars. So here they are, they’re padding everything to make it look like Mr. Trump is out to lunch. Trump’s not out to lunch he’s actually playing with fact and they’re playing with falsehood all the way. They’re trying to back their own narrative that Trump’s some sort of buffoon when in fact Trump is playing a very brilliant game. The unfortunate thing is that Flynn got caught up in it and let me tell you this. Flynn was heard on a hard line not his cell phone. It was a hard line out of his office that these conversations with the Russians took place. So how do I know that? Well because his cell phone was covered by our product called *DEAF. [Defence Enabling and Assisting Framework]]
    Paul: Yes you see ladies and gentlemen, I believe in going right to the source on this wiretapping. So you're getting the facts as they really did occur and much to the chagrin of our intelligence agencies, of course because they don't want you to know this, that the secure lines that everybody utilises who understands DEAF was not being utilised at the time. It was an unsecured line and of course that's a problem and now of course Jim it's played out. If he had been using his cell phone it would have been a little bit different picture and they would never have heard this.
    Jim: Yes, here’s the thing, we've got the government, CIA listening in on not a private conversation, a government conversation between a politician and someone in a position of real importance, the national security advisor is a major position and he’s being listened to while he talks to Russians. The excuse being of course that CIA works offshore. Yes except the minute they are in violation of the rights of citizens onshore in American soil, they need to shut the phone down. They didn’t.
    Paul: You see ladies and gentlemen, this is the operation of a rogue Government entity and of course the CIA was managed by one John Brennan, Mr. Muslim convert himself.
    Jim: Yeah, I’m glad you brought that up. Isn’t that a fact that people just seem to stumble around over…

    Paul: Yeah, they don’t really like that one.

Jim: Yeah Brennan, an absolute convert to Islam and then trying to undermine the authority of somebody who is coming in, well basically going to run roughshod over what he did because the NSA of course is the one that gathers information, the FBI as well on the criminal side, but the NSA Is the one that’s gathering information all across America on what’s going on that needs to be paid attention to by citizens or people coming in from other countries, you know our poorest southern border. And by the way, it’s been a long time since I was an American citizen but I was asked to become a Canadian in the Fall of 1972. So in October of 1972 under direction of those who had the authority I became a Canadian citizen which I meant I had to at the time, renounce my American citizenship.
    - Commercial break -
    Paul: Welcome back to Agenda 21 Radio and with us right now is Dr. Jim Garrow and we’re talking about Michael Flynn and the scandal that’s brewing in the CIA illegally tapping into an American citizen’s conversation. And had he been using his cell phone this never would have even been brought up because his cell phone was being protected by a certain type of encrypting system that’s infallible and Dr. Jim Garrow is with us to explain a little bit about that but Jim, one of the other things that I want to get into because you’ve been in the business of intelligence for years and know how this whole thing works, but it’s pretty obvious… You wrote an article or you didn’t write an article, you contributed to an article that appeared in National Enquirer that basically laid out this whole business that they’re talking about - Paul Sperry came out with an article about a shadow government being formed. But you came out with a quote about this and you and I have talked about this on a number of occasions but now we can sort of let the cat out of the bag. There truly is a shadow government that has been established by former President Barack Hussein Obama.
    Jim: Yeah, absolutely there’s a group of them including people he put in position in seven different agencies. These people of course formerly worked for Obama but now of course are no longer employed. And that’s a natural transition by the way. Some people are lamenting the fact that, “Oh they were fired.” Excuse me, when a new administration comes in leadership changes, that’s just the way it is. And Obama did the same thing with the Bush group. He moved them out and you know you bring in your folks, you bring in the people you trust and that’s normalcy while these crazies on the left try to make it seem as though it’s a big conspiracy against Obama and everything that was done ahead. Not so.
    So here we have these seven different groups within government who are working with Mr. Obama to make sure that they cripple every attempt made by Mr. Trump to a) take control of agencies but also to make the agencies more efficient or more loyal to America rather than Marxism and there’s a clear line here of who and what is going on. Marxist philosophy has been holding sway throughout the entire administration of Obama’s reign for eight years and now we’ve got somebody who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law and of course what they are trying to do, the Obama crew and these people out of the seven federal agencies… They have met twice by the way that we know of and of course they were caught meeting but what they’re attempting to do is to in fact, this insubordination against Mr. Trump, what we the people decided in an election in putting him in power. They are determined to bring him down, to cripple everything he attempts to do and it’s all about Marxism and it’s all about perpetrating crime against America and these people should actually be stood up against a wall, if that was the choice and shot after being convicted of treason. But that’s what they’re doing, it’s treasonous activity.
    Paul: Well this brings up, of course you were out in front with this, you were interviewed last week by the National Enquirer and it says, “Ex President directing gang of high level traitors out to cripple new administration” which is exactly what you just said. And it’s said that The National Enquirer consulted five top national security experts regarding this flurry of insubordination and Obama’s attack upon his successor just ten days after leaving office and it says that on January 30th Obama released an explosive public statement praising protestors who opposed President Trump’s immigration order. Now, I’m going to stop there because you have a quote coming up in the article but I want to say this is the sign of somebody wanting to tear down the government in my opinion. It’s a clear statement of treason and then of course there’s more expressions of this as we go on to this and then we find out he’s got a non-profit organization. Shouldn’t he be labelled and his organizations labelled domestic terrorists just like the Tea Party was labelled by his administration?
    Jim: Yeah, clearly. Of course you won’t get that from the mainstream media because they are in total bed with Mr. Obama and of course they’re Marxist dialogue, the Marxist training they got in the universities they attended… You know most of the universities as you know, go into any humanities class and what are they pushing? An agenda that is totally Marxist in its play. So here you are, that's exactly what they are continuing to do. They are determined that the election victory of Trump will be undone at every turn and anything that is attempted by Mr. Trump that will stand up against what Obama had started, they will do everything in their power to stop. And of course they’ve got the mainstream media backing them up, not reporting the realities of what’s gone on and then twisting everything to make it look as though things are happening that are not happening.
    Paul: Well you go on to say here, you are quoted here in this article “There’s an unwritten rule that former presidents won’t comment on what a current president is doing” ex blah blah blah agent and Nobel Peace Prize runner-up Dr. Jim Garrow exclusively told The Enquirer. “Obama clearly doesn't care about precedent. The Obama directed conspiracy got its start when officials from at least seven Federal agencies met on two occasions after the election” according to the National Enquirer whistleblower.” 

Now that’s not you is it? (laugh) You’re not the whistleblower or we can’t say?… Anyway they go on to quote, this is what the whistleblower said, “Obama was not present but it was made clear is agenda and orders were to be carried out” claimed the source.
    Now I want to chime in on something else. It goes on to say that “He is the tarantula at the center of this web of insubordination and Senators Chuck Schumer and Kristine Gillibrand are doing his bidding.” And of course we now know these external agencies that had developed with some of these rogue senators and members of the House but there was also another meeting here in California with five Obama representatives and basically what this meeting was about was to gain assurances that the so-called La Raza revolution would continue here in California. And we had members that came to us from that meeting. That came to us one time at a Tea Party meeting and pronounced it to everybody in the meeting but also informally in other secret meetings that I’ve had. So some of these members were actually in there listening to treasonous talk when representatives of the Obama administration were in the meetings and they’re talking about destroying California, taking it away and making their own country.
    Jim: Yeah, no absolutely right and you know the National Parks Service is part of this. They tweeted a bunch of negative photos, you know they spread them around and these
    are employees of the National Parks Service. You know those people who will allow anyone who wants to use the National Parks and they of course treat them with the greatest of respect…
    Paul: The ones who built the memorial over Flight 93 that’s the largest mosque in the world, that group?
    Jim: Yeah, that group, exactly. They’re out there tweeting negative pictures of Mr. Trump and just ignoring the gag order. You know there is basically a gag order as well. But back to your quote, there is an unwritten rule. A new president is always given the wide highway of no comment about what he’s doing by previous presidents. You know, you had our moment in the sun, you’ve had your 15 years or whatever, 15 mins. of fame, so you gracefully bow out and you allow the choice of the people to hold sway. And of course that is not what Obama is doing. He’s now putting together this group I believe are internal terrorists, 30,000 of them who will show up and protest at anything going on that Mr. Trump is attempting to do or organize.

Paul: …or Republicans such as what happened with Jason Chaffetz the other night in Utah in which he got 75% of the vote but yet he couldn’t even hold a Town Hall because there was so much disruption going on.
    - Commercial Break -
    Paul: And welcome back to Agenda 21 Radio. With us is Dr. Jim Garrow and we’re covering the story about the Michael Flynn resignation but more importantly, the biggest story of them all ladies and gentlemen is the exposure that Dr. Jim Garrow has given to the shadow government of former President Barack Hussein Obama who is doing everything he possibly can to bring down Donald Trump and we now know the sources and so on thanks to Dr. Jim Garrow and he’s with us now to continue the conversation about how this shadow government is working and Jim, we’re seeing the shadow government work here in California like we’ve never seen before and we’ve been talking about this and pounding on the table that’s exactly what they’ve been doing through a network of non-profit 501C3 and 501C4 organizations they seem to be legitimising themselves as the shadow government. And this is I think obviously a soft spot, of course the Obama administration recognized that the Tea Party could be in fact a threat to them that’s why they viewed them as a shadow government and went after them through the IRS. Isn’t that correct?
    Jim: Yeah that’s right, they took on all of the Tea Parties and started to strip away their 501C3 status and of course that was a huge error on their part because right away people were, it became something in the public eye as the news media had to actually acknowledge the fact that this was going on and therefore there was some legitimacy to the complaint coming forward from the Tea Party people.
    Back to this thing from The National Enquirer, I got this call out of the blue by the way. I’m never one to go after media at all. They called me and the guy identified himself and he said we know who you are so we’d like you to say, tell us what is really going on here? And of course the Flynn thing was just about to come out and… What is not in that article… I don’t know if your people read The Enquirer but what is not in here about Mike Flynn is very important. 

    Paul: Let’s hear it.
    Jim: What was being discussed in his phone call to Russia was the ring of paedophiles across the United States and reaching all the way into Russia and that I believe is what ended up stopping Mike Flynn. He touched the big nerve, the third rail, the super embarrassing third rail which is the very fact that there is in operation and it was covered over by the Obama administration, Brennan of course looking overseas and then within the FBI, covering over the fact of so many politicians, so many people who are left leaners, the Communists who were using children in their sexual escapades. So that I believe is the trigger that said to them we gotta get rid of Flynn because he’s now actually talking to the Russians about the problem they’re having and how it’s the same people going back and forward from Moscow through Amsterdam, and I’m saying that quite reasonably as there is a connection in Amsterdam, all the way to New York and Washington… 

Paul: And even touching the West Coast. 

Jim: And touching the West Coast. Of course you know about that and you know you’ve got your crazy Brown guy as Governor. These people are paedophiles.
    Paul: And that’s the big secret they don’t want out and in fact I’ve alluded to and you know we’re looking at this whole disaster out here with the Oroville dam situation as a huge national disaster potentially and a distraction, in my opinion in part from the paedophile busts that are going on down in Los Angeles. 474 people connected with sex trafficking. By the way it’s verified. It’s on our website. You can actually see the press conference by L.A. County Sheriff and other entities that legally went around and rounded up the usual suspects in paedophiia in Los Angeles. That was last week. So Jim, I think you’ve touched a nerve.
    Jim: Yes, I know we did. And of course Flynn is paying the price but you see Flynn made an error. Here’s why and let’s talk about the lie, the actual lie itself and you’re not hearing the actual facts of the issue. Where he lies was when Pence asked him about the investigations going on across the glove with respect to the paedophilia that was happening, he lied and said, “No, I do not know any of the people on the list” and unfortunately one of his friends is front and center on the list. So Flynn made a factual error. He knew one of them very well. I think the shock of it might have been the reason he kept his mouth shut. But in doing that with Pence, Pence had the list in front of him and knew what exactly was going on. Now you have never heard this on the mainstream media and you won’t but this whole thing has to do with the paedophile ring stretching all the way to Russia and through Amsterdam, I’m going to say Amsterdam again because those of you who know who is going back and forward to Amsterdam all of the time from your left coast of California, you may find that that governor has a lot of friends who are using that port of Amsterdam for their sexual perversion.
    Paul: Well the other thing too and of course we have San Francisco and the left people in San Francisco and Hollywood and by the way I know this intimately because I was trained by the Los Angeles Police Department Crimes Against Children’s Task Force and also L.A. County Sheriff members were part of the training and it’s that same task force that brought down these 474. Now that was back in the 1980s, this is how long it’s been going on and known and of course they were investigating paedophilia in Hollywood. That was their whole thing because that ring is just absolutely enormous and goes to Amsterdam all of the time. Friends of Jerry Brown by the way, Jerry we call him Jerry Dam Buster Brown because of his hatred towards dams because they preserve water but I digress. But the other part of it Jim, which I think is more important is this paedophile ring is enormous and I want to mention is Portugal one of the ports that people go to for paedophiles?
    Jim: Yeah, yeah they are.
    Paul: I find it very interesting that the Clintons always go to Portugal. That’s just a little side note I just thought I’d mention that one ladies and gentlemen and we know that because we know the manifestos and flight plans and so on of the Clintons movings. Just one of those little things that you hear about here on Agenda 21 Radio. You know when we get into this paedophile thing, this is an enormous bring down of governments isn’t it?
    Jim: It is, it is. If the public knew that their representatives, their legally elected representatives were involved in and I’m not going to point fingers at any particular people although, you know we now know about…
    Paul: Yeah, we know who they are…
    Jim: Yeah, we know some people and we know something is being done by Schumer and Gillibrand covering it over…
    Paul: Let me mention this, I just feel, I know how this investigation breaks and I can give you a lot of the details because I’m privy to that ladies and gentlemen having been in that world and understand it and been trained and am not going to do that. I know the names, we know the names they’re out there. I’m willing and I want to see this investigation go forward and it is going forward and it’s going forward quietly, silently but Jim, what happens in these investigations is you work your way up the food chain to the top people and that’s exactly what’s happening with those 474 that were arrested in Los Angeles. And other places in the country, you’ve got New York, you got Massachusetts, you got San Francisco…. This thing is starting to break out all over the place.
    Jim: Well let me predict something. Flynn will be back 

    Paul: Yes I believe so.

    Jim: He’s going to pay the price right now because he did something wrong and he lied, he lied to Pence. He had the list in front of him, he knew exactly who’d been listened to, who’d been caught in the listening. At the time he didn’t know that he had been caught being listened to by the CIA actually, listening to his conversations to the Russians. But it was legitimate investigation on his part following up what was going on.
    - Commercial break -
    Paul: Welcome back to Agenda 21 Radio. We’re with Dr. Jim Garrow and we’re talking about what was actually talked about between Michael Flynn and also the Russian diplomat.This was before Donald Trump took the oath of office. After the election he was conversing with him about, are you ready for this ladies and gentlemen, the international child paedophilia ring and exposing, not only paedophiles in government here in the United States of America - goes to the Congress, goes to the Senate, goes to the House, goes to many bureaucrats in Washington, California, Jerry Dam Buster Brown and others involving with this child paedophilia ring. This is a major story and Jim this is, I guess the cat is out of the bag big on this now.
    Jim: Well it is, as you know we’re talking about, I have talked about it with a number of senior CIA officers current and former, and police officials from all over the world, even Barcelona, Spain. I got a call from Chief of Police there wanting to know more details because they’d heard that…
    Paul: It’s huge there.
    Jim: Oh yeah and so what we have is though a sacrificial lamb at the moment. Mr. Flynn has taken the knife in the back and he’s doing the right thing. He did the right thing. Where he was wrong was not telling Mr. Pence the truth and I’m not sure why that happened. I’m really not sure. I know he had a friend on the list. He knew a name and I imagine he was quite embarrassed for people to know that he had a friend so deeply involved in the paedophile ring.
    Paul: I’m not going to make excuses. I understand how this goes because I’ve done a number of these investigations and been involved with this kind of stuff and when people first find out that their friends are involved with this, it’s a moment of shame. Big time shame. I’ll just saying on a personal basis I’m not making excuses for Michael Flynn ladies and gentlemen, that’s just not it. I’m just saying that from a human bean standpoint and especially if you’re being asked that question by somebody like Vice President Pence who by the way is a pretty straight shooter and if you don’t shoot straight back at him that’s going to be a problem. And those of you that are on the Left, you don’t understand the straight shooter business, that’s a big breach of confidentiality. It’s bigger than what you can imagine. That’s why it’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump fired him but was pretty obvious that what Michael Flynn was going to do was resign.
    Jim: Yeah, he had to resign of course but we’re in a position now where this may come out, I’m not sure how it will benefit the public to have it brought forward but I’m bringing it forward because you have to understand what’s going on across the the world, how large the paedophile ring is around the world and how important names are showing up on lists, and being heard and talked about in conversations by people like Mr. Flynn and his Russian Ambassador friend over there. There were other conversations but we’re not hearing about them but of course some of us know. And the reaction by the way has been absolute panic on the part of cover operatives all around the world and I’ve been getting, like I got 30 calls the day that Flynn resigned. I got 30 calls from all over the world asking me for details.
    Paul: You know this is amazing. People don’t understand and it’s really hard and I’ve been trying to educate the public about how big this is, the magnitude of this and there’s somebody that’s already been mentioned in this and that was somebody by Andrew Breitbart bringing out and exposing just before he was assassinated, exposing Podesta who is the Chief Counsel and assistant to Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    Jim: Well I’m happy you brought that out because how far reaching is this paedophile sickness? How far reaching is it? It is unbelievable in the depth to which it spreads and every country is involved in this thing. Every single country. The fact that it’s politicians who are key elements of the business community… And let me tell you this…
    Paul: Churches
    Jim: … You brought up Breitbart and I’m glad you brought up the fact that he was assassinated because he was about to blow the lid, he was about to blow the lid on the paedophiles that were surrounding the political who’s who in Washington.
    Paul: And at the time it was Obama that there was a focus on.
    Jim: Yes.
    Paul: Let’s not forgot this ladies and gentlemen. President Barack Hussein Obama is really a lot of who Andrew Breitbart at that time was referencing and he was doing another side reference and that was the whole thing with the political correctness, white privilege all that other stuff that they were talking about which is known as institutional racism and that whole thing and that was a big issue with him. But this whole thing, paedophilia, was a bigger one and Andrew was caught on YouTube. There’s a whole bunch of these YouTubes where he’s talking about this at C-PAC just before he was killed and he was going to bring this out. He was going to expose this information about the Obama administration protecting the paedophiles and being deeply involved with the paedophilia aspect of it. That’s why they’re trying so desperately to shut Trump up aren’t they?
    Jim: Yeah, absolutely and the reason why I brought it up racial profiling was because it was so easy to shut people up if you talked racism to stop anyone from doing further investigation or speaking about certain people of certain racial profiles. So there’s another aspect to this because you know of course Mr. Obama, he looks Black but he’s not, he’s more Arab than he is Black…
    Paul: He does not believe himself to be an African American but a Muslim. There’s an important distinction there ladies and gentlemen. He does not view himself as an African American or a Black man. He views himself as a Muslim. That’s a whole different thing.
    Jim: So the layering of this whole thing. The covering over of sick sexual practice is where this starts. Now if you think about this isn’t that what was rampant throughout the SS and the Nazi hierarchy?
    Paul: Jim we’re coming up to the end of the hour. We’ll definitely have to have you on again maybe in the next day or so because this is a story that’s not going away. We’re finally exposing and bringing to you, to light the paedophilia in government.
    - Commercial break -
    Paul: We’re back and Jim this is a major story of significant import isn’t it?
    Jim: Yeah it is and it’s something that all Americans should be embarrassed about for one thing but then get active in supporting people who are doing the right thing. Flynn actually inadvertently became a victim of his own prowess, his own ability to go to the source and do his job. So he gets caught caught talking he is then so embarrassed because he knows one of the guys on the list and then he lies and I’m not sure how that lie took place but of course Pence had no alternative but to tell Mr. Trump that he had just been lied to. So I wish I knew all of the details, I wish I had been a fly on the wall and heard exactly what was said - the exchange between Pence and him - but he got nailed but I see him coming back.
    Paul: Well and that would be the good thing that he would come back and of course so many people feel so strongly about that. It’s going to be kind of an interesting situation for the world leaders as more of this becomes exposed. Ladies and gentlemen we’re going to work our way up the food chain and let the investigators in these various towns and cities and communities around the United States and then the world. Let them do their investigation that’s the key thing don’t you think Jim?
    Jim: Yes absolutely. We need to see this thing brought to, the focus brought to bear on this thing. It is so rampant, it is so widespread. It is such an embarrassment and it’s hellish because it’s our children that our being victimised.
    Paul: That’s the thing is that again, ladies and gentlemen, I used to work with kids for 41 years and Jim you worked with kids all your life as well. You get what this is all about and one of the things that will probably be yielded in the investigation is Hilary Clinton and her using children as collateral for various things and her transgressions as Secretary of State.
    Jim: Yeah I absolutely agree. This is so widespread, it’s a huge embarrassment… I am so happy though that some of this is going to come out. It has to come out and Flynn will be shown to have been… You know he shouldn’t have lied but he did so he pays the price but he should be brought back in because he was doing excellent work. Leading edge work in nailing these paedophiles
    Paul: Well Jim thank you very much for being withus on Agenda 21 Radio. We’re definitely going to stay in touch over the course of the week and get this information out. I know that things are going crazy on my website right now and listening to us on Red Sea Talk Radio.
    "Remember stay strong America. Stay strong. We are exceptional Americans." - Paul Preston

    Bill and Hillary Clinton with former Portugese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva and his wife Maria Alves da Silva.

    EDIT additional information - Februry 21, 2017:
    2003 Written Question to EU Council about Portuguese Politicians in Paedophile Rings
    Posted on 2017, February, 19 by cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

    High Level paedophile network in Portugal, that involved high society and politicians. No doubt many were not even tried, but here is a question from teh EU council about it in 2003 and an article about it after the trial in 2011 Jerome Taylor Guilty after six-year trial, Portugal’s high-society paedophile ring [3] Needs more research to pull together more links and details, if anyone does please leave in comments or write to

    Original post: February 21, 2017
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    Youtube Video

    Heckler Interrupts Bill and Hillary’s Kickoff Snoozefest — Screaming, “Bill this is Boring! Talk About Jeffrey Epstein!” (VIDEO)

    April 13, 2019, 3:31 pm by Jim Hoft 310 Comments

    A heckler in the first row interrupted the kickoff of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s national speaking tour and snoozefest.

    The heckler accused the Clintons of being “boring” before being hauled off by security.

    The heckler was screaming at Bill Clinton about Jeffrey Epstein before he was dragged off.

    Youtube Video

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    Obama needs to be investigated, his records unsealed, and his security clearance revoked.


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    This was far more then a Sex Cult / Pedophile Operation... they used it to Blackmail people and then Bundle big bucks to fund they're operations ...this is far bigger than Money Laundering and Racketeering... this is going to break bad fast... former presidents are now committing suicide... expect more to come

    News7 hours ago
    COURT DOCS: Prosecutors Ask To Present Evidence That NXIVM Sex Cult Leaders Illegally Bundled Money For Hillary Clinton Campaign

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    NXIVM Sex-Cult Prosecutors Have Evidence Of Illegal Clinton Campaign Contributions For "Political Influence"

    "to advance their own agenda..."

    Wed, 04/17/2019 - 21:40

    US Attorney Richard Donoghue asked a federal judge last month for permission to present a mountain of new evidence in the NXIVM sex-cult trial - including evidence of an "illegal scheme to exceed contribution limits to a presidential primary campaign," in the "hopes of obtaining political influence to advance their own agenda," according to a March court filing.
    "At the suggestion of a political operative, who has since pleaded guilty to an unrelated New York state bribery charge also involving campaign contributions, the contributions were “bundled” and presented to the candidate at a fundraising event attended by conspirators," the filing continues.

    And whose "presidential primary campaign" did the group allegedly attempt to buy influence with?
    None other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to former NXIVM publicist-turned-whistleblower Frank Parlato, who told Big League Politics "I was there, and I knew that the contributions were made by more than a dozen NXIVM members to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign."
    At present, the judge overseeing the case has not responded on the case docket.

    Founded by accused pedophile Keith Raniere, NXIVM started out as a multi-level-marketing self-help business for people who wanted to "reach their potential" through various courses.

    NXIVM's Clinton connections have been known for some time
    After being run out of Arkansas in the early '90s by then-Governor Bill Clinton's attorney general on charges of fraud and business deception, Raniere and NXIVM executives emerged a decade later only to donate $29,900 to Hillary Clinton's 2006 presidential campaign a decade later. At least three NXIVM officials are (or were) "invitation-only" members of the Clinton Global Initiative, according to the New York Post.
    Meanwhile, NXIVM's 'inner sanctum' turns out to have been sex-cult known as 'DOS' - which Parletto says stands for "dominus obsequious sororium," or "master over the slave women."

    A 2009 photo of Raniere in Albany, New York, where Mack bought a house to be closer to the Nxivm founder. Raniere's inner cadre included Seagrams heiresses Clare and Sara bronfman, who joined NXIVM in 2002 and subsequently contributed $150 million of their inheritance to the organization, while Claire bought 80% of Wakaya island off the coast of Fiji for $47 million in 2016, according to Vanity Fair.
    Female members of DOS - such as former Smallville actress Allison Mack, would procure women for Raniere - who required that prospective "slaves" upload compromising collateral into a Dropbox account. One such recruit-turned-coach was India Oxenberg - daughter of Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg, who met with prosecutors in New York in late 2017 to present evidence against Raniere.

    Allison Mack​​​​
    Raniere and Mack were arrested on federal charges which include sex trafficking, forced labor, wire fraud conspiracy, human trafficking and other counts. Most recently, Raniere was accused of having sex with children and producing kiddie porn, to which he has pleaded not guilty.
    Mack - who allegedly held the second-most-senior position in NXIVM, pleaded guilty earlier this month to racketeering charges and manipulating women into becoming sex slaves."I believed Keith Raniere's intentions were to help people, and I was wrong," a tearful Mack told a Brooklyn judge. "I know I can and will be a better person," she added.
    Prior to his death, Clare and Sara's father, Seagrams founder and former president of the World Jewish Congress Edgar Bronfman (whose funeral Hillary Clinton spoke at), told Vanity Fair of NXIVM "I think it's a cult."

    Edgar Bronfman Sr. receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton in 1999
    A cult which tried to buy favor with Hillary Clinton, allegedly.
    (March filing below, P. 24)

    MKM:MKP/TH/MJL/KMT F. #2017R01840 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - X UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - against - KEITH RANIERE, CLARE BRONFMAN, ALLISON MACK, KATHY RUSSELL, LAUREN SALZMAN and NANCY SALZMAN, Defendants. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - X Docket No. 18-204 (S-1) (NGG) (VNS) MEMORANDUM OF LAW IN SUPPORT OF THE

    UNITED STATES ATTORNEY Eastern District of New York 271 Cadman Plaza East Brooklyn, New York 11201 Moira Kim Penza Tanya Hajjar Mark J. Lesko Kevin Trowel Assistant U.S. Attorneys (Of Counsel)
    Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 414 Filed 03/13/19 Page 1 of 43 PageID #: 4019

    Full case available at the page link
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