• Final Preparations to Knock Amnesty for illegals down in 2013

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    John Boehner is signaling retreat from the Senate's amnesty bill while speaking to one group, while telling illegal aliens he is working hard to get amnesty through for them over breakfast. Click here to make sure you have reviewed news of our victory against the Senate amnesty bill and the video of Boehner's staged encounter with illegals.

    We still must beware a sneak legislative move in December (See Paul Ryan) just like the Dream Act Amnesty press in the Senate in 2010 we helped defeat and just like the passage of Obamacare. Corrupt DC politicians love moving dirty deeds forward during the Holidays when they know most of you would prefer to not be thinking about them and their actions. That is why we plan to focus our lobbying on the ground in DC and by phone next week at a strategic time.

    In 24 hours our first hard copies of our Petition Against Amnesty go to print!

    Please take steps to make sure everyone you can reach signs at

    ALIPAC supporters are packing for the lobbying effort in DC next week which is timed for us to assert our activism in the final Congressional work days.

    We hope our well timed efforts will decrease the chance of any kind of amnesty legislation ambush in December.

    We pray our well timed efforts will create momentum we need to last into the filing period of 2014 when we plan to go after the traitors in Washington with all our political might!

    If you can make plans to spend as much time as possible with us next Monday-Wednesday on the phones to Washington, please take steps to be available.

    A very important part of our plan involves ALIPAC supporters making large numbers of calls against Amnesty to targeted DC offices we will provide next week.

    While ALIPAC lobbyists go from office to office in DC delivering petitions and carrying our strategic messages, we will need you to burn up the phone lines and online message channels to DC lawmakers! (starting at 9am Eastern, 6am Pacific each day on Nov 18, 19, and 20)

    Let's get our final preparations in place for next week.

    Let's knock amnesty for illegal aliens out for good in 2013.

    This will probably destroy amnesty for 3 years if we do our job right in the 2014 elections.

    Everyone ready to send the message to Washington that we are not backing down and not going away with their mere assurances they won't pass the Senate's amnesty bill?

    Let's get ready to roll, Americans!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Remember to please get every like-minded American possible to sign our first round of printed petitions we will deliver on your behalf to lawmakers in DC next week! Use social media, emails, online forums, and word of mouth to circulate-- www.AgainstAmnesty.com
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