Is anyone from ALIPAC attending this to see what and when Obama is Going to Edict Amnesty over Congress's Recess?

From Donna De La Cruz:

We're holding an emergency community call this Monday, August 11th, at 8pm ET, and we want you to be on it.
Before Congress went on their five-week vacation, the Republicans in the House dropped all pretense at wanting to fix our broken immigration system--what they really want is to break it more. On their last day in Washington, they passed two bills: one to reverse DACA and another to strip refugee children of their rights and deport them as quickly as possible. One thing is clear: If we want relief for our families, we need to pressure President Obama to make it happen. What relief can look like is up to you.
Join an emergency National Call to Action this Monday, August 11th at 8pm ET, to find out how you can push the President to give administrative relief to our families!
Through administrative relief, President Obama has the power to provide relief to as many as 5 million mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters, students, professionals, workers and other community members. This would be a critical step forward on the path winning comprehensive immigration reform in Congress in the future, and it would be an important victory for our movement for justice and civil rights for immigrants. But most of all it would mean that millions of families could live without the constant fear of deportation and separation.
Join movement leaders and Senator Blumenthal as they discuss our strategy moving forward and what you can do to win relief for our families! Sign up today!
Our families need relief, now more than ever. With Congress out of control and anti-immigrant extremists ramping up their efforts to end DACA, kill any prospect of immigration reform, and rapidly deport children feeling violence, we need to stand up for our community and call on President Obama to fulfill his promise to us. This is an important victory that we must achieve.
Join the call and help us win this victory for our families!
With determination,
Donna De La Cruz
Reform Immigration FOR America