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Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants Illegal immigrants are people like us in many ways, and while they have human rights they do not have American civil rights because they are criminals who have broken our laws and disrespected our nation and citizens.

Illegal immigrants either overstay their visas, showing us they cannot be trusted to obey our laws and respect American workers and taxpayers, or they pay violent drug smuggling organized crime groups to sneak them into our nation under cover of darkness.

Illegal immigration
and illegal immigrants cause major problems that harm Americans and America in many ways!

If we look at the illegal immigration facts and statistics available to us from scientific polling, we can see that a majority of Americans want illegal immigrants to return to their home countries with their children. This is because the 12-20 million illegal aliens in America are taking American jobs, taxpayer resources, and sometimes very lives away!

Many illegal immigrants are already felonious voters in US elections, and illegal Immigrants will eventually form a new voting bloc in American politics if they are not gradually forced to leave by the adequate enforcement of America's existing border and immigration laws.

Illegal Immigrants include violent criminals, child molesters, drunk drivers, terrorists, disease carriers, and gang members because they have both shown us they are willing to break our laws and they bypass the medical, criminal, and terrorism background checks that legal immigrants undergo.

It is not hateful or mean spirited in any way to want illegal immigrants to go home and to want our borders and immigration laws enforced.

Sending illegal immigrants home is the only way we can turn off the illegal immigration invasion of America which threatens to sink our entire nation beneath an unending tsunami of illegal immigrants from over populated, destitute, gang ruled, 3rd world nations.

Illegal immigrants will keep coming to America until enough Americans put their foot down and demand that our government protect all states from invasion.

Illegal immigrants are pouring into America at a rapid pace due to Obama's support for illegal immigration and Amnesty.

We can help you better understand the history of illegal immigration, and the problems with illegal immigration many Americans face.

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