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Thread: WOW: Hundreds of illegals STORM Cali Border Patrol - Video

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    WOW: Hundreds of illegals STORM Cali Border Patrol - Video

    WOW: Hundreds of illegals STORM Cali Border Patrol

    Posted by: Manuel in Main News 2 days ago 70 Comments 19,259 Views

    This is raw footage from yesterday as hundreds of illegal immigrants try to cross the Mexican/American border out in California. The border jumpers started throwing bottles and rocks at patrolmen and the crowd had to be dispersed. It really picks up at the 2 min. mark.

    Video at the Page Link:
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    What should alarm every American citizen is the arrogance of these FOREIGNERS. They show total contempt for our nation, its laws and sovereignty by trying to break through the border by overwhelming the authorities. They attack our law enforcement officers with rocks and bottles that can cause serious injury or even death. And still liberals cry, boo ho, these are just innocent, benign little people who want to work (i.e. take jobs from Americans).

    We need to neutralize the false "poor little humble man" image that is psychologically designed to make people pity illegal aliens and "we are a nation of immigrants" that is designed to instill guilt (your ancestors were once foreigners too). Guilty people do not fight against those who abuse them (I deserve it ) and pity undermines the resolve to take strict action.

    The point is, the enemy is getting some sophisticated advice how to manipulate ignorant Americans. This is not a battle of logical ideas, it is a battle of emotional motivation. Patriots really need to become more sophisticated with how to use words and mental images to "persuade" the undecided voters by using appeals to their emotions.

    ILLEGAL ALIENS GO HOME -- it reinforces the image that they are foreigners who do not belong here. It implies that they leave voluntarily, which is humane and requires no effort or expense from us. Not "deport illegal aliens" it sounds too harsh, it implies that we must spend mega bucks and energy, it lends itself to images of innocent bewildered mothers with crying babies in their arms being shoved into a police van (what a pitiful image).

    AMERICAN JOBS FOR AMERICANS. This is the best short sentence that says it all. Illegal aliens take jobs away from American citizens, this our country and the jobs here belong to us. It isn't fair. Let the labor unions explain why they are opposed to this idea.

    (or whomever) CAME HERE LEGALLY. This is the best cogent reply to the "we are a land of immigrants" bull crap. It makes the difference between illegal aliens and immigrants very clear in a personal way that every citizen can identify with on an emotional level (my family was legal).

    Think about it patriots I think you will agree with my suggestions.

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    Border agents attacked in organized ‘mass border crossing’ attempt

    by Renee Nal

    The mass border crossing started over a week ago with fliers being handed out “at the Padre Chava breakfast hall for migrants and deportees in Tijuana,” according to a local San Diego news source, KPBS on Tuesday.
    The flier said in part “So that we can reunite with our children, families…and for those who want the American dream and so that we can help our families succeed.”
    The flier, the article reported, “continued in rambling fashion, ending with a call for discretion and ‘Sí se puede!’ written three times.”
    “Sí se puede,” it should be noted, is the motto of the United Farm Workers and a common rallying cry for “immigration reform.” According to the article, the “tactic of rushing the border en masse” is not unprecedented. In fact, it was “common” in the early 1990′s, not too long after Ronald Reagan passed the failed Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.
    The legislation failed, in part, because it was not followed. And the current proposals are very similar to what was passed unsuccessfully back in the 80′s. As Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post reported in February,
    “The latest proposals contain the same three components as the 1986 law: a legalization program — and a possible path to citizenship — for those who are in the country illegally, stepped-up enforcement along the border, and measures to discourage employers from hiring workers who lack proof of legal residency.”
    What will be better about the new immigration reform proposals?
    One thing is for sure, it is in the Democrats best interest to act like they care for the plight of illegal immigrants, as noted by Tumulty, who writes, that in 1986,
    “illegal immigration had a significant impact in only half a dozen states — New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Illinois and California….Now, thanks largely to the demand for labor during the economic boom of the 1990s, illegal immigration has become a high-priority issue in virtually every state, including places such as Alabama, Iowa, Georgia and Nebraska.”
    Richard Marosi of the LA Times discussed the mass border crossing attempt, which was filmed by those attempting to cross the border. Marosi wrote that “Several agents were hit in the arms and legs with rocks and one agent was hit in the head with a filled water bottle…”

    Watch the video here:

    Video at the Page Link:

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    Check out her news and political commentary on Tavern Keepers, Gather and the Examiner for news you won’t find in the mainstream media. Renee is also a guest blogger for the Shire Blog.
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