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Thread: We are told that Donald Trump is not the answer

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    We are told that Donald Trump is not the answer

    We are told by some that Donald Trump is not the answer to our nation’s problems. But, is it not a fact that these problems are suicidal in nature, like the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration's open border agenda and flooding our nation with the poverty stricken and destitute populations of other countries? Is it not reasonable to think this open border policy is intentionally designed to weaken and destroy America from within?

    I do not know how some arrive at the conclusion that Trump is not the “answer”, but from where I stand I know what to expect from Hillary Clinton ___ a continuance of Obama's open border policy; the importation of hundreds of thousands of "refugees" from Islamic controlled countries; America's unemployment rate skyrocketing while earned wages being depressed because of unfettered immigration; the appointment of judges and Justices who will use their office to impose their personal sense of fairness, reasonableness, or justice in defiance of our written Constitution and its documented legislative intent; an expansion of free government cheese while our national debt will increase to pay for it; and the suicidal list goes on and on.

    As to Donald Trump, not being the “answer”, I can truthfully say neither I nor those who claim he is not the “answer” can accurately predict what he will do if elected president. But we do know what Hillary will do and is spells the end of America as a constitutionally limited system of government.


    "The public welfare demands that constitutional cases must be decided according to the terms of the Constitution itself, and not according to judges' views of fairness, reasonableness, or justice." -- Justice Hugo L. Black ( U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1886 - 1971) Source: Lecture, Columbia University, 1968

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    I am not voting against Clinton, I am voting for Trump and for only one reason: Because of what he says he is going to do about illegal immigration. He is going to confront our immigration problems.

    I also like what he has to say about NATO and his friendly overtures to Russia.

    When Cruz and Rubio still imagined they had a shot at the Republican nomination, I took the stand that I would vote for Clinton rather than see Cruz or Rubio anywhere near the presidency. I would definitely have voted against Cruz or Rubio.
    Support ALIPAC'sFIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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