• How Ferguson & Officer Darren Wilson are related to illegal immigration in America

    How Ferguson and Officer Darren Wilson are related to illegal immigration in America

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    August 27, 2014

    A coalition of groups that are usually focused on fighting against illegal immigration and amnesty, and against Obama and calling for his impeachment, are suddenly focused on a new wider set of issues represented by more than 100 rallies across America this weekend August 29-30.

    While those issues will still be represented on the bridges, overpasses, and intersections, Operation American Shield is calling on Americans to come out and show their support for our non-militarized police, veterans, and Border Patrol agents who still support the US Constitution. There will be a special focus on the cases of besieged officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO, along with imprisoned veteran Andrew Tahmooressi, and murdered border patrol agents Brian Terry and Javier Vega Jr.

    This coalition effort involves James Neighbors and Overpasses for America groups working with ALIPAC, the Tea Party Community, the American Defense Project and others working together to protect America and our Constitution. It is a racially inclusive effort of Americans of all races taking a stand together, and is only open to groups that share our cooperative effort to build a large and powerful grassroots coalition! All of the groups working together are experiencing rapid growth in supporters due to these efforts to cooperate.

    While Overpasses for America focuses more on street level protests and rallies, ALIPAC is working hard to invite protesters to join in the political efforts to oppose candidates who support Obama and amnesty for illegals while volunteering to support candidates who oppose amnesty like these (click here). The idea is to get more people on the streets and into the important elections!

    Many people are asking us what in the world does Ferguson, MO, have to do with illegal immigration which illustrates the public education campaign at hand!

    Media and Politician Reaction Part of The Same Plan

    We want Americans who don't realize it yet to understand that the abusive and defamatory bias being directed at the situation in Ferguson and officer Darren Wilson by media like Raw Story, Talking Points Memo, CNN, MSNBC, Eric Holder and Democrat Governor of Missouri Jay Nixon are part of the same plan to overthrow the American public of which illegal immigration is a component.

    The new surge of illegals at our borders, the murder of our Border Patrol agents, the defamation of American veterans by Obama's Department of Homeland Security, the attempt to convict Officer Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman outside of a court of law in the biased media, are all different heads of the same monster. And unfortunately for Americans, if we cut off one head of the hydra, another grows back!

    Americans believing or pretending that these are isolated and unrelated incidences need to wake up and smell the deadly nation destroying trap we are all in! While the victims may not be related, the response of our media and political systems are.

    Due to the efforts of this nation destroying cabal, the names of Darren Wilson, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and George Zimmerman have become household names while probably less than 1% of Americans could identify who Andrew Tahmooressi, and murdered border patrol agents Brian Terry and Javier Vega Jr are! Perhaps our efforts to combine issues will help raise awareness of crimes that are really important instead of the latest Global socialist smear campaign against gun owners and cops.

    Ferguson Shifts Focus Away From Borders

    The painful case in Ferguson, Missouri, is being actively used by those who also support amnesty for illegal aliens and the deadly illegal immigration invasion of America to focus attention on a lie instead of the invasion at our borders. Prior to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson and the latest beheadings of Americans by Islamic extremists, the main issue in America was Obama's border surge of illegals.

    The attention we did have on illegal immigration was making it the biggest issue in the 2014 elections and putting every Obama ally in Congress, Republican and Democrat, in jeopardy of losing their seat.

    Now, the biggest focus is being directed into concerns that the biggest problem in America is evil white racist males with guns who are literally executing minorities in the streets! This is the same false narrative pursued by the media in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

    So the next scandal in Ferguson, MO, is obscuring the invasion of America for the elites while at the same time defaming our police and Caucasian Americans to the point that blood is being spilt in each state as young minorities launch retaliation attacks like those that happened in the Huddle House in West Point, Mississippi. http://www.alipac.us/f19/black-white...-brown-310024/

    Democrats are also trying to stir the pot with the Ferguson story to energize minority voters in the 2014 elections because such voters usually do not turn out in large numbers. So they are telling a lie about Officer Darren Wilson merely because they can and nobody will correct them, and even though many innocent Americans will be injured or killed in retaliation, they will get more straight ticket Democrat voters to turn out this November to try and counter the historic conservative backlash against Obama that is currently in motion!

    All of Us Are Defenders of America and US Constitution

    Our citizen activists heading to the bridges this weekend, our good police officers, veterans and soldiers, and Border Patrol agents all share in common the important role of fighting to protect America. That is why all of these groups are under siege from the Obama administration and biased media. Those that would stand up for America and our Constitution are being targeted by those that want to replace us with a more socialistic and Global governance. To achieve their goals they are willing to stir up crowds in Ferguson, MO, and across the nation, along with millions of illegal alien invaders, to create a leftist mob rule designed to take down American loyalists. Our rallies and protests are designed to increase your awareness of this plan and trap.

    Will you stand with those of us fighting to defend America?

    Most Police and Vets Are With Us Against Illegal Immigration

    If you take a close look at most American police officers, veterans and soldiers, and Border Patrol agents you will find a very large majority are with us in support of secure borders and enforced immigration laws. Police officers want to do their jobs and protect our citizens but most of them know their mission is being undermined by DC politicians and open borders. Our veterans are dismayed and enraged to find they have returned from the wars to find America invaded with aid from inside our own government and media! Our Border Patrol agents want to do their job but their hands are being tied! While the elites in Washington want to build up antipathy and alienation between the American public and our police and veterans, we must stop them from doing so by standing with our police, veterans, and BP agents!

    Same Social Justice False Narrative Illegals Use

    As Truth Revolt's Bill Whittle's viral video reports, the real issue of race and crime in America is not white citizens assaulting blacks as the Wilson/Zimmerman/Duke Lacrosse media narrative suggests. The real issue is that black perpetrators assault white victims twenty five times as often as the inverse and as a nation we need to be able to have an honest and constructive conversation about that real issue without being falsely accused of racism or being lied about by media and politicians.

    Same Media Reaction To Illegal Alien Crimes

    Since their rule, not ours, seems to be that crimes or suspected crimes committed by whites against minorities will dominate press for months while the inverse is suppressed.

    For ten years now, ALIPAC.us has documented and tracked a pervasive pattern of suppression and censorship by the national media along with the Associated Press and Reuters wires service to prevent the American public from learning the details of any of the thousands of murders of American citizens committed by illegal aliens each year in our nation.

    Our concern is not that our fellow countrymen and women are being slaughtered on a scale that exceeds the losses of 9-11-2001 each year at the hands of mostly brown people. Our concern is that these deaths are a direct result of our governments, specifically the Executive Branch under Bush and Obama, being culpable in all the deaths! Illegal aliens roam freely in America killing and assaulting our citizens because our existing border and immigration laws go woefully under enforced in defiance of the Constitution and Congress, and at the behest of big money interest banks, the US Chamber of Commerce, and evil billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, and George Soros!

    In the case of Ferguson, MO, we have clear evidence that the biased reporting and censorship of facts that would exonerate Darren Wilson are causing violence against innocent Americans, and the same is true for their same racist filter being applied to illegal immigration crimes.

    The media is filled with compassionate heart string pulling stories about "undocumented immigrants" each day but no mention of the mass atrocities, millions of jobs lost by Americans, and the suffering of our innocent citizens. Same thing with Ferguson as they build Michael Brown into a "gentle giant" martyr while excluding the video from the store he had just strong armed or mention of his physical attack on officer Wilson.

    Same Illegal immigrant protest organizers on the ground in Ferguson, MO

    Last week even we were shocked when a large crowd of Michael Brown supporters accosted two Darren Wilson supporters while chanting the same communist slogan from Central and South America that the illegal alien mobs have been chanting over the last 7 years! Suggesting that the same organizers are now deployed around the Ferguson protesters, they march in the video seen here chanting "The people united will never be divided!" This chant comes directly from the big money backed and organized illegal immigrant protests that ALIPAC has heavily monitored and documented over the years!

    Video of Ferguson Protesters chanting illegal immigrant slogans...

    So it is clear that the backers of the deadly and costly illegal immigration invasion and overthrow of America realize that Ferguson, MO, is part of their plans.

    Now we need Americans like you to realize the same thing and take to the streets with us this weekend August 29-30!

    Same Fear Weapon To Keep You Down

    While you sit in the comfort of your own home, if you are lucky enough to still own one after what has been done to America, you need to realize that keeping your head down hoping to not be called a racist will only serve you until they get around to you.

    Our Border Patrol agents Brian Terry and Javier Vega Jr came to tragic ends because our borders are wide open with anyone standing up and speaking out being labeled as a racist no matter what their true motivations or skin color may be! White, black, Hispanic, gay, straight, male, female, Christian, Jewish, agnostic... if you oppose illegal immigration and have any impact, they are going to call you a racist!

    And they can have the power to abuse you in the media, strip you of your job, and put you or anyone else in fear of violent assault or death at the hands of a leftist mob rule crowd!

    The same political cabal and media abuses that have Officer Darren Wilson in hiding for fear of his life right now are the same planned tools they intend to use to keep backing you up and backing you up as America is taken right out of your hands. They already have control of America, all that is left for them is to mop up any American or Constitution supporting resistance slowly and incrementally as not to stimulate any significant push back.

    Rise Americans Rise Together!

    For those of you who see through the lies and understand how Obama and others in his power group are trying to divide Americans any way they can while feeding the public a steady stream of life threatening defamation and lies about conservatives, Christians, Caucasians, gun owners, veterans, police officers, Obama opponents, illegal immigration fighting activists, etc...

    Please share this important information with others.

    I am not afraid of the name callers that George Soros pays large salaries to attack anyone like me that would insist that the truth be addressed for the good of the nation. But the same threatening powers that have put Darren Wilson's life in danger hang over all of our heads whether you realize it or not.

    We want to thank World Net Daily for breaking the story about these new protests to the nation. You will find their article contains a lot more information you might be interested in at...

    There is still time to get a protest on the list in your area if there is not one already. Please bring your American flags, bottled water, sun screen, and signs supporting our police, veterans, and Border Patrol, justice for Darren Wilson, Andrew Tahmooressi, Brian Terry, and Javier Vega, and take to the bridges and overpasses.

    To get your event on the list, write to Protests@alipac.us and check for regular updates on the master list here..

    There is also a Facebook event page for you to use to invite others at this link...

    Regardless of your personal experiences and views of police officers, please support our efforts to unify more Americans against the enemies within our nation that are working to transform America into their socialist dream super state that is a puppet to foreign powers that resent and hate Americans and American freedoms.
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