Utah's Love Affair With Political Psychopaths

Gary Herbert

Its amazing what you can get away with in a state void of any independent media. Just ask Governor Gary Herbert, who:

1. Took an $82,500 campaign donation for a billion dollar highway project.

2. Paid $13 million Utah tax-dollars to the campaign donor's competitor for whining after the bids were altered and he ended up losing. So much for the lowest and best.

3. Just called a special session of the legislature, sure to cost another $100,000 of Utah tax-dollars, so they can retract a bill he should have vetoed in the first place, but didn't.

4. Attempted to shut down all public access to government records that might implicate him in some future scandal.

Political Psychopaths don't feel the same range of emotions that normal people experience. They can only experience fear, greed and the occasional elation when they find out they got away with another crime at the public expense. Absent are normal emotions like remorse, shame, and the feeling of accomplishment that awaits those that know they put more into public service than they took out.

In a state where the Mormon Church has the political clout to force through a bunch of unconstitutional amnesty laws for illegal immigrants, one has to wonder why they won't put forth the same effort to cleanse the state from the filthy stench of political corruption.

Instead, the Mormon owned newspaper acts like a toothless old hag begging for someone else to chew her unsavory food. Deferring her moral authority to such worthless organizations as the Sutherland Institute, which by the way, took over $40,000 from the Illuminati cheerleaders over at the Cato Institute (Source). The Deseret News always prefaces the Sutherland Institute with the words "very conservative". This is an attempt to explain something to someone that would never be able to arrive at that conclusion on their own.

The Cato Institute, by the way, is not what most of you would call conservative:

"Other positions advocated by Cato scholars include immigration reform, an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, reduced military spending, enhanced civil liberties, drug legalization, and equal rights for gays and lesbians." (Source)

Yet it appears that the Sutherland Institute is the most Conservative influence the Deseret Newspaper can drudge up for its articles. Mormons might be interested in knowing some of the other objectives of the Cato Institute:

"R.J. Reynolds (RJR) in a September 2000 document also names Cato Institute as an organization the company could rely upon to help the tobacco industry "shift the debate and framework under which cigarette-related issues are evaluated in the future." In the document, titled "Reframing the Debate Communications Plan," RJR states, "Work with CATO Institute ... to empanel a group to debate legality and future management of cigarette industry. Open forum to media (pitch C- SPAN coverage); issue press release and transcript of remarks to media not in attendance." A subsequent part of the plan says RJR could help sustain public interest in their points of view by encouraging Cato Institute to send [pro-tobacco] columns to the national media." (Ibid)

Even more unsettling is Cato's role in loosening laws against illegal immigration:

"Cato staff have angered some conservative activists by strongly advocating the liberalization of immigration laws. The Cato Handbook calls for expanded immigration quotas and new visa programs for low-skilled as well as high-skilled workers, and for allowing more refugees to enter. The handbook speaks approvingly of a policy of "immigration yes, welfare no" that resolves the tension between low-skilled immigration and the welfare state not by keeping immigrants out, but by letting them in and making them "ineligible for public assistance." It also characterizes the issues of "immigrant welfare use" as "often overstated."

Here is a list of Cato Institute major donors:

* Altria (the report identifies Altria Corporate Services
as the contributor)
* American Petroleum Institute
* Amerisure Companies
* Amgen
* Chicago Mercantile Exchange
* Comcast Corporation
* Consumer Electronic Association
* Ebay Inc
* ExxonMobil
* FedEx Corporation
* Freedom Communications
* General Motors
* Honda North America
* Korea International Trade Association
* Microsoft
* National Association of Software and Service Companies
* Pepco Holdings Inc.
* R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
* TimeWarner
* Toyota Motor Corporation
* UST Inc
* Verisign
* Verizon Communications
* Visa USA Inc
* Volkswagen of America
* Wal-Mart Stores (Ibid)

Cato is just another Elite front and so is the Sutherland Institute, which is nothing more than a spokesperson for the Cato Institute of Illuminati Ignoramuses. Note to crooked politicians, join the Mormon Church, run for office as a Utah Republican, and you too can have a license to steal.

As soon as the current corrupter in chief resigns, largely as a result of this article, and no thanks to the Mormon Church, the Deseret News or the "very conservative" Sutherland Institute, you might even become the next Utah Governor.

http://www.moneyteachers.org/Utah+Loves ... opaths.htm

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