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    Wetumpka Tea Party Leader Slams Mitch McConnell Group for Deceptively Editing Video

    Exclusive: Wetumpka Tea Party Leader Slams Mitch McConnell Group for Deceptively Editing Video from Event to Attack Roy Moore


    by MATTHEW BOYLE19 Sep 2017Montgomery, AL

    MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Becky Gerritson, the president of the Wetumpka Tea Party in Wetumpka, Alabama, just outside Montgomery here, has a message for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s PAC Senate Leadership Fund: Stop deceptively editing videos to attack conservative Judge Roy Moore.

    Last week, Senate Leadership Fund was caught splicing together videos from two separate events in an out of context manner—in other words deceptively editing videos—to make it appear as though Judge Moore does not support President Donald Trump’s planned border wall. Not just Breitbart News, but PolitiFact too, has called out the McConnell-affiliated organization for the attack ads.

    Of course, such attacks not only are untrue but they hurt President Trump and his agenda because they falsely suggest division between him and the GOP frontrunner for the nomination for the U.S. Senate in Alabama’s special election to succeed Jeff Sessions, now Trump’s attorney general.

    Gerritson is speaking out, now, calling on Alabamians to reject McConnell’s underhanded tactics that hurt the Republican Party and likely eventual nominee for the U.S. Senate.

    “The Swamp’s fervor continues to bubble up in Alabama,” Gerritson told Breitbart News exclusively in response to the falsified attack ads. “Mitch McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) have released a new ad for their ‘chosen one’, ‘Big Luther’ Strange. Rather than focusing on the “positive qualities” of their candidate they, once again, have resorted to using their opponent’s words out of context to create a lie. This is the Swamp’s modus operandi and Big Luther is perfectly fine with it. These are the tactics that Americans loath. We detest being lied to by politicians. That’s part of the reason they have such horrendous approval ratings. The SLF’s latest attack ad tries to make Alabama voters believe that Judge Roy Moore is against border security and President Trump’s border wall. What a joke! I am the founder and President of the Wetumpka TEA Party, the largest and most active TEA Party in the state of Alabama. Over 300 people attended our July 31st Senate Candidate Forum. Never once did Judge Roy Moore state directly or even allude to not wanting to secure our borders. In their attack ad they use one line that Moore said at our event, ‘I don’t think it would take a wall.’

    However, it was taken out of context. In his complete answer he states two times that he supports a border wall and he also expounds on other ways to prevent illegal aliens from entering our country unlawfully. It’s obvious that neither the SLF nor Sen. Strange care about the truth. Luther is losing in the polls so the DC Swamp has nothing left to do but create lies and fear in order to try to turn voters to their side. Well, guess what Mitch and Luther…we’re not buying it!”

    Gerritson said she is “astounded” that Strange would not condemn these tactics, and how quickly he has become a lackey for McConnell

    “Big Luther has only been in the Senate for a few months,” Gerritson said. “Yet, I am still astounded at how quickly he fell under the spell of Mitch McConnell and the establishment leadership. The fact that Luther Strange has not denounced these attack ads shows that he has fully embodied the Swamp mentality. If this is how he acts when he’s trying to win our votes then I shudder to think how he will act if he is elected.”

    After the Senate Leadership Fund was exposed for the deceptively edited videos and false attack ads, the group has not apologized or removed the ads. Instead, the group has tripled down with two more false attack ads this week that repeat the same lies as the last ones—and Strange and his campaign continue to refuse to stand up for President Trump and his agenda and the truth.

    In conclusion, Gerritson called on all Alabamian Republicans to align behind Judge Roy Moore and stop the Washington establishment from telling Alabama what to do.

    “I hope you will join me in voting for Judge Roy Moore, a man of integrity who runs on his qualifications alone,” Gerritson told Breitbart News. “Let’s DRAIN THE SWAMP on Sept 26th."

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