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    Varney: Give Americans coronavirus relief first

    The cost of being a welfare state ‘was catching up with sanctuary states before the virus’

    3 hrs ago
    By Catie Perry FOXBusiness

    FOX Business’ Stuart Varney, in his latest “My Take,” argues the coronavirus shouldn’t be an excuse to bailout sanctuary states with pre-existing budget issues.

    “In California, illegals can now register to receive $500 in emergency state aid,” Varney said. “It’s limited to $1,000 per household. The initial cost is about $125 million. In Seattle, the city council passed a resolution asking for $100 million to help illegals.”

    Varney said states and cities that offered a safe haven for immigrants now want the rest of the country to “pay up.”

    “The cost of being a welfare state to the world was catching up with sanctuary states before the virus shut everyone down,” he said. “Now the costs are rising. What should we do?”

    Varney noted that Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., introduced the No Bailouts for Illegal Aliens Act.

    “Under it, there's no federal aid to any state that gives special assistance to illegals,” Varney said. “That would really throw a wrench into the whole sanctuary movement.”

    Varney also noted that the opposite is happening in California.

    “Gov. Newsom says he will lay off firefighters and police officers first if aid from the feds is not forthcoming!” he said. “Pure political posturing here. Newsom would lay off first responders first to inflict maximum pain to show how wicked it is to refuse a state in pain!”

    Varney believes this is similar to the pension crisis, where some states have financial trouble due to their own “mismanagement” and then use the virus as a chance to ask for a bailout.

    “That’s what Illinois is doing,” Varney said. “And now, California demands federal money to bail out its sanctuary.”

    Varney said this raises the question: What is the priority?

    “In my opinion, take care of Americans first and take care of virus-related problems first,” he said. “Then, when the economy recovers, the states can take care of the problems they created: pensions and sanctuaries. Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
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    $125 MILLION that should be used on the MASSIVE homeless problem in California!

    Send these illegal aliens home, they need to go to work and fix their own country.


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