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Thread: Vote And Pray Today

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    Vote And Pray Today

    Vote And Pray Today

    Joseph Farah, November 8,2016

    There’s not much more that can be said or reported that will make a difference today in the future of America.

    Only two things can really shape the outcome of the most important presidential election in American history – and I don’t exaggerate one bit.

    It’s time to vote. And it’s time to pray.

    What faces us is a choice as clear as good and evil, day and night, black and white.

    On the one hand, Hillary Clinton is, without question, the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. To make matters worse, she has nothing but contempt for America and the best interests of only herself in mind.

    The scandals in which she has been engulfed throughout her career can no longer be numbered, cataloged, indexed. It would take volumes, gigabytes, a legion of prosecutors.

    And, at the end of the day, for many of her supporters – paid off, self-interested, dishonest, corrupt themselves – it probably wouldn’t make a difference.

    On the other hand, there’s Donald Trump, hardly a perfect candidate, but one whose motivations for turning America around seem pure. He’s energetic, enthusiastic, healthy and up to any challenge.

    We’ve seen political miracles happen before. We saw one just a few months ago in Great Britain, which, apparently, still has enough citizens who want to see it great, again.

    How about us?

    I voted early. My wife voted early. We hope our votes in one of those “swing states” will be for the winning side.

    In my estimation, it would be sinful not to vote for Donald Trump – an inaction that would hold the rule of law in contempt, defy the spirit of equal justice and ignore the sacrifice of virtuous and courageous Americans of the past 240 years.

    Now, all we can do is pray for a good outcome. And I would sincerely ask everyone who reads this column to join me in deep, sincere prayer:

    Holy Father, let it not be said of this generation of Americans what you spoke through the prophet Hosea: “They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not.” Instead, let it be said of this generation of Americans that we recognized the grievous errors of our way and submitted our sincere and humble petitions for repentance – seeking your will in everything we do, including the election of our own kings and princes.

    We beseech you, Lord, to give wisdom to the fools and clarity to confused as they cast votes for leadership in America today that will help our country turn away from its surrender to sin, folly, greed, corruption, injustice, violence and death.

    We ask you to shine the light on the evildoers and bring them down.

    We beg you to give us another chance to save the nation that has modeled itself after the lessons we learned through your Word about your own beloved and beautiful land of Israel. Judge harshly those in power in our country who would turn their backs on the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their physical and spiritual descendants.

    You have done mighty works to reveal yourself throughout history. We ask you to do it, again, today in America – not because we deserve it, but for your own glory and for the benefit of your saints.

    We need a miracle today, Father, and without your Spirit moving, we’re told this election can go either way. Help us to escape the wrath that will inevitably follow the wrong choice. You hate unequal weights and measures. You hate cheating. Use your sovereign power to stifle those who would decide this election through fraud and deceit, lies and subterfuge.

    We praise you and express our love and gratitude, Father, for all you have done for us and our nation in the past – all the blessings you have bestowed upon us, more than we can count.

    In the name of Jesus-Yeshua, we thank you for delivering us from the shadow of death.
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    Matthew 19:26
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    I voted today. They've done away with the voting machines here. They scan the paper ballot that I guess records my votes. Last time I voted last election which was mid-term, they were still using machines to vote, not just scan and count. Not sure why the change, but change there was, don't know if the problems are more with the voting machines or the paper ballot scanners that count the votes, hope all went well and our votes are counted properly.
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    I filled out a paper ballot, then feed it into a machine. I hope they catch all those who cheat!

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