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    VA elections for state legislature will send a message natio

    I received this e-mail from Numbers USA. I live in Fairfax County, so I was surprised to find out that our elections were that important. But, my husband and I had already planned to vote, and we're ready to boot out every politition that favors illegal immigration. Hopefully the rest of Virginia will too!

    P.S. We can't wait to get rid of Gerry Connolly!!!

    From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
    Date: Friday 2NOV07 9:30 p.m. EDT

    VA elections for state legislature will send a message nationwide -- What will it be?


    Because of its proximity to the center of the national media -- and because of spirited public debate among local officials -- Virginia's election on Tuesday is being touted as an immigration barometer for the nation.

    Who controls the Virginia legislature after the election will be seen as a sign of how potent immigration is as a political issue and whether the public's opposition to illegal immigration is strong enough to influence elections.

    As you know, we at NumbersUSA are non-partisan and do not endorse candidates or political parties. We also understand that voters weigh many considerations when deciding whom to back as a candidate. It is important for all of us to know the issues and which candidates, R's, D's or Independents, will fight for sensible immigration reform and enforcement of existing law. This past year it has become increasingly clear that the immigration debate and enforcement of immigration law has moved in large measure from the national to the state and local level. Therefore, for the first time local elections are turning on the immigration issue.

    Voters in the State of Virginia have real choices to make on Tuesday, Nov 6 - choices that will determine whether or not the State of Virginia becomes a de-facto sanctuary state for illegal aliens or one of the least hospitable of states for immigration lawbreakers.

    Governor Tim Kaine has refused to enlist the state of Virginia in participating with the 287g program, which would make it possible for state law enforcement to detain illegal alien criminals until they can be picked up by Federal ICE agents, despite the fact that Virginia Attorney General Robert McDonnell has endorsed the plan and repeatedly requested that the Governor do so.

    Some candidates support in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Some oppose it. Some candidates are clear and outspoken on the issue. Some candidates try to avoid it altogether.

    It is vitally important that you find out the position of each candidate on the issue of illegal immigration - whether that candidate be for Sheriff, City Council, County Commission, Mayor, State Delegate or State Senator. And once you have determined which candidate will most effectively deal with the illegal immigration crisis it is vitally important to VOTE on Nov 6th AND to make sure all your friends and colleagues who are concerned with this isssue VOTE as well.

    Bottom line - you can make a difference. It is up to the citizens of Virginia to decide whether Virginia's population of illegal aliens will continue to increase with all the attendant socio-economic problems it brings, or whether the illegal growth will be halted and the illegal population begin to decline.

    The national media are touting the contest for control of the Virginia legislature as a fight between get-tough local enforcement (Republicans) and hands-off protections for illegals (Democrats).

    This is because state Republican leaders have pledged their whole party to using the next term of the legislature to make Virginia as inhospitable toward illegal aliens as have Oklahoma, Georgia and a few other states. (See the GOP platform below.)

    Although there are some decent enforcement sounds coming out of some of the state's Democrats, the primary message from high-profile Virginia Democrats unfortunately has been to protect illegal aliens.

    The media's profile of Virginia Democrats is that of the Democratic leaders of Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax Counties who have recently adopted policies of hostility toward counties trying to enforce immigration laws. See these Democratic positions below. These Democratic-led counties prohibit their police from turning illegal aliens over to the feds unless they have been CONVICTED of a serious crime. Democrat Walter Tejada, running for re-election to the Arlington Board and probably the next chairman, has said that cracking down on illegal immigration “is government-sanctioned xenophobia at its very ugliest.
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    you got a pm!

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    Top Virginia Republican leaders have pledged that their Party next year will legislate the following if they are allowed to keep control of the legislature:
    If they were in control why did they not do it then. This fence sitting in order to get votes has baffeled me for some time. If you didnt perform why should you stay in office.

    Why must we as Americans have to pucker up every time we head to the voting booth.
    Life is a ***** dont vote for one.

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    Spread the word-------get as many people to go to the polls as possible!!!!
    "We call things racism just to get attention. We reduce complicated problems to racism, not because it is racism, but because it works." --- Alfredo Gutierrez, political consultant.

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    GO VIRGINIA!!! PLEASE boot out this Tejada idiot most of all . . . He is an El Salvadoran ... and I wonder if he's even legal himself!

    I have high hopes, but I'm pensive ...the Arlington liberal elites will have no one to mow their lawns, nanny their children, or clean their homes . . . believe me, they USE these people, for all they're worth around here.

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