The Foreign Agents Registration Act was drafted in 1938 in the Franklin Roosevelt Administration to curb German influence in US politics. It is only randomly enforced, and usually via a warning for

the violators to register as agents of "foreign principals." Typically these are people representing the interests of foreign governmental entities. But "principal" is broadly defined to include businesses, individuals and combinations of individuals.

It may be true that the large organizations representing ethnic groups or illegal aliens have lobbyists who are registered. However, how does grassroots organization affect this? When they unleash thousands of persons---either illegal themselves or lobbying on behalf of illegals--it gives them a much stronger voice than e few lobbyists would have. It makes it appear as those a large portion of the citizenry is advocating a position.

In 2008, Senators Schumer. McCaskill and Obama complained to the US DOJ that a large number of Jewish US citizens were lobbying US officials on behalf of Israeli interests. Just this summer other Democrat politicians have voiced interest in the FARA, plus the Paul Manafort case has raised some high level concerns. The DOJ is slowly taking a more active role in enforcing this Act.

There may be a number of groups advocating for illegal aliens who have no registered lobbyists at all, leastwise ones known to be representing foreign persons. You can contact the US DOJ regarding this:

Ask for enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act on those who are advocating for any illegal alien. Since these people have no authorized admission it is only right to consider them foreign persons, and the purpose of the FARA law is to restrict foreign influence on governmental officials. It is intended to direct such lobbying into only appropriate channels.