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Illegal Immigration Facts, Statistics, and polling data from certified polls!

Illegal Immigration Facts ALIPAC's collection of polls, surveys, information, facts, polls, and statistics about illegal immigration for 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005.

2015 (THIS PAGE LAST UPDATED: November 17, 2015)

Nine in 10 registered voters (89%) believe that illegal immigration will be an important issue for them in the 2016 presidential race. 39% of registered voters believe illegal immigration is “extremely important” to their vote. Another 29% believe the issue is “very important” and 21% said illegal immigration is “moderately important.” Just 11% said illegal immigration is “not that important.” (CNN/ORC poll, Setp 4-8, 2015)

Shattering claims that illegal immigration is a minor issue, a new poll shows 92% of Americans consider illegal immigration to be a problem with 77% saying illegal immigration is a “very serious” or “somewhat serious” problem. Only 15% of the 92% considered illegal immigration a "minor problem" with only 8% of Americans saying the issue is not important or a problem. (55%) claimed they would support “creating a phone number where people could report activity connected to illegal immigration to the government.” and 48%—of respondents replied they would either “strongly support” (23%) or “somewhat support” (25%) the government “actively searching for illegal immigrants who have not committed any other crimes to deport them from the United States.” (YouGov Polling, Sept 1-3, 2015)

Two out of three Hispanics oppose the Democrats and GOP establishment’s campaign to increase the annual inflow of migrants into America. 34% percent of U.S.-born Hispanics and 33% of foreign-born Hispanics want to increase LEGAL immigration. Sixty-four percent of each group of Hispanics want migration to be reduced or leveled. (Gallup Polling, Aug 20, 2015)

83% of Americans believe people should prove they are legally in the United States before being able to receive any taxpayer benefits (licenses, in-state tuition, etc...) 62% say that the United States is not aggressive enough with our deportation policies and 54% believe that children born to illegal immigrants should not be given birthright citizenship. (Rasmussen Reports survey, April 5, 2015)

A majority of Americans oppose Obama's amnesty decree and support GOP efforts to defund it. Paragon Insights found that 58% of registered voters oppose Obama’s executive actions, compared to 36% in support. 53% said they support “Republicans in Congress taking away federal funding for this executive order” with just 36% opposed. (Paragon Insights Poll, January 22-25, 2015)

A majority of Hispanics want tougher laws against hiring illegal immigrants! A Paragon Insights poll found that Americans across all ethnicities, income and age groups, and political affiliations supported stronger rules that make it tougher for businesses to employ illegal immigrants. Americans in general, by a 50-point margin, wanted tougher rules against hiring illegal immigrants, and that included a majority of Hispanics (56% to 37%). Respondents were asked, “Would you support or oppose Congress passing new legislation that strengthen the rules making it illegal for businesses in the U.S. to hire illegal immigrants?” The question unified all groups such as Democrats (58%), Obama voters (58%), Republicans (90%), Romney voters (90%), Hispanics (56%), African-Americans (55%), Protestants (78%), Catholics (75%), Evangelicals (76%), non-Christians (63%), and those in urban (66%), suburban (72%), and rural (73%) areas. (Paragon Insights Poll, January 22-25, 2015)

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Illegal Immigration Facts from polls conducted 2007-2014


62% of US voters oppose Obama's plan to mainstream illegal immigrants via executive action. Only 24 per cent now say Obama has the legal authority to change immigration policy without agreement from Congress. Just 26 per cent are in favor of Obama's plan. (Rasmussen Polling, November 25, 2014)

75% of voters answering exit polls in the 2014 Midterm elections Reject Obama's Executive decree amnesty plans and 80% did not Want Foreign Workers Taking Jobs from Americans. 74% of voters believed that "President Obama should work with Congress rather than around Congress on immigration and separately. The Polling Company noted, these numbers turn "on its head the elitist idea that illegal immigrants 'do the jobs that Americans don't want to do.'" "Voters overwhelmingly prefer an immigration system that protects American workers," the polling memo states. "Therefore members of Congress should feel confident that voters will support actions using the power of the purse to protect American workers from Obama’s executive amnesty threat." (Kellyanne Conway's The Polling Company, Election Day November 4, 2014)

90% of Americans Believe Illegal Immigration Serious Problem and most Want Expedited Deportations! This poll found that 67% of respondents felt that illegal immigration was an "extremely" serious or "very serious" problem. Another 22% felt it was a "somewhat serious" problem, while 10% said it was "not too/at all serious." A majority of respondents said that illegal immigrant juveniles fleeing violence should not be given refugee status and feel the law should be changed so those not from Mexico and Canada can be more quickly deported. (Associated Press Polling, July 24-28, 2014)

64% of Americans believe "things in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now and expressed mounting alarm about illegal immigration facts, terrorism, anxiety about Ebola and harsh skepticism of both political parties only three weeks before the Nov. 4 midterms! Nearly two-thirds of likely voters in battleground races this fall disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of immigration which should serve as a dire warning to Republicans like John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and other Republicans trying to help Obama pass amnesty. (Politico, October 20, 2014)

Nearly Two Thirds of Oregon Voters 'Likely' to Reject Driver's Licenses for Illegals by rejecting Measure 88 on the Nov 4 ballot in Oregon, but illegal alien supporters are spending massive amounts of money to trick voters into supporting it instead! 61% of likely voters were opposed to Measure 88. 53% said they were "certain" to oppose the measure while another 8% said they were opposed to it but "may change mind." 26% of Oregon voters said they supported giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants while 5% said they supported the measure but "may change mind." (Oregon Public Broadcasting Poll, October 8-11, 2014)

63% of Hispanics and 57% of Blacks say the government is not doing enough to enforce U.S. immigration laws and 78% of Whites and 74% of all respondents want tighter border security! Also, 71% of Blacks and 63% of Hispanics believe the government "has a responsibility" to protect job-hungry Americans "from competition with illegal immigrants." About three-quarters of Whites (77%) and all respondents (74%) agree that the government has a duty to protect Americans from job competition by illegal aliens. (The Polling Company, Inc., August 20, 2014)

71% of Americans, including a majority of Democrats, say that illegal immigrant newcomers should NOT receive government benefits! Only 16% think "they are entitled to government aid" while 13% are undecided. A strong majority (68%) also "say the new illegal immigrants should not have the same legal rights and protections that U.S. citizens have," and that includes a plurality--and a near-majority--of Democrats (49%). The poll found that "89% of GOP voters and 70% of unaffiliateds think illegals should not have the same legal rights and protections that U.S. citizens have! (Rasmussen Polling, October 1, 2014)

Gallup poll recently found that 65% of Americans disapprove Barack Obama's handling of immigration while 68% opposed Obama's handling of illegal immigration in an Associated Press-GfK poll. A recent Reuters poll found that 70% of Americans believe illegal immigrants "threaten traditional U.S. beliefs and customs" while 63% felt that "immigrants place a burden on the economy." And a Polling Company poll that found that a majority of Americans wanted fewer immigrants at this time found that "90% of likely voters feel that "U.S.- born workers and legal immigrants already here should get first preference for jobs." (Pew, Gallup, USA Today, and Press-GfK polls, August, 2014)

63% of all Americans oppose work permits for illegal immigrants! Americans polled about a potential Obama's executive action to "slow deportation of undocumented immigrants by providing them with legal protection and work permits," 63% opposed while only 34% approved. The poll also found that 73% of Americans, including 78% of independents, 54% of Democrats, and 80% of young people, would rather have Obama work with Congress instead of going it alone. (Investors Business Daily/TIPP Poll August 23-34, 2014)

8 of 10 evangelicals reject clergy's push for amnesty; 29% want border closed to future immigration, and 73 percent, said that, instead of bringing in more immigrant workers, employers should be ‘required to try harder to recruit and train, Americans from those high-unemployment groups. And most evangelicals, 68 percent, said they are willing to pay higher prices if it is necessary for employers to raise wages to fill jobs with Americans instead of adding more foreign workers. 75 percent chose that "nations have a moral and sovereign right to decide which and how many immigrants can enter." just 12 percent of 1,000 likely evangelical voters believe that the Old Testament verses on the “stranger among us” mean the government should give work permits and legal status to illegal immigrants. according to (Pulse Opinion Research -- February 23, 2014)


60% oppose Obama and GOP leadership on immigration reform amnesty according to a new Pew Research poll. With 60% opposed, the poll also found "only about a third of the public (32%) approves of the job Obama is doing on immigration policy."
(Oct. 30-Nov. 6. 2013, Pew Research Center poll)

Only one in eight swing-voters strongly back amnesty, says Obama’s own polling firm! Supporting immigration reform amnesty for illegal aliens is a big campaign loser for any district where swing voters are a concern. This middle non-partisan bloc comprises 51 percent of all voters found that just 12 percent of these middle-bloc respondents strongly support “providing illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship even though they have broken the rules,” while Thirty-eight percent of the middle-bloc strongly oppose the amnesty, creating a political minefield for the politicians who need to woo swing-voters. While those strongly opposed to amnesty dominate the strongly support group 38% vs 12% or 3 to 1, overall swing voters were 32% leaning amnesty and 54% leaning against!
(October 15 2013, NBC and Esquire magazine paid for this poll conducted by Obama’s Benenson Strategy Group, and Public Opinion Strategies, which was the primary polling firm for GOP candidate Gov. Mitt Romney)

Illegal Immigrants will vote 8 to 1 Democrat if ever given citizenship by legislative amnesty such as the one contained in S. 744! Prior to citizenship 31% of illegal aliens identify as Democrats and just 4% as Republicans. For those already given amnesty, illegals in the US under ten years, 26 percent identified with Democrats against 9 percent for Republicans; for those who’d been in the US for over two decades, 54 percent identified as Democrats and 10 percent identified as Republicans.
(July 22, 2013, Pew Center Researc Poll)

53% of Americans want all or most illegal immigrants deported from the United States for immigration reform while only 36% favor the 'Gang of 8' amnesty legislation design to allow illegals to stay that is labeled as 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform'. Seventy-five percent of Republicans think all or most immigrants should be deported, compared to 40 percent of Democrats who think the same. (April 22, 2013, Reuters/Ipsos poll)

80% of Republicans would be less likely to vote for a member of Congress who supports giving legal status to undocumented aliens while 72% of all Americans favor enforcement measures to address illegal immigration instead of legal status for illegals. (April 15, 2013, Pulse Opinion Research)

2012 (Missing Data Under Repair)


67% Say States Should Be Able To Enforce Immigration Laws If Feds Are Not. Just 22% disagree. (3 to 1 margin) Eighty-seven percent (87%) of Republicans and 74% of voters not affiliated with either major party say states should have the right to enforce immigration laws if they believe the federal government is not. Democrats are almost evenly divided on the question. (February 18, 2011 Rasmussen Reports)

76.7 percent of residents polled in the Lake and Porter County areas of Indiana strongly favor state legislation which would require law enforcement officers to verify citizenship of possible immigrants in certain situations. 83.9 percent of residents strongly agreed with the portion of the bill which would require a process established to suspend or revoke business licenses of employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants. (February 13, 2011 Valparaiso-based JEM Research Inc.)


70% of Americans say it’s important to locate and deport those residing in the U.S. illegally, 53% say children born to illegal immigrant parents should not be automatic citizens. An incredible 92% of those responding said developing a plan to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. is important, including 74% who said it’s very important. Just 7% said such a plan is not important. (August 20-23, 2010 ZOGBY International Poll)


An EPIC/MRA poll of 600 likely Michigan voters showed that nearly three-fourths favor the Arizona law and two out of every three state residents would support a similar law being approved by Michigan lawmakers, August 2010


60% in Florida favor Arizona-like immigration law in their state, Rasmussen Reports, August 2010

Most Americans (58%) oppose granting U.S. citizenship automatically to children born in America to illegal immigrants;
Rasmussen Reports, August 2010


On immigration, 69% of American voters say that reform should move in the direction of stricter enforcement of laws against illegal immigration, while only 22% say that reform should primarily move in the direction of integrating illegal immigrants into American society,
Quinnipiac University poll (question 43), July 2010


On immigration, Pennsylvania voters report 72 - 21% that reform should move more in the direction of stricter enforcement of laws against illegal immigration rather than integrating illegal immigrants into American society, Quinnipiac University poll (question 29), July 2010


Arizona Voters (66%) still support immigration law, 59% favor Governor Brewer’s appeal of Judge Bolton’s decision to block implementation of some parts of the law, Rasmussen Reports, July 2010


68% of U.S. voters now believe the United States should continue to build a fence on the Mexican border; support for the fence is strong across all demographic groups
Rasmussen Reports, July 2010


A solid majority (69%) of voters in Texas would favor an immigration law similar to the one passed in Arizona in their state, Rasmussen Reports, July 2010


60% of Colorado voters favor an Arizona-like immigration law in their own state, Rasmussen Reports, July 2010


A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Arizona finds that 64% agree that children born to illegal immigrants in recent history should not automatically become citizens of the United States, Rasmussen Reports, July 2010


Florida voters (registered) say 68 - 24% that immigration reform should move in the direction of stricter enforcement of laws against illegal immigration rather than integrating illegal immigrants into American society, Quinnipiac University poll (question 29), June 2010


Ohio voters say 72 - 22% that immigration reform should move in the direction of stricter enforcement rather than integrating illegal immigrants into American society, Quinnipiac University poll (question 35), June 2010


69% of Likely Voters in Texas believe the military should be sent to the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration, Rasmussen Reports, June 2010


71% of Likely Voters in Pennsylvania support sending U.S. troops to the border with Mexico to help prevent illegal immigration, Rasmussen Reports, June 2010


70% of U.S. voters favor strict government sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants, Rasmussen Reports, June 2010


61% in a poll of nationwide voters think we should enforce current immigration laws to solve the illegal immigration problems, while only 34% think we should overhaul immigration laws, Fox News Poll/Opinion Dynamics (question 33), May 2010


67% of U.S. voters say military troops should be sent to the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration, Rasmussen Reports, May 2010


70% of Massachusetts voters favor a proposal recently rejected by the state legislature that would stop illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits, Rasmussen Reports, May 2010


A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 87% of adults favor making English the nation's official language, Rasmussen Reports, May 2010


62% of Florida voters favor a law like Arizona’s that authorizes local police to stop and verify the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant, Rasmussen Reports, May 2010


Nationally, 60% of voters favor letting local police stop and verify immigration status, Rasmussen Reports, April 2010

67% of U.S. voters say that "illegal immigrants are a significant strain on the U.S. budget." Of voters polled, two-out-of-three (66 percent) said the availability of government money and services draw illegal immigrants to the United States and 68 percent said gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers already living in the United States. Of particular importance, 80 percent of voters said the issue of immigration will be somewhat important in determining how they will vote in the next congressional election; half (50 percent) said it will be very important to them. (Rasmussen Reports, March 3, 2010).

76% of Born-Again Protestants support immigration enforcement that pushes illegal aliens out of the country while only 12% support legalization. 64% of Mainline Protestants and Catholics prefer enforcement while only 24% support legalization or amnesty. 43% of American Jews prefer enforcement while 40% prefer legalization. ZOGBY POLL December 2009

59% of executives (e.g., CEOs, CFOs, etc.), 67% of small business owners, and 58% of union households support enforcement of our immigration laws over granting amnesty to illegal aliens. This is in stark contract to the push for Amnesty by the US Chamber of Commerce, AFL-CIO, and the Service Employees International Union. ZOGBY Poll February, 2010

52% of Hispanics, 57% of Asian-Americans, and 50% of African-Americans support immigration enforcement options that send illegals back home over the Amnesty legalization option. 56% of Hispanics, 57% of Asian Americans, and 68% of black Americans feel immigration levels are to high. 61, 69, and 70% of these minority groups feel illegal immigration is caused by a lack of enforcement not due to legal immigration limits. ZOGBY Poll February, 2010


Seventy-eight percent (78%) of likely voters were opposed to legalizing the status of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. with only 19% supporting it. 88% of African-Americans were opposed to legalization. Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, September, 2009

71% of Americans want to see the bosses who hire illegal immigrants arrested while 64 percent support police conducting surprise raids on businesses suspected of hiring illegal immigrants (The Raids Obama has stopped) Rasmussen Reports poll, October, 2009.

80 percent of U.S. voters oppose proposals for government-backed health-care plans for illegal immigrants Rasmussen Reports poll, June, 2009.

78 percent of Americans believe that high immigration numbers have had a negative impact on the cost and quality of the nation's health care system and 78% of likely voters were opposed to legalizing the status of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. American Council for Immigration Reform, September, 2009

73% of Americans called for a drop in the number of illegal immigrants CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, October, 2009.

58% of Arizona voters say the policies and activities of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio have had a positive impact on the state’s image, [May 2009, Rasmussen Reports]

74% of Americans think the government is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from coming into this country,[Washington Post-ABC News poll, April 2009]

66% of likely voters nationwide say it is Very Important for the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration, [April 2009, Rasmussen Reports]

73% of U.S. voters believe that a police officer should automatically check to see if someone is in this country legally when the officer pulls that person over for a traffic violation, [March 2009, Rasmussen Reports]

67% of voters also say that if law enforcement officers know of places where immigrants gather to find work, they should sometimes conduct surprise raids to identify and deport illegal immigrants, [March 2009, Rasmussen Reports]

68% of Arizona voters have a favorable view of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, [March 2009, Rasmussen Reports]

68% of U.S. voters favor strict government sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants, [March 2009, Rasmussen Reports]

62% of New Jersey Residents oppose offering illegal immigrants some type of driver’s licenses. Just 33% favor this proposal, [March 2009, Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey Poll]

Only 20% of New Jersey residents favor extending in-state college tuition rates to undocumented immigrants living in the state compared to 37% who say illegal immigrants should pay higher out-of-state rates. 39% say that illegal immigrants should not even be allowed to attend New Jersey’s public colleges and universities at all, [March 2009, Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey Poll]

78% of registered Utah voters want to see SB81 implemented. The bill would, among other provisions, require all companies that contract with the state to check the immigration status of their employees and allow local police to enforce immigration law, [January 2009, The Salt Lake Tribune]


74% of U.S. voters continue to believe the federal government is not doing enough to secure the country’s borders, [December 2008, Rasmussen Reports]

63% of voters say gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers in the country, [December 2008, Rasmussen Reports]

Only 32% of Obama voters considered his support for illegal immigration amnesty as a factor in their decisions to vote for him. 67% said it was either not a factor at all, or they voted for Obama in spite of his stance on amnesty, [November 2008, Zogby Interactive Survey of Likely Voters]

60% of voters said reducing illegal immigration and cracking down on employers who hire them is important to them, while only 21% supported "legalizing or creating a pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens, [November 2008, Zogby Interactive Survey of Likely Voters]

Transatlantic Trends: when asked about what governments should do to address illegal immigration, 83% of respondents supported stronger border controls, 74% supported cracking down on employers, and 68% supported deportation, [November 2008, TNS Opinion]

71.5% of likely voters said they agree (including 47.8% who strongly agree) that local law enforcement officers should enforce federal immigration laws, including 51.5% of Hispanics and 56.2% of self-described "liberals." [October 2008, Judicial Watch/Zogby International]

57.1% of likely voters said more law enforcement is needed to address the issue of illegal immigration while only 7.1% said they believe less law enforcement should be used. 34.7% of Hispanics support more law enforcement while 15.5% said less, [October 2008, Judicial Watch/ Zogby International]

69% of voters say controlling the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers, while just 21% think legalization is more important, [August 2008, Rasmussen Reports]


Ohio voters prefer strict enforcement over integration of illegal immigrants 71 - 20 % and 22% say they would vote against a candidate who disagrees with them only on the immigration issue, [December 2007, Quinnipiac University poll]

77% of American voters say companies should be allowed to require employees to speak English while on the job, [November 2007, Rasmussen Reports]

77% of American adults are opposed to making drivers licenses available to people who are in the country illegally, [November 2007, Rasmussen Reports]

Only 22% of voters support the Dream Act proposal introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and 59% of all voters oppose the Dream Act concept, [October 2007, Rasmussen Reports]

68% of North Carolinians disagree (including 41.6% who strongly disagree) with proposals that would allow undocumented immigrants to stay in this country for several years as long as they have a job, [September 2007, Elon University Poll]

58% of voters nationwide favor cutting off federal funds for “sanctuary cities” that offer protection to illegal immigrants, [August 2007, Rasmussen Reports]

79% of American adults favor a proposal requiring employers to fire workers who falsify identity documents, [August 2007, Rasmussen Reports]

Just 22% of American voters currently favor the “comprehensive” immigration reform bill in the U.S. Senate despite a despite a massive White House effort, [June 2007, Rasmussen Reports]

2007 Senate amnesty bill: just 16% of American voters believe illegal immigration will decline if the bill is passed. If voters had a chance to improve the legislation, 75% would make changes to increase border security measures and reduce illegal immigration and just 19% would make it easier for illegal immigrants to stay in the country and eventually become citizens, [May 2007, Rasmussen Reports]

When presented by itself, 79% of likely voters supported reducing the illegal immigrant population by increasing border enforcement, penalizing employers, and increasing cooperation with local law enforcement, while 15 percent were opposed. Fact is that no other proposal had near this level of support, [May 2007, Pulse Opinion Research]

Which approach do you prefer – enforcing the law and cause illegal immigrants to go home over time or granting legal status and citizenship to those who meet certain requirements? 56% prefer “Enforce the law” while 35% prefer “Grant legal status.” [May 2007, Pulse Opinion Research]

58% of likely voters prefer that the 12 million illegal immigrants in the country go home as opposed to 30% who prefer they be allowed to stay legally, [May 2007, Pulse Opinion Research]

59% of Americans believe the more effective way to deal with the potential treat to national security posed by millions of illegal immigrants living within the United States is to crack down on illegal immigration by toughening the enforcement of existing laws, deporting illegal immigrants and prosecuting the employers who illegally employ workers, [April 2007, UPI/Zogby Poll]

61% of likely American voters oppose providing a path to US citizenship for those illegal immigrants who entered the United States illegally, and who fraudulently obtained green cards and Social Security numbers, when millions are playing by the rules and waiting in their countries to enter the United States legally, [April 2007, McLaughlin & Associates Poll]


A poll of likely voters, using neutral language, found that Americans prefer the House of Representatives’ enforcement-only bill by 2-1 over Senate proposals to legalize illegal immigrants and greatly increase legal immigration, [April 2006, Zogby America]


81% WANT local police to detain illegals: ONLY 35% WANT GUEST WORKER. 81 percent believes local and state police should help federal authorities enforce laws against illegal immigration. Only 14 percent disagreed. 35 percent gave their support, and 56 percent said no to the Bush plan to give illegals a path to citizenship according to a (April, 2005 ZOGBY America Poll)

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