• How we beat Obama and his illegals

    "We protest! We stop the illegals where we can! We go after Eric Cantor's GOP amnesty allies! We go after Obama and his Democrats and use the elections to shut them and their illegal aliens down!" -- William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC.us)

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    A lot of people said we could not stop amnesty legislation in 2013, but we did. Then a bunch of naysayers told us immigration reform amnesty legislation was inevitable in 2014 and we could not stop it, but we did!

    Our 'underwear against amnesty' campaign became an internet and talk radio sensation, penetrated the American psyche, raised awareness rapidly of how John Boehner is the same as Obama on amnesty for illegals, and shut down John Boehner for 2014 within 48 hours of our launch!

    We stopped John Boehner and now we need to stop Obama and his new illegal alien surge!

    John Boehner went into full retreat because of our protest and because our assistance helping Dave Brat defeat Eric Cantor sent shock waves through the Republicans working to help Obama pass amnesty.

    Obama did not get his amnesty bill so we have forced his hand to show what a dictator he really is. Obama is now proceeding to implement amnesty legislation that never passed Congress!

    And if you are afraid of Obama or still hesitant to challenge him in this fight then you are of no use to us or anyone else in this fight. It is time for those of you that have held back or resisted our calls to take up full opposition to Obama to realize the error of you decision and to join those of us who have been fighting! Our Impeach Obama Facebook page is now growing with more than 2,000 new supporters joining each day!

    American citizens like us have stood up in front of the buses filled with Obama's illegal aliens which include large numbers of adult males and not just "women and children" as the liars in the media claim. In Murrieta, CA, our allies have turned back the illegals as have people in more than half a dozen communities in America where city and county leaders have rejected relocation plans.

    These things do not happen on their own. They happen because people like us take action!

    How do we stop Obama?

    Step 1: Protests Nationwide

    We continue to support protests on Murrietta and work hard to get them to spread to other places. We are letting America know that we support our protesters in California! We need protesters in Dallas and Houston (where large numbers of you reading this email reside) to locate where they are taking the illegals there and emulate the California protesters. We must have more protests in other states soon to show our movement is growing and spreading! Check the homepage at www.alipac.us where our volunteers will continue to upload any info about locations and protests. And we need everyone to clear your schedules and prepare to report to a protest near you for our nationwide protests against the new border surge on July 18 and 19, 2014! Is it really too much to ask of you to show up for your country and hold a sign or a flag for a few hours? Move it or lose it, Americans!

    Step 2: Let's get the remaining Eric Cantors out of office in the remaining GOP primaries of 2014. In the next few weeks, several more "Eric Cantors" are facing primary challengers. Let's hope and pray many of their opponents are like Dave Brat and they want to defeat the incumbents by offering GOP voters a candidate who opposes immigration reform amnesty. Let's all work together to deploy ALIPAC's new powerful campaign strategy that defeated Cantor into as many GOP primaries as possible.

    Step 3: Democrats Against Obama

    Once the GOP primaries are done in early August, all focus will turn to Republican Vs. Democrat Vs Independent battles across America.

    Obama is going to lose Democrat allies in the House and the Senate as tradition holds that the party opposite the White House gains in off election years.

    However, Obama's approval ratings are falling so low and so rapidly that 2014 could make history beyond the Republican revolutions of 1994 and 2010! In fact, Obama's new border surge of illegals is costing him dearly with white liberals and the half of the Hispanic vote that does not want open borders. Obama's approval among Hispanics has dropped 30 points in the last year alone!

    For each fraction of a percentage point our efforts at ALIPAC decrease Obama's support levels, the greater the chances true illegal immigration opponents like Congressman Steve King, Walter Jones, Tom McClintock, etc... will be elected this November!

    Many Democratic incumbent know these facts, and if we do our job right at ALIPAC and enough of you support our calls for you to donate, volunteer, and show up at protests, Obama's Democrat allies in Congress will be begging Obama to STOP THE ILLEGAL ALIEN SURGE!

    We can stop Obama and his illegal immigrants by making it clear to Democrats that they are going down hard in November if they don't rein in their dictator in the White House before November!

    We protest! We stop the illegals where we can! We go after Eric Cantor's GOP amnesty allies! We go after Obama and his Democrats and use the elections to shut them and their illegal aliens down!

    Let's Roll, Americans!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: We would like to welcome all of the new supporters that have signed up with us at www.alipac.us and www.againstamnesty.com in the last few weeks! ALIPAC is experiencing a new high level of interest and support due to the illegal immigration crisis being orchestrated by Obama. We welcome you all and thank you for joining us in our fight to stop and reverse illegal immigration and amnesty in America!
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