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Thread: White House Memo: This Is No Longer the 'Biden Administration'

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    White House Memo: This Is No Longer the 'Biden Administration'

    White House Memo: This Is No Longer the 'Biden Administration'

    Beth Baumann
    Posted: Mar 23, 2021 8:55 PM

    A top communications person in the White House has instructed federal agencies to refer to the "Biden administration" as the "Biden-Harris administration," a leaked memo confirmed.

    “Please be sure to reference the current administration as the ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ in official public communications,” the email stated, with the "Biden-Harris Administration" in bold letters.

    According to Outspoken, the Biden administration – err, the Biden-Harris administration – is the first administration to refer to both the president and vice president when referring to the White House as a whole. The change has been reflected on the White House Twitter account.

    Neither of the @WhiteHouse Twitter accounts from the previous two administrations mentioned the vice president in the account’s description. Under the Obama administration, the account description read, “Follow for the latest from President Obama and his administration.”

    The Trump White House account description was nearly identical, reading: “Welcome to @WhiteHouse! Follow for the latest from President @realDonaldTrump and his Administration.” Likewise, the archived versions of both accounts on Twitter cite the “Obama Administration” and “Trump Administration,” respectively, with no mention of the vice president.

    The agencies that have made the change, according to Outspoken, include the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, HHS, Homeland Security, HHUD, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and VA, as well as the attorney general's office.

    The move isn't surprising. Many of us have wondered just how much of a role Harris would play in the administration, especially when Biden accidentally referred to his administration as the "Harris administration."

    It makes you wonder if this means Harris will soon be taking over and this is a transition between the "Biden administration" and the "Harris administration."

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    It is the Soros-Obama-Hillary-Rice-Pelosi-Schumer administration.

    They need to be impeached and removed from office.


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    We have been calling it the Biden-Harris administration because we don't expect Joe Biden to make it a year before being replaced by VP Harris.
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    It is the Pelosi/Biden regime. It is Pelosi who fronted the fixed election and made announcements softening the public and the press for the corruption and chaos that followed. Everything that is claimed by the Pelosi/Biden regime now was announced in advance by the same regime long before the election. Harris is just a cog in the basic corrupt engine represented by Pelosi and Biden.

    It was Trump complaining about all the mailed out ballots and predicting correctly that they would be a problem long before the election. He was right.

    If Harris takes over, she will be just another stuffed suit like Obama was. A facade to cover what is really going on.
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