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    Illegal aliens: Making America a third-world country

    WASHINGTON, November 18, 2013 — Ted Kennedy’s signature 1965 immigration reform was a sneak attack on American traditions and the two-party system. Ronald Reagan’s ill-advised 1986 cave-in to progressive demands for immigration reform invited even more huddled masses yearning to seize free handouts to come to America.

    Some of these new Americans believe in the original American dream; they believe in freedom and in the Constitution. They followed the law to come here. They are Americans.
    The issue here is illegal immigrants — over 11 million of them.

    The number of illegal immigrants has been debated since the 1990s. It never seems to change. Despite repeated reports of millions more coming to America without legal permission, every year it’s always about 11 million.

    Eleven million admitted illegal aliens is almost 4 percent of total American population. How many millions of new citizens voting big government benefits for themselves would it take to entirely overwhelm the rest of us? Where is the demographic tipping point that makes America a one-party, tin-pot, third-world despotism? Concentrated in cities with corrupt voting practices, would anyone but progressives ever win office again?

    Walmart, Silicon Valley and the Chamber of Commerce all endorse amnesty. Democrats even claim Obamacare would work, if we’d only legalize border-jumpers. Republicans wield the weak argument that illegals will rush to vote for them in droves, out of gratitude for legal status. When power elites line up to push laws that Americans have long-said they don’t want, we have to ask why. It’s clear there’s nothing in it for us. What’s in it for them?

    November 18, 2013 The Gathering Storm Daniel Martin Gray The Washington Times

    A record 91 million Americans have supposedly left the workforce.
    Does corporate America think that we need to import hordes of ill-educated refugees from countries with no tradition of liberty or rule of law to fill jobs Americans supposedly can’t or won’t take? Does this sound like logic, or a lie?

    We’re not allowed to say “amnesty.” It’s the “Dream Act,” simple social justice for kids who only want what our own forebears came for. When the law allows anchor babies to bring over every distant relative, why not call it what it is — unvetted amnesty. Do they come to add to the melting pot, or to make America a slightly richer version of the squalor they came from? Do they come for freedom, or a free ride?

    Illegal aliens, recast in more politically correct style as “undocumented immigrants,” or by Jay Leno as “undocumented Democrats,” are not merely law-breakers. Many may be nice people, decent and hard working. So what? Viewed in the cold light of our current constitutional crisis and crippled economy, can we afford to take them all in today? They are extra mouths to feed, gate-crashers at the party, most of whom don’t seem to understand or appreciate what American ideals are all about.

    But, then again, how many native-born Americans do, either?
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