Published: Feb 17, 2006
Author: TheTownCrier

Because of recent incursions on US soil by what appear to be Mexican Military personnel, the Investigation Subcommittee of the House of Representatives headed by Michael McCaul, (R) Texas, held a hearing on Feb. 7, 2006 with testimony from border sheriffs and US Border patrol agents. Every moment broadcast on CSpan was informative and frightening.

Troubling video of the invaders was shown and is available for viewing on the Homeland Security Committee web site.

Rep. Bob Ethridge, (D) North Carolina asked David Aguilar, US Border Patrol Chief, about OTMs (Other than Mexicans, who have been typically released into the public) and terrorists threat coming in from the Mexican border.

Aguilar summed up, “Is [the border] a vulnerability?â€