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    Victims of Illegal Alien Crime - I need some help

    Most of you are aware of Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

    This is the only publicly accessible database in the US collecting and archiving serious illegal alien crime. It also has the biggest number (~400) of crimes archived. 2-5 times more than the simple lists.

    I need some help.

    What you see on the website is Phase 1, which took over six months to do. The data base is now up and functional and you can search by names, crime types, state, etc. If you want to be really ticked off, sort by sexual crimes and see what is happening to the children all across America.

    We are now ready to go to Phase 2 and have information on another 2,000 or so victims waiting to be verified and added to the data base. However, before that can happen we have to finish off the data base with more crime elements and develope a full statistical presentation of crimes in the data base by various categories such as "Children 6 and under raped by an illegal alien" "People killed by a drunk driving illegal alien with previous DUIs," "Women raped by a previously deported illegal alien" etc.

    Unfortunately we lost our working-for-almost-nothing database guy who decided he needed to be going to law school.

    I need some HELP from somebody with some significant experience and skill putting a big relational database on the web. I either need somebody to do it for not much more than the personal satisfaction of doing what the GOVT isn't - report crimes committed by illegal aliens - or I need somebody to give me a free estimate on the cost of doing so I can then go find somebody to fund doing it.

    If you can help out, please send me a private message. I have the VOIAC Phase 2 presentation and functionality thoroughly documented and can send you the requirements. It is bascially what you see on the existing site with LOTS more stuff on the Report Crime form and with a statistical page summarizing the elements in the data base by most of the various categories.

    In Phase 2, we will also need patriots to:

    Research and report illegal alien crime in your local area or state to VOIAC. You or your organization will get credit for the submittals with a by-line, similar to a MSM reporter, who generally don't report crimes committed by illegal aliens. This often requires some investigative effort for some of the "looks like a duck, walks like a duck..." perpetrators. A simple crime takes about 5 minutes to report. Tougher ones take up to an hour or so of researching and then 5 minutes of submitting. The reason for this is that all crimes in VOIAC must have a reasonable level of documentation that the perp is an illegal alien.

    Contact victims and the family of victims to interview and write a detailed personal story on the impact of illegal immigration on their family. (This is very hard to do, especially if you or someone in your family hasn't been a victim.)

    Organize a national Illegal Alien Crime Victim's Voice advocacy group. (This needs to be done by a victim or their family.)

    Create video stories on crimes and interview victims and their families for posting on U-tube with a link from the crime report in VOIAC.

    Create poignat videos on various aspects of illegal alien crimes by various categories in VOIAC (without using unauthorized copyrighted music.).

    Make personal "Their Blood is on YOUR Hands" posters for every traitor in Congress and your state government. (I can send you an example.)

    With your help, VOIAC Phase 2 has the potential to put an end to the "family values, undocumented immigrants only here to do the work Americans won't do" blather.

    If you are interested in helping out in any of these areas, please send me a personal message.

    Finally, if you are interested in helping fund VOIAC at any level, please contact me. VOIAC is part of a tax free organization so your donations will be tax deductable - at least for a while longer, given what is happening in WDC.

    After viewing VOIAC as-is, suggestions or comments for Phase 2?

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    Call me please, any hour is fine

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    That site is looking great PFWAG!
    Were you going to send it out to our memebers in Congress and local and state government?

    Good luck in your search for someone familiar with the computer operating systems.

    Maybe W.(ALIPAC) can help you there.
    "When you have knowledge,you have a responsibility to do better"_ Paula Johnson

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    uniteasone: No. VOIAC is an open, public data base that provides you with detailed, verified, and searchable information on serious crimes committed by illegal aliens.

    Clever and creative people can then take the data and then do some interesting things with it. I'm not necessarily that clever, and for sure am not that creative, but if you send me a private message I'll send you a poster that I did. I currently have one for the following traitors: Senators McCain and Reid, and Representatives Conyers Jr, Scott, Nadler, and Lofgren.

    Whole I can't do one for all the members of Congress, or your State Govt, I can do a few more on special request, especially if you can send me the traitor's picture.

    The posters are done in VISIO if anybody has the program and would like to make some of their own.

    If I knew how to stick one on here I would but I don't and don't have time to screw around figuring it out. Maybe somebody else could post one. They are in VISIO to WORD to a PDF. (I don't have a VISIO to pdf converter.)

    Does anybody know what the charge would be if you get arrested sticking a "Most Wanted" poster on a traitors' Congressional Office building office door? I wonder if the ACLU would take the case?

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    Good work!
    Big Business wants cheap labor,
    Politicians want more votes.
    Americans just want a job that pays a living wage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paidmytaxes

    i never understood why none of the victim's families sued their state for aiding and abetting illegals. i often wished there was a way to sue Casa of Maryland in my state. they use MY tax dollars to aid & abet illegal aliens, help them find jobs, and help bail them out of jail with MY tax dollars. seems like the citizens of maryland should be able to sue.......
    Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented worker" is like calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist"........

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