US Ambassador to UN: ‘We Have Exhausted the Alternatives’ to Military Action

Posted on September 6, 2013 by BMartin1776

For those who don’t know Samantha Power is also known as Mrs. Cass Sunstein! Sunstein is former obama regime regulatory czar responsible for all those wonderful rules and regulations that have been rammed down our throats over the last couple yearsnudging us into fundamental transformation! It leaves you wondering how many he left for someone else to continue?! But that story is for another day.

Power was responsible for getting the US involved in Libya last year and of course being a friend to the regime she was appointed US Ambassador to the UN. His majesty gave her more power and influence where we see an example of it here.

The Syrian civil war has been going on for couple years and no one really seemed to give a crap up until maybe the last year. Now that chemical weapons have been used everyone cares, but we still don’t know who used them! That won’t stop her from putting pressure on the UN who will put pressure on the US to act against Assad!

Power claims they “have exhausted the alternatives” I find this hard to believe after only a short time. The US got hit on 9/11 “we” didn’t go into Iraq until 2003 after Saddam refused to cooperate with the world body. I haven’t heard nor seen anything similar to attempts made with Iraq to comply taking place with Assad in Syria. I’ve heard of no pressure coming from Russia, China, the Arab League, various EU nations etc to get Assad to step down. Up until the chemical weapons were used let’s be honest no one cared! It’s like only trying a few times and throwing your hands up in the air. You know what she is doing here is a lot in the spirit of her husband, Cass Sunstein, to attack Syria, because there are no more options… nudging us into war! Why not put pressure on Iran to get Assad to step down? Let’s put some sanctions on them since Tehran is more than likely calling the shots anyway!

So what is one left to conclude from this statement Power makes? The same one I have been saying as of late, that this regime and all the progressives WANT TO START a regional war in the middle east which could potentially lead to World War. This is all about money and power, always is always will be and it’s been that way since the beginning of time!

Cass Sunstein is the Crack Head That Wants Depopulation of the EARTH - Thats why this CRACK HEAD is Pushing America Into WWIII