Unemployed Immigrant On Welfare Brags of Building Home In His Native Land With The “Free Money”

Move over, welfare queens, clamoring it’s someone’s responsibility to pay for your fifteen kids! (Click here for that one!) A new welfare king has been crowned! The advantage he has over you, is that he can send his benefits back to the third world dump he came from where it is worth even more. That’s exactly what he’s doing, and he’s building a brand new home with the money, and actually bragging about it!

His name is Ian Lazer and he is a Romanian who fled to London to take advantage of England’s insanely liberal welfare system, where you are actually paid benefits for your children who don’t even reside in England! Yes, that’s right, and America is well on her way to the same bloody nightmares with this Obama guy doing what he wants with his pen and telephone, completely overstepping congress.
Anyway, Lazer does not work. He claims to collect recyclables, but boasts of not having to work, because the U.K. gives him 1700 pounds a month in welfare benefits. As of the writing of this article, that converts to approximately $2,646. Now, he can send that back to Romania where it’s worth 9,533 Romanian Leu, otherwise, a small fortune! And he gets it every monthHave a look at the construction of his new house. Oh, and when asked for comment, he said, “Thank you, England!”

My £60,000 in benefits helped build my house: Romanian migrant boasts handouts from the UK have helped him construct home for wife and children in his homeland

  • Ion Lazar says handouts are funding the property in a Romanian village
  • The 36-year-old said: 'It's like free money, thank you England'
  • The part-time scrap metal dealer receives £1,700 in benefits a month

By Sam Webb for MailOnline

Published: 22:55 EST, 7 December 2014 | Updated: 05:22 EST, 8 December 2014

A Roma gypsy says he is using the £60,000 he has received in benefits to create a lavish house in his homeland.
Ion Lazar boasts that British handouts are funding the refurbishment of the property in the village of Argetoaia in southern Romania.
He said: 'I know the benefit I can make very easily in England. It's coming in benefits. It's like free money, thank you England.'
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Scandal: Ion Lazer, outside his house in Romania which he is rebuilding with money taken in British benefits

Proud: Mr Lazar surveys his family home in the village of Argetoaia in southern Romania

Mr Lazar, 36, a part-time self-employed scrap metal collector in London, pays no tax as he earns so little and claims £1,700 a month in welfare. The father-of-three's comments will feature in a Channel 5 documentary to be shown this week.
Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe is furious about the revelation.

He told the Daily Express: 'This is further proof of the national scandal of the abuse of our benefits system caused by our open-door migration policy with the EU.

'We should ban all benefits to immigrants until they have contributed through taxation for at least five years.'
Mr Lazar came to the Britain with five other immigrants when the work restrictions on Romanians were lifted in January.

Mr Lazar came to the Britain with five other immigrants when the work restrictions on Romanians were lifted in January

Channel 5's 'Benefits Britain: Life On the Dole' series 2 trailer

In April he appeared in another Channel 5 documentary which followed the lives of Roma gipsies in Britain.
In it he admits he is just planning to stash his benefits to take home to his family in Romania.
He added: 'I know it's very, very easy to take benefits in England… She's give me home free, she's give me money free, she's give me everything.'

David Cameron announced last week that he would ban migrants from claiming benefits for four years after moving to Britain.
But he failed to include a controversial 'emergency break' on migration if the benefit cuts did not lead to a fall in the number of EU workers moving to the UK.

This weekend Labour MP Frank Field warned the debate about immigration in the UK will become 'very nasty' if politicians ignore concerns about the pressures being placed on public services in a time of austerity.

Former minister Mr Field, who co-chairs the cross-party Balanced Migration group, said politicians should be 'tough on the causes of migration' - echoing former prime minister Tony Blair's vow on tackling crime.

Benefits Britain: Life on the Dole is on Channel 5, 9pm Wednesday.
Trailer for the series Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole

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