• Immigration enforcement analyst warns about fake 'conservative' radio ads

    An immigration enforcement activist is calling on conservative talk hosts to correct what he calls false ads broadcast during their shows.

    In North Carolina, a group called Americans for a Conservative Direction is spending more than $150,000 in ads that claim Republican Congresswoman Renee Elmers is "working hard to secure our borders, fix our broken immigration system, and no amnesty, period."

    William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, says Americans for a Conservative Direction is actually a front group for liberal President Obama supporter Mark Zuckerberg's FWD.us.

    "The group is a lie," says Gheen. "They are not really Americans for a Conservative Direction. Their claim that Renee Elmers opposes amnesty 'period' is a lie."

    Not all of Elmers' radio exposure has been to her advantage. In a radio interview from February, Elmers debated immigration with radio host Laura Ingraham in which she called Ingraham "small-minded" and "ignorant" about illegal immigration.

    Gheen argues that conservative are trying to get accurate news and facts while they're being bombarded with "lies and falsehoods," referring to the radio ad.

    "If talk radio is for sale, then we're finished," Gheen tells OneNewsNow. "We have no hopes. And all the liberal elites have to do is buy off conservative talk radio shows."

    If talk show hosts really care, says Gheen, they will inform their audiences about this fake conservative group and its claims.
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