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"They treat us like animals for violating immigration laws," said MarÃ*a GarcÃ*a, the founder of a nonprofit group for female migrants in Chicago. "We aren't criminals. We are workers."
Hmmm…interesting. They admit they have violated the law and yet somehow they do not think they are criminals. Maybe Mr. Webster ( can help with this.

Let’s see, according to Websters a criminal is someone who commits a crimes, and a crime is a violation of law…let’s see…�illegal alien = violator of law = criminal�…sounds right to me.

Now what was so hard about that?

The migrant group urged the Mexican government to hire lawyers for the pending cases the majority from the Chicago area and they accused Fox of not fulfilling promises to help migrants living in the United States.
Okay now this really frosts my flakes. They want the Mexican Government to hire lawyers to represent those who willingly broke the immigration law in the United States.

So Mexico is going to interfere in the domestic law of the US and protect those who entered this country illegally. From my vantage, this is an act of aggression and should be strongly considered an act of war.

I am getting really, really sick of this.