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    somewhere near Mexico I reckon!

    Why Congress Must Require Spanish-Language Media to Also...

    Opinion: Why Congress Must Require Spanish-Language Media to Also Broadcast in English

    By David Cruz

    Published June 06, 2011

    On the heels of the 2011 upfronts, the annual unveiling of TV networks’ Fall season, Spanish-language television networks are touting “Record-Setting Performancesâ€
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    I believe this guy is going in the right direction. What is happening with the Hispanic community is definitely soemthing that has never happened before on thsi scale, this notion that you can expand a class of people who dont have to speak English. We are witnessing, and again if we dont action, teh breaking up of America as we know it turning this country in an American Canada. And apparently for some it is just fine.

    So how is your Spanish all you liberals in the Media?

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    I'm not so sure Congress should bar media in different languages then the US. That to me goes against the Constitution and freedom of speech even.

    However a bill that they could do and would accomplish the same thing for the most part among help consumers would be something like another consumer protection bill for cable and tv channel providers where cable providers for instance are required to offer channel lineups to all customers and allow customers to pick channels they get and don't get with such effecting the cost of the package.

    Right now a cable company simply adds on whatever channel they want to add and then simply up the cost for all customers even if they don't want the channel. But if the choice went to customers when a cable company would have to only carry channels their customers want, use, and are willing to pay for which would mean in most places not enough Latino's to warrant a cable company continueing to carry a spanish channel when the non users of that channel no longer have to pay for it so the few can get.

    Pisses me off when you get 300 channels yet for me most I'd ever watch is maybe 10-15 channels and only 5-6 channels 99% of the time. Yet of course I gotta pay for the 300 channel plan as its the smallest plan and carries so many trash channels I have ZERO interest in. Plus how the channels work is to carry a channel the cable company has to pay a flat fee sometimes based on the amount of customers they have.

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